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New Acquisitions List for General-Arts and Humanities

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111.85095 L26 Landscape and travelling East and West : a philosophical journey / edited by Hans-Georg Moeller and Andrew K. Whitehead.
Book by Moeller, Hans-Georg, (London ; New York : Bloomsbury, 2014.)
142.78 M33 The existentialist's survival guide : how to live authentically in an inauthentic age / Gordon Marino.
Book by Marino, Gordon Daniel, (New York, NY : HarperOne, [2018])
191 E49 Jean Bethke Elshtain : politics, ethics, and society / edited by Debra Erickson and Michael Le Chevallier.
Book by Erickson, Debra, & Le Chevallier, Michael Thomas, (Notre Dame, Indiana : University of Notre Dame Press, [2018])
B 270.092 W53 Educated : a memoir / Tara Westover.
Book by Westover, Tara, (New York : Random House, [2018])
414 E55 Empirical approaches to the phonological structure of words / edited by Christiane Ulbrich, Alexander Werth and Richard Wiese.
Book by Ulbrich, Christiane, & Werth, Alexander, & Wiese, Richard, (Berlin : De Gruyter, [2018])
414 R289 The production of consonant clusters : implications for phonology and sound change / Daniel Recasens.
Book by Recasens i Vives, Daniel, (Berlin : De Gruyter Mouton, [2018])
418.0208691 I48 Translation and migration / Moira Inghilleri.
Book by Inghilleri, Moira, (Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY : Routledge, 2017.)
418.03791 L75 Linguistic and cultural representation in audiovisual translation / edited by Irene Ranzato and Serenella Zanotti.
Book by Ranzato, Irene, & Zanotti, Serenella, (New York, NY : Routledge, 2018.)
460.71 N36 Necesidades y tendencias en la formación del profesorado del español como lengua extranjera / Dimitrinka Georgieva Níkleva (ed.).
Book by Níkleva, Dimitrinka G., (Bern, Switzerland : Peter Lang AG, [2017])
AV 808.53 A784 The art of debate / Jarrod Atchison.
Book by Atchison, R. Jarrod, (Chantilly, VA : The Teaching Company, [2017])
809 C73 K Comparative becomings : studies in transition / edited by Michael G. Kelly and Daragh O'Connell.
Book by Kelly, Michael G. & O'Connell, Daragh, (Oxford : Peter Lang, [2017])
809.89283 F91 The verse novel in young adult literature / Brenna Friesner.
Book by Friesner, Brenna, (Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield, [2017])
809.93357 T77 Travelling around cultures : collected essays on literature and art / edited by Zsolt Győri and Gabriella Moise.
Book by Győri, Zsolt, & Moise, Gabriella, (Newcastle upon Tyne : Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016.)
810.9112 P43 Modernism the morning after / Bob Perelman.
Book by Perelman, Bob, (Tuscaloosa : The University of Alabama Press, [2017])
B 813.54 G34 The punishment she deserves : a Lynley novel / Elizabeth George.
Book by George, Elizabeth, (New York, NY : Viking, an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC, [2018])
B 813.54 S81 a Accidental heroes : a novel / Danielle Steel.
Book by Steel, Danielle, (New York : Delacorte Press, [2018])
B 813.6 B53 b The bishop's pawn / Steve Berry.
Book by Berry, Steve, (New York : Minotaur Books, 2018.)
B 813.6 C98 The rising sea : a novel from the NUMA files / Clive Cussler and Graham Brown.
Book by Cussler, Clive, & Brown, Graham, (New York : G.P. Putnam's Sons, an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC, [2018])
B 813.6 F514 The woman in the window / A.J. Finn.
Book by Finn, A. J., (New York, NY : William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, [2018])
B 813.6 H24 The great alone / Kristin Hannah.
Book by Hannah, Kristin, (New York : St. Martin's Press, 2018)
B 813.6 J79 An American marriage : a novel / by Tayari Jones.
Book by Jones, Tayari, (Chapel Hill, North Carolina : Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 2018.)
B 813.6 M52 The escape artist / Brad Meltzer.
Book by Meltzer, Brad, (New York : Grand Central Publishing, 2018.)
B 813.6 W76 Before we were yours : a novel / Lisa Wingate.
Book by Wingate, Lisa, (New York : Ballantine Books, [2017])
823.914 W39 c Cure for anger : story of the three who did become free from spite and fury / Susunaga Weeraperuma.
Book by Weeraperuma, Susunaga, (New Delhi, India : Satyam Books Pvt. Ltd., [2017])
895.115 R21 The residue of dreams : selected poems of Jao Tsung-i / translated by Nicholas Morrow Williams.
Book by Rao, Zongyi, & Williams, Nicholas Morrow, (Ithaca, New York : East Asia, Program, Cornell University, [2016])
AV 909 B592 Big history [videorecording] : the Big Bang, life on earth, and the rise of humanity / The Teaching Company.
