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New Acquisitions List for General-Arts and Humanities

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Call NumberTitle
121 D42 The appearance of ignorance / Keith DeRose.
Book by DeRose, Keith, (Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2017.)
128.2 E95 Explanation and integration in mind and brain science / edtied by David M. Kaplan.
Book by Kaplan, David Michael, (Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2017.)
128.5 M46 Death / Todd May.
Book by May, Todd, (London : Routledge, 2014.)
141 I19 Idealism : new essays in metaphysics / edited by Tyron Goldschmidt and Kenneth L. Pearce.
Book by Goldschmidt, Tyron, & Pearce, Kenneth L., (Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2017.)
160 F93 From arithmetic to metaphysics : a path through philosophical logic / edited by Ciro de Florio and Alessandro Giordani.
Book by Florio, Ciro de, & Giordani, Alessandro, & Galvan, Sergio, (Berlin : De Gruyter, [2018])
172 R869 The Routledge handbook of the philosophy of paternalism / edited by Kalle Grill and Jason Hanna.
Book by Grill, Kalle, & Hanna, Jason, (Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY : Routledge, 2018.)
177.7 R25 Against charity / Daniel Raventós & Julie Wark.
Book by Raventós, Daniel, & Wark, Julie, (Petrolia, CA : CounterPunch, 2018.)
181.11 G738 h Having a word with Angus Graham : at twenty-five years into his immortality / edited by Carine Defoort and Roger T. Ames.
Book by Defoort, Carine, & Ames, Roger T., (Albany : State University of New York Press, [2018])
192 B51 B14 Berkeley's Three dialogues : new essays / edited by Stefan Storrie.
Book by Storrie, Stefan, (Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2018.)
193 H465 K7 Science as social existence : Heidegger and the sociology of scientific knowledge / Jeff Kochan.
Book by Kochan, Jeff, (Cambridge, UK : Open Book Publishers, 2017.)
193 W537 Grounds of pragmatic realism : Hegel's internal critique and reconstruction of Kant's critical philosophy / by Kenneth R. Westphal.
Book by Westphal, Kenneth R., (Leiden: Brill, [2018])
194 B136 b Badiou and his interlocutors : lectures, interviews and responses / edited by A.J. Bartlett and Justin Clemens.
Book by Bartlett, A. J. & Clemens, Justin, & Badiou, Alain., (London : Bloomsbury Academic, 2018.)
194 D34 T5 A thousand plateaus and philosophy / edited by Henry Somers-Hall, Jeffrey A. Bell and James Williams.
Book by Somers-Hall, Henry, & Bell, Jeffrey A., & Williams, James, (Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, [2018])
194 D43 S Germs of death : the problem of genesis in Jacques Derrida / Mauro Senatore.
Book by Senatore, Mauro, (Albany : State University of New York Press, [2018])
294.3444 I6 T11 Mahāmudrā and the Bka'-brgyud tradition : PIATS 2006 : Tibetan studies : proceedings of the Eleventh Seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies, Königswinter 2006 / edited by Roger R. Jackson and Matthew T. Kapstein.
Book by International Association for Tibetan Studies. & Jackson, Roger R. & Kapstein, Matthew, ([Andiast, Switzerland] : International Institute for Tibetan and Buddhist Studies, 2011.)
401 O69 B Origins of human language : continuities and discontinuities with nonhuman primates / Louis-Jean Boë, Joël Fagot, Pascal Perrier [and 1 other] (eds.).
Book by Boë, Louis-Jean, & Fagot, Joël, & Perrier, Pascal, (Frankfurt am Main : Peter Lang Edition, [2017])
401.9 L287 M55 Language teacher psychology / edited by Sarah Mercer and Achilleas Kostoulas.
Book by Mercer, Sarah, & Kostoulas, Achilleas, (Bristol, UK ; Blue Ridge Summit, PA, USA : Multilingual Matters, [2018])
414.6 S454 Segmental structure and tone / edited by Wolfgang Kehrein, Björn Köhnlein, Paul Boersma and Marc van Oostendorp.
