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HKU has signed a site licence agreement with EndNote, which permits all current HKU staff and students to use the software both on campus and at home. Upon accepting the agreement in the request form, HKU staff and students must abide by the Conditions of Use of the EndNote software.


What is EndNote?

EndNote is a bibliographical management software package designed to help you to organize bibliographic references and create a bibliography. Endnote allows you to search, retrieve relevant citations, and builds your bibliography, all within one program.

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  1. Users working on-campus can access Endnote from the Computer Centre Labs or from Project PCs in the HKU Libraries. Project PCs are available mainly in the Dental Library, Lui Che Woo Law Library, Main Library (G/F) and the Yu Chun Keung Medical Library.
  2. This licence does not cover HKU SPACE staff and students, Alumni, Circle of Friends members, staff spouses / children, Distance Learners in Mainland China, JULAC card holders, or visiting staff.