Book by Christian, David,
AV 930 O87 The other side of history [videorecording] : daily life in the ancient world / Robert Garland ; producer, Jennifer Gray ; director, Jonathan D. Leven ... [et al.]
Book by Garland, Robert, & Gray, Jennifer. & Leven, Jon.,
AV 937 E96 Experiencing Rome : a visual exploration of antiquity's greatest empire / taught by Steven L. Tuck.
Book by Tuck, Steven L., (Chantilly, VA : Teaching Company, [2009])
AV 940.2 E89 Europe and Western civilization in the modern age / the Teaching Company.
Book by Childers, Thomas, (Chantilly, VA : Teaching Company, [1998])
940.3 S98 F13 The world during the First World War / Helmut Bley/Anorthe Kremers.
Book by Bley, Helmut, & Kremers, Anorthe, (Essen : Klartext, 2014.)
941.084092 W76 M Wallis in love : the untold true passion of the Duchess of Windsor / Andrew Morton.
Book by Morton, Andrew, (London : Michael O'Mara Books Limited, 2018.)
AV 951 F194 The fall and rise of China [videorecording] / Richard Baum ; producer, Jennifer Gray.
Book by Baum, Richard. & Gray, Jennifer.,
951.05092 Z96 Three months in Mao's China : between the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution / Erik Zürcher ; edited by Erik-Jan Zürcher and Kim van der Zouw.
Book by Zürcher, E. & Zouw, Kim van der, & Zürcher, Erik Jan, (Amsterdam : Amsterdam University Press, [2017])
UP 951.2 H7 A Hong Kong 1844 HMS Agincourt letter. No. 53
952.0071141 J35 Japanese studies in Britain : a survey and history / edited by Hugh Cortazzi and Peter Kornicki.
Book by Cortazzi, Hugh, & Kornicki, Peter F., (Folkstone, Kent : Renaissance Books, 2016.)
AV 973 H673 T The history of the United States / Allen C. Guelzo, Gary W. Gallagher, Patrick N. Allitt.
Book by Guelzo, Allen C., & Gallagher, Gary W., & Allitt, Patrick, (Chantilly, VA : Teaching Company, [2003])
B 973.933 I81 Russian roulette : the inside story of Putin's war on America and the election of Donald Trump / Michael Isikoff and David Corn.
Book by Isikoff, Michael, & Corn, David, (New York : Twelve, 2018.)
KB100 O58 On the Asian and European origins of legal and political systems : views from Korea, Kazakhstan and France / Tai-uk Chung, Zhuldyz Sairambaeva and Pierre Chabal (eds).
Book by Chung, Tai-uk, & Sairambaeva, Zhuldyz, & Chabal, Pierre, (Bruxelles : P.I.E. Peter Lang, 2018.)
KB177 P976 L02 u5 The unity of public law? : doctrinal, theoretical, and comparative perspectives / edited by Mark Elliott, Jason N.E. Varuhas, Shona Wilson Stark.
Book by Elliott, Mark, & Varuhas, Jason, & Stark, Shona Wilson, (Oxford [UK] ; Portland, Oregon : Hart Publishing/Bloomsubry Publishing Plc, 2018.)
KC200 N53 New technologies for human rights law and practice / edited by Molly K. Land, Jay D. Aronson.
Book by Land, Molly K., & Aronson, Jay D., (New York : Cambridge University Press, 2018.)
KC205 K37 Facilitating the resettlement and rights of climate refugees : an argument for developing existing principles and practices / Avidan Kent and Simon Behrman.
Book by Kent, Avidan, & Behrman, Simon, (Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2018.)
KC263 M34 Maritime order and the law in East Asia / edited by Gordon Houlden and Nong Hong.
Book by Houlden, Gordon, & Hong, Nong, (Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2018.)
KL130 S67 Social justice and legal education / edited by Chris Ashford and Paul McKeown.
Book by Ashford, Chris, & McKeown, Paul, (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK : Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018.)
KN111 D41 i6 Intellectual property, finance and corporate governance / Janice Denoncourt.
Book by Denoncourt, Janice, (Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge, 2018.)
KW107 P89 A practitioner's guide to MiFID II / consultant editor, Jonathan Herbst ; with Simon Lovegrove.
Book by Herbst, Jonathan, & Lovegrove, Simon, (London : Sweet & Maxwell/Thomas Reuters, 2018.)
KW125 P94 Preventing environmental damage from products : an analysis of the policy and regulatory framework in Europe / edited by Eléonore Maitre-Ekern, Carl Dalhammar, Hans Christian Bugge.
Book by Maitre, Eléonore, & Dalhammar, Carl, & Bugge, Hans Christian, (Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2018.)
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HK 248.5 H874 見證生命的藝術 : 植堂見證與視覺藝術的結合 / 黃永康.
Book by 黃永康, (香港 : 黃永康, 2018.)
