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(WEB) Configurations of a cultural scene : young writers and artists in Madrid, 1918-1930 / Andrew A. Anderson.
Book by Anderson, Andrew A., (Montreal ; Kingston ; London ; Chicago : McGill-Queen's University Press, 2023.)
(WEB) E184.A1 Journey without end : migration from the Global South through the Americas / Rob Curran and Andrew Nelson.
Book by Curran, Rob, & Nelson, Andrew, (Nashville, Tennessee : Vanderbilt University Press, [2022])
(WEB) E445.L8 Consent in the presence of force : sexual violence and Black women's survival in antebellum New Orleans / Emily A. Owens.
Book by Owens, Emily A., (Chapel Hill : The University of North Carolina Press, [2023])
(WEB) E93 Native agency : Indians in the Bureau of Indian Affairs / Valerie Lambert.
Book by Lambert, Valerie, (Minneapolis, MN : University of Minnesota Press, [2022])
(WEB) GN345.7 Handbook of qualitative cross-cultural research methods : a social science perspective / edited by Pranee Liamputtong (professor in behaviour sciences, College of Health Sciences, VinUniversity, Vietnam).
Book by Liamputtong, Pranee, (Northampton : Edward Elgar Publishing, 2022.)
(WEB) HN740.Z9 Social inequality in China / editors, Yaojun Li, Yanjie Bian.
Book by Li, Yaojun. & Bian, Yanjie, (New Jersey : World Scientific, 2022.)
(WEB) HQ1180 Divergent women : interdisciplinary perspectives on female deviance and dissent / edited by Lorraine Rumson (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany) and Abby Bentham (University of Salford, UK).
Book by Rumson, Lorraine, & Bentham, Abby, (Bingley, U.K. : Emerald Publishing Limited, 2022.)
(WEB) HQ75.15 On the inconvenience of other people / Lauren Berlant.
Book by Berlant, Lauren Gail, (Durham : Duke University Press, [2022])
(WEB) HQ759 Unexpected : a postpartum memoir / by Emily Adler Mosqueda.
Book by Adler Mosqueda, Emily, (Coe Hill, Ontario : Demeter Press, 2023.)
(WEB) HQ77.9 Justice for trans athletes : challenges and struggles / edited by Ali Durham Greey (University of Toronto, Canada) and Helen Jefferson Lenskyj (University of Toronto, Canada).
Book by Greey, Ali Durham, & Lenskyj, Helen, (Bingley, U.K. : Emerald Publishing Limited, 2022.)
(WEB) JV6033 The Elgar companion to gender and global migration : beyond Western research / edited by Natalia Ribas-Mateos (Maria Zambrano researcher, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain and Mesopolhis, Aix-Marseille University, France) and Saskia Sassen (Robert S. Lynd professor of sociology, Department of Sociology and member of the Committee on Global Thought, Columbia University, US).
Book by Sassen, Saskia, & Ribas Mateos, Natalia, (Northampton : Edward Elgar Publishing, 2022.)
(WEB) KJC5202 Research handbook on EU migration and asylum law / edited by Evangelia (Lilian) Tsourdi (assistant professor and Dutch Research Council grantee (NWO VENI and NWO Hestia), Faculty of Law and Maastricht Centre for European Law, Maastricht University, the Netherlands) and Philippe De Bruycker (professor, Jean Monnet Chair and coordinator of the academic network for legal studies on immigration and asylum in Europe, faculty of law, Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgium).
Book by Tsourdi, Evangelia, & De Buycker, Philippe, (Northampton : Edward Elgar Publishing, 2022.)
(WEB) T14.5 Smart-tech society : convenience, control, and resistance / Mark Whitehead (professor of human geography) and William G.A. Collier (researcher, Department of Geography and Earth Sciences, Aberystwyth University, UK).
Book by Whitehead, Mark, & Collier, William G. A., (Northampton : Edward Elgar Publishing, 2022.)
(WEB) T14.5 Electro-culture '84 / R. Jeff Bogumil, chairman/editor ; cosponsored by IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology [and] SPIE--the International Society for Optical Engineering, May 1-2, 1984, Arlington, Virginia.
Book by Bogumil, R. Jeff., (Bellingham, Wash., USA : SPIE, 1984.)
(WEB) TK5105.5 International Conference on Communication and Electronics System Design : 28-30 January 2013, Jaipur, India / M. Salim, K.K. Sharma, V. Janyani, editors ; organized by Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur, India ; sponsored by Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur, India, OSA (Optical Society of America), Financial Co-Sponsor ; cooperating organization and publisher, SPIE.
Book by Salim, M. & Sharma, K. K. & Janyani, V., (Bellingham, Washington : SPIE, [2013])
B 302.2 L91 How to talk to anyone : 92 little tricks for big success in relationships / Leil Lowndes.
Book by Lowndes, Leil.,
B 305.235 E11 All that she can be : helping your daughter maintain her self-esteem / Carol J. Eagle and Carol Colman.
Book by Eagle, Carol J., & Colman, Carol, (New York, N.Y. : Simon & Schuster, 1994.)
B 305.3 M47 Male and female / Margaret Mead.
Book by Mead, Margaret,
B 305.800944 N13 Sixty million Frenchmen can't be wrong : why we love France but not the French / Jean-Benoît Nadeau & Julie Barlow.
Book by Nadeau, Jean-Benoît. & Barlow, Julie,
B 305.906642 B53 Homos / Leo Bersani
Book by Bersani, Leo, (Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 1996)
B 306.734 M72 Why men marry some women and not others / John T. Molloy
Book by Molloy, John T., (London : Element, 2004)
B 306.8423092 J58 Escape / Carolyn Jessop with Laura Palmer.
