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New Acquisitions List for Political Science

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Call NumberTitle
320.011 K66 p The principle of fairness and political obligation / George Klosko.
Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., 2004. [Books]
320.150904 K913 r28 Rebel power : why national movements compete, fight, and win / PeterKrause.
Ithaca : Cornell University Press, 2017. [Books]
320.3 C73 C Comparative politics / edited by Daniele Caramani.
Oxford : Oxford University Press, [2017] [Books]
320.5 G685 r45 Revisions and dissents : essays / Paul E. Gottfried.
DeKalb : Northern Illinois University Press, [2017] [Books]
320.609493 P76 Policy analysis in Belgium / edited by Marleen Brans and David Aubin.
Bristol ; Chicago, IL : Policy Press, 2017. [Books]
320.60971 P76 H Policy work in Canada : professional practices and analytical capacities / edited by Michael Howlett, Adam Wellstead, and Jonathan Craft.
Toronto : University of Toronto Press, [2017] [Books]
320.9467 C84 La república catalana / Ramón Cotarelo.
Barcelona : Now Books, 2016. [Books]
320.9492 A552 g Governance and politics of the Netherlands / Rudy B. Andeweg and Galen A. Irwin.
Basingstoke, Hampshire : Palgrave Macmillan, [2014] [Books]
320.95 K499 Public reason Confucianism : democratic perfectionism and constitutionalism in East Asia / Sungmoon Kim, City University of Hong Kong.
New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2016. [Books]
320.951 C53 H China's political system / Sebastian Heilmann (ed.) ; Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS).
Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield, [2017] [Books]
HKP 320.95125 L83 c CY's prescription : how will new chief change Hong Kong? / Christine Loh.
Hong Kong : CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets, [2012] [Hong Kong Pamphlets]
321.8 K63 The despot's accomplice : how the West is aiding and abetting the decline of democracy / Brian Klass.
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2016] [Books]
321.8 T24 Exit left : markets and mobility in Republican thought / Robert S. Taylor.
Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2017. [Books]
322.420944 R88 Jihad and death : the global appeal of Islamic State / Olivier Roy ;translated by Cynthia Schoch.
London : C. Hurst & Co. (Publishers) Ltd., 2017. [Books]
323 B78 Dignity and human rights education : exploring ultimate worth in a post-secular world / Robert A. Bowie.
Oxford : Peter Lang, [2017] [Books]
323.601 W582 d38 A democratic bearing : admirable citizens, uneven injustice, and critical theory / Stephen K. White, University of Virginia.
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; New York, NY, USA : Cambridge UniversityPress, 2017. [Books]
324.9417 C75 A conservative revolution? : electoral change in twenty-first-centuryIreland / edited by Michael Marsh, David M. Farrell, and GailMcElroy.
Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2017. [Books]
HKP 324.95125 C21 Candidate appearance and vote share in Hong Kong.
[Hong Kong] : [Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre], [2016] [Hong Kong Pamphlets]
HKP 324.95125 C21 r Candidate appearance, recognition, and vote share in Legislative Council Elections.
[Hong Kong] : [Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre] [016] [Hong Kong Pamphlets]
HKP 324.95125 Y76 c Can functional constituencies co-exist with universal suffrage? / by Simon N.M. Young.
Hong Kong : Centre for Comparative and Public Law, Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong, c2005. [Hong Kong Pamphlets]
327.1 K392 c76 The contentious politics of statebuilding : strategies anddynamics / Outi Keränen.
Abingdon, Oxon ; New York : Routledge, 2017. [Books]
LB 327.4104709045 B86 P British documents on foreign affairs : reports and papers from the Foreign Office confidential print. Part V, From 1951 through 1956. Series A, The Soviet Union and Finland / general editors, Paul Preston and Michael Partridge ; editor, Daniel Kowalsky.
Ann Arbor, MI : ProQuest, 2005-2010. [Books]
327.51047 F93 Frontier encounters : knowledge and practice at the Russian, Chinese and Mongolian border / edited by Franck Billé, Grégory Delaplace and Caroline Humphrey.
Cambridge : Open Book Publishers, c2012. [Books]
HKP 328.34 C45 The Hong Kong executive authorities' monopoly on legislative power : analysis of the legislative council's second term voting records / by Christopher Chaney.
Hong Kong : Centre for Comparative and Public Law, Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong, c2004. [Hong Kong Pamphlets]
330 R261 d73 Doughnut economics : seven ways to think like a 21st century economist / Kate Raworth.
White River Junction, Vermont : Chelsea Green Publishing, [2017] [Books]
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HK 320.95125 T135 台灣「香港化」? 中國統治香港的啓示.
[台灣] : [台灣新社會智庫], [2012] [Books]
[中] JC273.X53 A25 2015 萧公权, 1897-1981, author.
中国近代思想家文库. 萧公权卷 / 张允起编.
北京 : 中国人民大学出版社, 2015. [Books]
[中] JN6598.K7 H8423 2013 黄苇町, 1947- author.
苏共亡党二十年祭 / 黄苇町著.
南昌 : 江西高校出版社, 2013. [Books]
[中] JQ1510 .T58 2016 田新文, author.
民生政治研究 = On the politics of people's livelihood / 田新文著.
北京 : 中国社会科学出版社, 2016. [Books]
[中] JQ1519.A5 K827 2016 蒯正明, author.
中国共产党维护意识形态安全研究 = The study on maintaining ideological safety of Chines Communist Party / 蒯正明著.
北京 : 中央文献出版社, 2016. [Books]
[法] JQ1519.A5 S856 2015 宋功德, author.
党规之治 / 宋功德著.
北京市 : 法律出版社, 2015. [Books]
[中] JS7366.73 .X834 2014 選戰拼台灣 : 2014中華民國地方公職人員九合一選舉觀選手冊 / 中華港澳之友協會, 中華領袖菁英交流協會[編].
[台灣] : 中華港澳之友協會, [2014?] [Books]

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