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May 20 2016

Temporary Closure of Main Library Old Wing in Summer 2016

To: All Library Patrons

To facilitate the removal of asbestos contained in the adhesive underneath the carpet of the Old Wing, the University contractor requires the following floors to be temporarily closed during the REVISED periods specified:

Old Wing

Closure Dates


Affected Materials and

Call Number Range




1 June (Wed)

13 June (Mon)

13 days

Books 500 to 599

Books 700 to 799


30 June (Thu)

23 July (Sat)

25 days

Books 900 to 999


16 June (Thu)

8 July (Fri)

23 days

Books 001-299

FPS Serials 期 001 to 999

FPS Serials [期] [大期] A to Z

Chinese Rare Books羅, 善, 特, 特C, 特期, etc.


   1 June(Wed)

     2 July (Sat)

15 June (Wed)

    2 July (Sat)

15 days

1 day

FPS Books [中] A to DS740

FPS Large Books [大A] A to Z

FPS Large Series [大C] A to Z

FPS Reference Books [R] A to Z

FPS Large Reference Books [大R] A to Z


25 June (Sat)

31 July (Sun)

37 days

FPS Books [中] DS741 to Z

Owing to a lack of decanting space in the Main Library and the tight project schedule, we are unable to move books out of the affected floors while the removal work is in progress.  Instead, we will securely wrap the bookshelves in protective sheets and only allow authorized contractors to access the work sites in accordance with the environmental and building legislation in Hong Kong.  As a result, lending services of the affected library collections have to be suspended during the closure dates indicated.

We understand that the temporary service suspension will inevitably bring inconvenience to library patrons.  To minimise this inconvenience, we strongly advise that you borrow the materials you need before the scheduled closure.  Requests for materials kept on the work sites will be filled as far as possible by interlibrary loans from other local/overseas libraries.  Items belonging to the affected floors should continue to be returned according to the due dates.  However, returned items will be stored in a special storage pending re-shelving and no loan service will be provided for them until re-opening of the affected floor.

A dedicated library webpage ( has been created to provide up-to-date progress of the above works.  Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.  For inquiries, please contact us at 3917-2202 (Lending Services) or 3917-2215 (Interlibrary Loans).

Thank you very much for your tolerance to the above building works which will make the Main Library a better place for learning in future.

Mr Peter Sidorko

University Librarian

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May 16 2016

New fee for library cards

New fee for library cards

With the introduction of the 7-byte University Smart Card, the charge for new library cards will be adjusted from $35 to $50 with effect from 1 July 2016.   The card categories subject to this new fee are listed below for reference:

  • Graduate borrower’s card
  • Graduate reader’s card
  • HKU Staff Spouse/Dependent Children Card (For applicants without a HKU Facilities Access Card)
  • HKU SPACE temporary/part-time staff and student library card
  • Centennial College temporary/part-time staff and student library card
  • Temporary library card for external visitors

For inquiries, please contact the Lending Services Division at 2859-2202.

Peter Sidorko

University Librarian

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