HK 261.83 C13 被陶造成前鋒的後衛 : 回望我和明光社在風雨中的成長 / 蔡志森著.
Book by 蔡志森, (香港 : 明光社, 2017.)
HK 895.181 C51862 C1 f 豐饒的陰影 / 陳子謙.
Book by 陳子謙, (香港 : 文化工房, 2016.)
HK 895.181 C5198 C3 b6 別讓我離開你 / 鄭梓靈.
Book by 鄭梓靈, (香港 : 皇冠出版社(香港)有限公司, 2017.)
HK 895.181 C5523 C3 s58 豎琴女孩和她的「虎」爸 / 君比著.
Book by 君比, (香港 : 山邊出版社有限公司, [2017])
HK 895.181 G978 C3 l62 戀愛待換店. 2 = Timeless café. 2 / 孤泣.
Book by 孤泣, (香港 : 白卷出版社, 2017.)
HK 895.181 H87428 C3 c 城市的長頸鹿 / 作者黃愛華.
Book by 黃愛華, (香港 : 文化工房, 2015)
HK 895.181 L6941 C3 b6 冰河世界的熱戀 / 梁望峰
Book by 梁望峰, (香港 : 明窗出版社, 2016.)
HK 895.181 L7378 C4 h 黑面 / 林日曦.
Book by 林日曦, (香港 : 白卷出版社, 2017.)
HK 895.181 L768 C3 k 口耳相傳的香港鬼故事 : 念念・不忘 / 作者離奇家遮.
Book by 離奇家遮, (香港 : 小明文創, [2017年7月])
HK 895.181 L768 C3 k2 口耳相傳的香港鬼故事. II, 歷歷・在目 / 作者離奇家遮.
Book by 離奇家遮, (香港 : 小明文創, 2018.)
HK 895.181 L9653 C3 e 而又彷彿 / 羅樂敏.
Book by 羅樂敏, (香港 : 水煮魚文化製作有限公司, 2018.)
HK 895.181 N734 C4 c 赤軀隨遇 / 作者牛佬.
Book by 牛佬, (香港 : 熱血時報有限公司, 2017.)
HK 895.181 O931 C3 l 浪花在微笑 / 區樂民.
Book by 區樂民, (香港 皇冠出版社(香港)有限公司, 2017.)
HK 895.181 P822 C3 n 你話嘞, 呢個世界有冇鬼? / 作者: 潘紹聰.
Book by 潘紹聰, (香港 : 宇宙出版社, 2017.)
HK 895.181 S227 C3 z 鎮遠鏢局 = Zanyuen escort / 三聯幫牟中三著.
Book by 三聯幫牟中三, ([香港] : 創造館, 2017-)
HK 895.181 S478 C4 z 做魚毛都要做得享受 / 森美 著.
Book by 森美, (香港 : 日閱堂出版社, 2017.)
HK 895.181 T551 C3 g 觀城記 / 天航著.
Book by 天航, (香港 : 格子盒作室, 2017.)
HK 895.181 Y375 C1 p 旁觀生活 / 葉英傑詩 ; 銅鑰攝影.
Book by 葉英傑, & 銅鑰, (香港 : 石磬文化有限公司, 2017.)
HK 895.181 Z63435 C7 z2 診所低能奇觀. 2 = Funny + clinic. 2 / 作者 珍寶豬.
Book by 珍寶豬, (香港 : 點子出版, 2015.)
HK 895.181 Z63435 C7 z3 診所低能奇觀. 3 = Funny + clinic. 3 / 作者 珍寶豬.
Book by 珍寶豬, (香港 : 點子出版, 2016.)
HK 895.181 Z63523 C3 m 明明就, 分手了 = Carry on / 中環塔倫天奴.
Book by 中環塔倫天奴, (香港 : 小明文創, 2016.)
HK 915.125 X624 S5 香港 = Hong Kong / 編著沙米 [and 4 others].
Book by 沙米, (香港 : 跨版生活圖書出版, 2018.)
HK 915.125 Y38 香港行山全攻略 : 軍事遺跡探究<新界篇> = A travel of Hong Kong Mainland defence ruins (World War II) / 編著葉榕.
Book by 葉榕, (香港 : 正文社出版有限公司, 2018.)
HK 920.5125A B152 百年過客 : 早期香港的名人訪客 = A century of visitors : prominent visitors to Hong Kong in its early years / 主編陳成漢.
Book by 陳成漢, ([香港] : 香港歷史博物館, 2017.)
HK 920.5125A L688 他們皆有夢 : 十位名人追夢故事 / 李承軒著.
Book by 李承軒, (香港 : 超媒體有限公司, 2015.)
HK 951.0842 C36 我期待, 我是中國文字獄的最後一個受害者 : 劉曉波紀念文集 / 香港天主教正義和平委員會
Book by 香港天主教正義和平委員會, (香港 : 香港天主教正義和平委員會 , 2017)

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