Collection Development

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Collection Development

Collection development at the University of Hong Kong Libraries is a process of selecting traditional, electronic, and multimedia materials needed to support the learning, teaching, and research needs of the University community. Collection development activities are the responsibility of a library-wide Collection Development Team whose fundamental work is to:

  • Communicate with the faculty to identify information needs;
  • Develop policies;
  • Allocate budgeted funds;
  • Assess collections;
  • Coordinate selection, acquisition, weeding and preservation processes; and work with vendors and publishers to find out what is available and to acquire wanted materials.

The Collection Development Team comprises a range of professionals. The Collection Development Librarian oversees the information needs of the user community, coordinates collection development activities and has primary responsibility for organization, policy, budget, and procedures. Faculty and Branch Librarians serve as the Libraries' liaison to their designated faculty, managing subject collections and providing instructional as well as research support. They work closely with Assistant Librarians (Electronic Resources Acquisitions Coordinator and Web Resources Selector) as well as the Chinese Bibliographer.

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