New Acquisitions List by Subject

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New Acquisitions List for General-Arts and Humanities

Call NumberTitle
155.518 A2 S Adolescents at school : perspectives on youth, identity, and education / edited by Michael Sadowski.
Book by Sadowski, Michael, (Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard Education Press, [2020])
174.4 S84 The ethics of employment screening for psychopathy / Brian K. Steverson.
Book by Steverson, Brian K., (Lanham : Lexington Books, [2020])
HKP 200.95125 I86 The Jiao festival in Hong Kong and the New Territories / Tanaka Issei.
Book by Issei, Tanaka,
HKC 266.02351 B95 I mezzi ed il fine : un missionario in Cina nell'800 / Massimo Burghignoli.
Book by Burghignoli, Massimo, (Milano : Àncora arti grafiche, 2011.)
HK 266.2092 S25 Missioner tales / by Ronald Saucci, M.M.
Book by Saucci, Ronald, (Hong Kong : [Caritas Printing Training Centre?], [2013])
HKP 270.092 S64 Memories of the Reverend Dr. Carl T Smith, March 1918-April 2008.
([Hong Kong?] : [publisher not identified], [2008?])
808.04952 S96 The Japanese linguistic landscape : reflections on quintessential words / Nakanishi Susumu ; translated by Ryan Shaldjian Morrison.
Book by Susumu, Nakanishi, & Morrison, Ryan Shaljian, & Susumu, Nakanishi., (Tokyo : Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture, 2019.)
813.6 M43 r Red sparrow / Jason Matthews.
Book by Matthews, Jason, (London, England : Simon & Schuster, 2018.)
843.8 B33 Chair mystique / Marcel Batilliat ; présentation Jean de Palacio.
Book by Batilliat, Marcel, & Palacio, Jean de., (Paris : Séguier, [1995])
HK 915.125 H772 S6 Hong Kong living guide 2020 / editor, Nicole Slater.
Book by Slater, Nicole, (Hong Kong : Hong Kong Living Ltd, [2020])
940.544973092 A75 Global mission / H.H. Arnold.
Book by Arnold, Henry Harley, (Blue Ridge Summit, PA : Tab Books, [1989])
HKP 951.250222 M11 Macao and Hong Kong, early views c.1607-1935 / Wattis Fine Art.
(Hong Kong : Wattis Fine Art, [2004])
HKP 951.2504 B887 l9 Lyemun Barracks : 140 years of military history / Phillip Bruce.
Book by Bruce, Phillip, ([Hong Kong] : [Phillip Bruce], [1987])
LB 952.135 O99 The Kidai Shōran scroll : Tokyo street life in the Edo period / Ozawa Hiromu and Kobayashi Tadashi ; translated by Juliet Winters Carpenter.
Book by 小澤弘, & 小林忠, & Carpenter, Juliet Winters, (Tokyo : Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture, 2020.)
959.5704 D65 Marjorie Doggett's Singapore : a photographic record / Edward Stokes ; supported by Ng Teng Fong Charitable Foundation.
Book by Doggett, Marjorie, & Stokes, Edward, (Hong Kong : The Photographic Heritage Foundation ; Singapore : Ridge Books, [2019])
KN264.73 H73 Conflicts of interest / Charles Hollander, Simon Salzedo.
Book by Hollander, Charles, & Salzedo, Simon, (London : Sweet & Maxwell/Thomson Reuters, 2020.)

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