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370.116 S415 i61 Internationalizing a school of education : integration and infusion in practice / John Schwille.
East Lansing, Michigan : Michigan State University Press, [2017] [Books]
370.15 D968 e24 EdPsych : modules / Cheryl Cisero Durwin, Southern Connecticut StateUniversity, Marla Reese-Weber, Illinois State University.
Thousand Oaks, California : SAGE, [2018] [Books]
370.1523 O58 On the definition of learning / edited by Ane Qvortrup, MereteWiberg, Gerd Christensen & Mikala Hansbøl.
Odense : University Press of Southern Denmark, [2016] [Books]
370.7 S267 r43 Research methods for education in the digital age / Maggi Savin-Badenand Gemma Tombs.
London ; New York, NY : Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2017. [Books]
371.1022 J11 Coaching with powerful interactions : a guide to partnering with early childhood teachers / Judy Jablon, Amy Laura Dombro, and Shaun Johnsen.
Washington, DC : National Association for the Education of Young Children, [2016] [Books]
371.1024 D91 Rethinking the classroom landscape : creating environments that connect young children, families, and communities / Sandra Duncan, EdD, Jody Martin, and Rebecca Kreth.
Lewisville, NC : Gryphon House, Inc., [2016] [Books]
371.1024 E517 d61 Disruptive, stubborn, out of control? : why kids get confrontational in the classroom, and what to do about it / Bo Hejlskov Elvén.
London ; Philadelphia : Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2017. [Books]
371.2 E24 U Education for people and planet : creating sustainable futures for all.
Paris : Unesco, 2016. [Books]
371.2020941 M629 m26 Managing staff for improved performance : human resource management in schools / David Middlewood and Ian Abbott.
London, UK ; New York, NY, USA : Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2017. [Books]
371.206 B936 w92 World-class fundraising isn't a solo sport : the team approach to academic fundraising / Jeffrey L. Buller and Dianne M. Reeves.
Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield, [2017] [Books]
371.20941 S372 E12 School leadership and education system reform / edited by Peter Earley and Toby Greany.
London ; New York, NY : Bloomsbury Academic, 2017. [Books]
371.334 C14 t Teaching computing unplugged in primary schools : exploring primary computing through practical activities away from the computer / HelenCaldwell + Neil Smith.
London : Learning Matters, an imprint Sage Publications, 2017. [Books]
371.391 B87 A practical guide to curative education : the ladder of seven life processes / Robyn M. Brown.
Great Barrington, Massachusetts : Lindisfarne Books, [2016] [Books]
371.4 P267 e84 Ethical practice in the human services : from knowing to being / Richard D. Parsons, West Chester University of Pennsylvania, KarenL. Dickinson, West Chester University of Pennsylvania.
Thousand Oaks, California : SAGE, [2017] [Books]
371.782 B93 Bullying targeting secondary school students who are or are perceived to be transgender or same-sex attracted : types, prevalence, impact, motivation and preventive measures in 5 provinces of Thailand / [Mahidol University].
Nakhonpathom : Mahidol University, c2014 [Books]
371.9 B32 A quick guide to special needs and disabilities / Bob Bates.
London : SAGE Publications Ltd, 2017. [Books]
371.9 C67 The survival guide for new special education teachers / Catherine Creighton Martin, Clara Hauth.
Arlington, VA : Council for Exceptional Children, [2015] [Books]
371.90973 G231 s74 Special education in contemporary society : an introduction to exceptionality / Richard M. Gargiulo, professor emeritus, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Emily C. Bouck, Michigan State University.
Thousand Oaks, California : SAGE Publications, Inc., [2018] [Books]
371.93 H186 s49 Serving students who are homeless : a resource guide for schools, districts, and educational leaders / Ronald E. Hallett, Linda Skrla ;foreword by Melissa Schoonmaker.
New York : Teachers College Press, [2017] [Books]
371.94 S54 Practical strategies for supporting young learners with autism spectrum disorder / Tricia H. Shelton, EdD with Mary Renck Jalongo, PhD.