Book by Kehrein, Wolfgang, & Köhnlein, Björn, & Boersma, Paul, & Oostendorp, Marc van, (Berlin ; Boston : De Gruyter, [2018])
809.933523 B42 Nineteenth-century fictions of childhood and the politics of play / Michelle Beissel Heath.
Book by Beissel Heath, Michelle, (London ; New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2018.)
B 813.54 R64 y Year one / Nora Roberts.
Book by Roberts, Nora, (New York : St. Martin's Press, 2017.)
823.914 A671 k Kane & Abel / Jeffrey Archer.
Book by Archer, Jeffrey,
889.334 K18 The jasmine isle / Ioanna Karystiani ; translated from the modern Greek by Michael Eleftheriou.
Book by Karystianē, Iōanna, & Eleftheriou, Michael, & Karystianē, Iōanna., (New York, N.Y. : Europa Editions, 2006.)
909.09822 M653 Dictionnaire amoureux de la Méditerranée / Richard Millet ; dessins d'Alain Bouldouyre.
Book by Millet, Richard, & Bouldouyre, Alain, (Paris : Plon, [2015])
910.285 T822 Tribal GIS : supporting Native American decision-making / editors, Anne Taylor, David Gadsden, Joseph J. Kerski, Heather Guglielmo.
Book by Taylor, Anne, & Gadsden, David, & Kerski, Joseph J., & Guglielmo, Heather, (Redlands, California : Esri Press, 2017.)
910.9142 I82 Island geographies : essays and conversations / edited by Elaine Stratford.
Book by Stratford, Elaine, (Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY : Routledge, 2017.)
930.1028 A427 Geology for archaeologists : a short introduction / J.R.L. Allen.
Book by Allen, John R. L., (Oxford : Archaeopress Publishing Ltd,, [2017])
931.04 D298 Fire over Luoyang : a history of the later Han dynasty, 23-220 AD / by Rafe de Crespigny.
Book by De Crespigny, Rafe, (Leiden : Brill, [2017])
934.02 N176 An outline of the Aryan civilization / Ramendra Nath Nandi.
Book by Nandi, Ramendra Nath, (Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY : Routledge, 2018.)
940.53089956073 F96 Race for empire : Koreans as Japanese and Japanese as Americans during World War II / T. Fujitani.
Book by Fujitani, Takashi.,
958.01 C456 Rethinking prehistoric central Asia : shepherds, farmers, and nomads / Claudia Chang.
Book by Chang, Claudia, (London : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2018.)
973.0497 B259 Native space : geographic strategies to unsettle settler colonialism / Natchee Blu Barnd.
Book by Barnd, Natchee Blu, (Corvallis : Oregon State University Press, [2017])
973.8937 G37 The German and Austrian navies in the Philippines, and their role in the Spanish-American War of 1898 : a collection of original documents / Volker Schult and Karl-Heinz Wionzek, editors ; epilogue by Michael G. Price.
Book by Schult, Volker, & Wionzek, Karl-Heinz, & Price, Michael G., (Manila, Philippines : National Historical Commission of the Philippines, [2017])
973.8937 G37 W Germany, the Philippines, and the Spanish-American War : four accounts by officers of the Imperial German Navy / Karl-Heinz Wionzek, editor ; translated and with an introduction by Thomas Clark.
Book by Wionzek, Karl-Heinz, & Clark, Thomas, (Manila : National Historical Institute, 2000.)
KB169 T83 The metaethics of constitutional adjudication / Boško Tripković.
Book by Tripković, Boško, (Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2017.)
KC200 M13 Litigating religions : an essay on human rights, courts, and beliefs / by Christopher McCrudden.
Book by McCrudden, Christopher, (Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2018.)
KC219 G53 The International Criminal Court and peace processes in Africa : judicialising peace / Line Engbo Gissel.
