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New Acquisitions List for Physics

Call NumberTitle
(WEB) Q173.55 Philosophers and Einstein's relativity : the early philosophical reception of the relativistic revolution / Chiara Russo Krauss, Luigi Laino, editors.
Book by Russo Krauss, Chiara, & Laino, Luigi, (Cham : Springer, 2023.)
(WEB) QA808.2 Progress in continuum mechanics / Holm Altenbach, Hans Irschik, Alexey V. Porubov, editors.
Book by Altenbach, Holm, & Irschik, Hans, & Porubov, Alexey V., (Cham : Springer, [2023])
(WEB) QA808.2 Foundations of geometric continuum mechanics : geometry and duality in continuum mechanics / Reuven Segev.
Book by Segev, Reuven, (Cham : Birkhäuser, 2023.)
(WEB) QA935 Introduction to elastic wave propagation / Anthony Bedford, Douglas S. Drumheller.
Book by Bedford, A., & Drumheller, D. S., (Cham : Springer, [2023])
(WEB) QB15 Imago Cosmi : the vision of the cosmos and the history of astronomical machines / Daniele L. R. Marini.
Book by Marini, Daniele, (Cham : Springer, 2023.)
(WEB) QB36.D46 William Frederick Denning : grand amateur and Doyen of British meteor astronomy / Martin Beech.
Book by Beech, Martin, (Cham : Springer, 2023.)
(WEB) QB460 European Conference on Laboratory Astrophysics ECLA2020 : the interplay of dust, ice, and gas in space / Vito Mennella, Christine Joblin, editors.
Book by Mennella, Vito. & Joblin, C., (Cham : Springer, 2023.)
(WEB) QB461 Gravity, cosmology, and astrophysics : a journey of exploration and discovery with female pioneers / Betti Hartmann, Jutta Kunz, editors.
Book by Hartmann, Betti & Kunz, Jutta, (Cham : Springer, 2023.)
(WEB) QB51.3.E43 Machine learning for astrophysics : proceedings of the ML4Astro International Conference 30 May-1 June 2022 / Filomena Bufano, Simone Riggi, Eva Sciacca, Francesco Schilliro, editors.
Book by Bufano, Filomena, & Riggi, Simone, & Sciacca, Eva, & Schilliro, Francesco, (Cham : Springer, 2023.)
(WEB) QB843.P8 Signal processing in X-ray pulsar-based navigation / Hua Zhang, Luping Xu, Jingrong Sun, Bo Yan.
Book by Zhang, Hua, & Xu, Luping, & Sun, Jingrong, & Yan, Bo, (Singapore : Springer, [2023])
(WEB) QC173.454 Topological phases in condensed matter physics / Saurabh Basu.
Book by Basu, Saurabh, (Singapore : Springer, 2023.)
(WEB) QC173.6 The Geroch-Held-Penrose calculus : fundamentals and applications / Pedro Bargueño, Ernesto Contreras.
Book by Bargueño, Pedro, & Contreras, Ernesto, (Cham : Springer, 2023.)
(WEB) QC173.7 Lectures on the random field ising model : from Parisi-Sourlas supersymmetry to dimensional reduction / Slava Rychkov.
Book by Rychkov, Slava, (Cham : Springer, 2023.)
(WEB) QC173.7 Instabilities in field theory : a primer with applications in modified gravity / Adrià Delhom, Alejandro Jiménez Cano, Francisco José Maldonado Torralba.
Book by Delhom, Adrià, & Jiménez Cano, Alejandro, & Maldonado Torralba, Francisco José, (Cham : Springer, 2023.)
(WEB) QC175.4 Superfluid : how a quantum fluid revolutionized modern science / J.G. Weisend II.
Book by Weisend, J. G., (Cham : Springer, 2023.)
(WEB) QC178 Modified and quantum gravity : from theory to experimental searches on all scales / Christian Pfeifer, Claus Lämmerzahl, editors.
Book by Pfeifer, Christian, & Lämmerzahl, C., (Cham : Springer, 2023.)
(WEB) QC20.6 Mathematical physical chemistry : practical and intuitive methodology / Shu Hotta.
Book by Hotta, Shu, (Singapore : Springer, [2023])
(WEB) QC20.7.B6 Mixed boundary problems in solid mechanics / Natalya Vaysfeld, Zinaida Zhuravlova.
Book by Vaysfeld, Natalya, & Zhuravlova, Zinaida, (Cham : Springer, 2023.)
(WEB) QC23.2 Sketches of physics : the celebration collection / Roberta Citro [and more], editors.
Book by Citro, Roberta., (Cham : Springer, 2023.)
(WEB) QC30 New challenges and opportunities in physics education / Marilena Streit-Bianchi, Marisa Michelini, Walter Bonivento, Matteo Tuveri, editors.
Book by Streit-Bianchi, Marilena, & Michelini, Marisa, & Bonivento, Walter, & Tuveri, Matteo, (Cham : Springer, 2023.)
(WEB) QC318.E57 Entropy and the second law of thermodynamics : ...or why things tend to go wrong and seem to get worse / Robert Fleck.
Book by Fleck, Robert, (Cham : Springer, [2023])
(WEB) QC494.7 Encyclopedia of color science and technology / Renzo Shamey, editor.
Book by Shamey, R., (Cham : Springer, 2023.)
(WEB) QC776 Handbook of nuclear physics / Isao Tanihata, Hiroshi Toki, Toshitaka Kajino, editors.
Book by Tanihata, I. & Toki, H., & Kajino, T., (Singapore : Springer, [2023])
(WEB) QC793.5.N4628 Neutron transport : theory, modeling, and computations / Ramadan M. Kuridan.
Book by Kuridan, Ramadan M., (Cham : Springer, 2023.)
(WEB) QC794.6.S85 Introduction to string theory / Sergio Cecotti.
Book by Cecotti, Sergio, (Cham : Springer, [2023])
(WEB) QC861 Advanced Newtonian rigid dynamics / Rajnikant Sinha.
Book by Sinha, Rajnikant, (Singapore : Springer, 2023.)

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