Book by Jessop, Carolyn, & Palmer, Laura,
B 306.84809743 M68 Civil wars : a battle for gay marriage / David Moats.
Book by Moats, David.,
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(WEB) HN731 唯真.
(北京 : 唯真學會, 1920-)
(WEB) HN740.Z9 快速城镇化背景下的群体性突发事件预警与阻断机制研究 = Early-warning and blocking mechanism of mass emergency in background of rapid urbanization / 温志强, 郝雅立著.
Book by 温志强, & 郝雅立, (天津市 : 天津人民出版社, 2016.)
(WEB) HN740.Z9 把农村建设得更像农村 / 孙君, 王佛全编著.
Book by 孙君, & 王佛全, (北京 : 中国轻工业出版社, 2014.)
(WEB) HQ1227 找回生活的仪式感 / 侯聪著.
Book by 侯聪, (长沙市 : 湖南科学技术出版社, 2019.)
(WEB) HQ35.2 我的青春我做主 : 大学生"性"福生活 / 谢一风主审 ; 应金萍 [and 7 others] 编著.
Book by 应金萍, (杭州市 : 浙江工商大学出版社, 2013.)
(WEB) HQ751 优生优孕宝典 / 马飞主编.
Book by 马飞, (青岛市 : 青岛出版社, 2009.)
(WEB) HQ756 把男孩培养成男人 : 著名父教专家东子教育新思想 / 东子著.
Book by 东子, (北京市 : 经济日报出版社, 2012.)
(WEB) HQ767.9 快乐儿童全面发展的9个方法 / 主编魏红霞.
Book by 魏红霞, (北京 : 北京教育出版社, 2014.)
(WEB) HQ769 我的责任我来扛 : 36种方法轻松培养孩子承担责任的能力 / 刘岩编著.
Book by 刘岩, (北京市 : 北京理工大学出版社有限责任公司, 2017.)
(WEB) HQ769 改变孩子, 从这里开始 : 起居和饮食习惯影响孩子的未来 / (日)合田芳弘著 ; 陆倩燕, 秦雯译 ; 沈晓敏审译.
Book by 合田芳弘, & 陆倩燕, & 秦雯, (上海 : 学林出版社, 2015.)
(WEB) HT169.C6 我国低碳城市建设模式研究 / 陈璐, 李会霞著.
Book by 陈璐, & 李会霞, (石家庄市 : 河北教育出版社, 2016.)
(WEB) HV1484.C65 志愿者之歌 / 上海老年大学主编.
(上海 : 上海教育出版社, 2016.)
(WEB) HV1559.C6 我梦依然 / 《我梦依然》编委会主编.
(成都市 : 四川人民出版社, 2015.)
(WEB) HV35 志愿者实用手册 / 重庆市红十字会, 重庆市血液中心, 重庆市教育行业红十字会编.
([成都] : 电子科技大学出版社, 2014.)
(WEB) HV418 志愿者的力量 / 辽宁者精神文明建设指导委员会办公室组织编写.
(沈阳市 : 辽宁教育出版社, 2014.)
(WEB) HV420.S46 志愿之星 : 2014年上海优秀志愿者故事 / 上海市精神文明建设委员会办公室, 上海市志愿者协会编.
(上海 : 上海书店出版社, 2015.)
(WEB) HV420.S46 志愿之行 : 2014年上海志愿服务工作优秀案例选 / 上海市精神文明建设委员会办公室, 上海市志愿者协会编.
(上海 : 上海书店出版社, 2015.)
(WEB) HV551.2 应急预案辅助设计及评价问题研究 = Research on aid-design and evaluation problems of contingency plans / 张英菊著.
Book by 张英菊, (长春市 : 吉林人民出版社, 2016.)
(WEB) HV551.2 应急物流系统决策方法 / 汪传旭等著.
Book by 汪传旭, (上海市 : 华东理工大学出版社有限公司, 2014.)
(WEB) HV551.2 技术灾害应急响应群决策方法与技术 = Group decisiion making method and technology of disaster emergency response / 靖可, 姜宝山, 唐亮著.
Book by 靖可, & 姜宝山, & 唐亮, (沈阳市 : 辽宁科学技术出版社, 2014.)
(WEB) HV5801 戒毒人员心理健康指南 / 林信洁编著.
Book by 林信洁, (成都市 : 电子科技大学出版社, 2017.)
(WEB) HV600.C6 抗震工作文件选编, 2000年-2012年 / 上海市抗震办公室, 上海市城乡建设和交通委员会科学技术委员会办公室编.
(上海市 : 华东理工大学出版社有限公司, 2013.)
(WEB) HV7911.H35 我们的海小平 / 房全忠, 杨宏峰主编.
Book by 房全忠, & 杨宏峰, (银川市 : 阳光出版社, 2010.)
(WEB) HV990.I36 弃儿 = Castaway kid / (美)罗布·米切尔(R.B. Mitchell)著 ; 王汶川译.
Book by Mitchell, R. B. & 王汶川, (兰州市 : 甘肃人民美术出版社, 2016.)
[中] HM1281 .S7857 2022 非暴力抗爭 : 1977-2019臺灣社會運動 = Nonviolent struggle : 1977-2019 Taiwanese social movement / 蘇佳善.
Book by 蘇佳善, (台北市 : 獨立作家, 2022.)

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