Book by Gissel, Line Engbo, (New York, NY : Routledge, 2018.)
KN264 B88 Rights and duties of directors 2017/18 / by Martha Bruce.
Book by Bruce, Martha, (Haywards Heath, West Sussex : Bloomsbury Professional, [2018])
KW110 G73 EU competition law, data protection and online platforms : data as essential facility / Inge Graef.
Book by Graef, Inge, (Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands : Kluwer Law International B.V., [2016])
[音] ML419.L583 L58 2008 劉少椿古琴藝術 / 主编王鹏.
Book by 王鹏, (北京市 : 中國書店, [2008?])
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HK 158.1 X874 300秒生命故事 = Beautiful life / 徐玉琼著.
Book by 徐玉琼, (香港 : 突破出版社, 2017.)
HK 248.88 Z633 藝人偽人? : 演藝界基督徒之路 / 張崇德.
Book by 張崇德, (香港 : 升出版有限公司, 2017.)
HK 270B G54 竹簾裡外 : 兩種文化的體驗 : 谷素梅自傳 / 作者: 谷素梅 (Rosmarie Gläsle) ; 譯者: 周天和.
Book by Gläsle, Rosmarie, & 周天和, (香港 : 基督教香港崇真會, 2016.)
HKP 895.181 苦集滅道 / 曾淦賢.
Book by 曾淦賢, (香港 : 水煮魚文化製作有限公司, 2017.)
HK 895.181 C395 C1 k 苦集滅道 / 曾淦賢.
Book by 曾淦賢, (香港 : 水煮魚文化製作有限公司, 2017.)
HK 895.181 C51894 C4 b 不要放棄字療 = One word, one character, one story / 作者陳嘉頴.
Book by 陳嘉頴, (香港 : 香港青年協會, 2017.)
HK 895.181 L69327 C1 z 雜音標本 / 梁莉姿.
Book by 梁莉姿, (香港 : 石磬文化有限公司, 2017.)
HK 895.181 L9253 D1 L7 香港魯迅研究資料匯編 : 1927-1949 / 林曼叔編著.
Book by 林曼叔, (香港 : 香港文學評論出版社有限公司, 2017.)
HK 895.181 Z63426 C4 x 相值 / 文: 鄭華珠.
Book by 鄭華珠, (香港 : 阮絡伶, 2016.)
HK 910.4 B42 背包行・體驗旅人 = Backpacers on the belt and road / 執行編輯林茵茵, 周若琦.
Book by 林茵茵, & 周若琦, (香港 : 香港青年協會, 2017.)
HK 910.41 K98 青年絲路 : 深度看世界 / 撰文 Andre Kwok, Cannie Chan, Daneil Cheung [and 11 others].
Book by Kwok, Andre, & Chan, Cannie, & Cheung Daneil, (香港 : 陸續出版有限公司, 2017.)
HK 915.125 Z644 香港依然美丽 = Unchanging values in a changing Hong Kong / 张修智著.
Book by 张修智, (北京 : 新华出版社, 2017.)
HK 915.19 J61 穿越韓國 : 尋找花郎 / 金鈴著.
Book by 金鈴, (香港 : 知出版社, 2017.)
HK 951.08 S95 C52 迎難而上 : 辛亥革命期間的孫中山 / 主編: 陳成漢 ; 研究、撰稿及編輯: 陳成漢, 鄭惠元, 鄧彥思.
Book by 陳成漢, & 鄭惠元, & 鄧彥思, ([香港] : 香港歷史博物館編製, 2016.)
HK 951.25 G97 我是街道觀察員 : 花園街的文化地景 / 郭斯恆著
Book by 郭斯恆, (香港 : 三聯書店(香港)有限公司, 2016年7月)
HK 951.25 P189 消失物誌 = Evanescence / 潘國靈著、攝影.
Book by 潘國靈, (香港 : 中華書局, 2017.)

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