Lewisville, NC : Gryphon House, Inc., [2016] [Books]
HKP 371.95 V28 Info-booklet : differentiation for gifted learners in practice / [Joyce VanTassel-Baska and Kimberley L. Chandler].
Hong Kong : Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education Ltd., ©2013. [Hong Kong Pamphlets]
E 372.61 A78 Jumpstart grammar buddy / Gordon Arthur.
Tsuen Wan, N.T. : Jumpstart Publishers, 2016. [Books]
372.6230785 D261 s93 Student blogs : how online writing can transform your classroom / Anne Davis and Ewa McGrail.
Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield, [2017] [Books]
372.677 S888 S86 Storytelling and education in the digital age : experiences and criticisms / Matteo Stocchetti (ed.).
Frankfurt am Main : PL Academic Research, [2016] [Books]
372.7049 F648 b57 Beyond answers : exploring mathematical practices with young children / Michael Flynn ; foreword by Deborah Schifter.
Portland, ME : Stenhouse Publishers, [2017] [Books]
378 N53 S New languages and landscapes of higher education / edited by Peter Scott, Jim Gallacher, and Gareth Parry.
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2017. [Books]
378.01 E96 Experiences in liberal arts and science education from America,Europe, and Asia : a dialogue across continents / William C. Kirby, Marijk C. van der Wende, editors.
New York : Palgrave Macmillan, [2016] [Books]
378.104 U58 University partnerships for international development / edited by Patrick Blessinger, Barbara Cozza ; created in partnership with the International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association.
Bingley : Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2017. [Books]
HK 378.106 U58 a50 UGC 50 : University Grants Committee 50th anniversary album.
Hong Kong : University Grants Committee, 2015. [Books]
378.125 S246 o58 199 mistakes new college professors make and how to prevent them : insider secrets to avoid classroom blunders / Kimberly Sarmiento.
Ocala, Florida : Atlantic Publishing Group, Inc., [2016] [Books]
378.19820973 C93 The crisis of race in higher education : a day of discovery and dialogue / edited by William F. Tate IV, Nancy Staudt, Ashley Macrander.
Bingley : Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2017. [Books]
378.5 H63 H Higher education in the Asian century : the European legacy and the future of transnational education in the ASEAN region / edited by Christopher Hill and Rozilini M. Fernandez-Chung.
London ; New York : Routledge, 2017. [Books]
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HK 371.20095125 X62 校本評核學校領導人手冊 / 香港考試及評核局 = Handbook forschool leaders on school-based assessment / Hong Kong Examinations andAssessment Authority.
香港 : 香港考試及評核局, [2010] [Books]
HK 372.185 Y67 友恭學校校友會, author.
友恭學校校友會2013年創刊號 / 友恭學校校友會.
[香港] : 友恭學校校友會, 2013. [Books]
[中] LA1311.82 .I53 2015 今川峰子, 1946- author.
転換期を迎えた日本の学校教育 / 今川峰子.
京都市左京区 : ナカニシヤ出版, 2015. [Books]
[中] LB775.T172 S29 1968 斎藤秋男, 1917- author.
評伝 陶行知 : 政治的抒情詩人の生涯 / 斎藤秋男著.
東京都千代田区 : 勁草書房, 昭和43 [1968] [Books]
[E] LB1181 .Y683 2009 v.3 一家人 / 幼兒教育出版社有限公司.
[香港] : 幼兒教育出版社有限公司, 2009. [Books]
[E] LB1577.C5 J535 2016 快樂學語文 / 編寫人員尹世霖, 陳文威, 潘金英 [and 3 others]
[香港] : 教育出版社有限公司, 2016- [Books]
[E] LB1577.C5 J554 2016 我愛學語文 / 余婉兒, 蘇潔玉主編.
香港 : 教育出版社有限公司, 2016- [Books]
[E] LC988.H85 M5633 2016 初中通識教育. 個人成長與人際關係 / 審訂: 劉進圖.
香港 : 明報教育出版有限公司, 2016. [Books]
[E] LC988.H85 M5634 2016 初中通識教育. 全球化 / 審訂: 劉進圖.
香港 : 明報教育出版有限公司, 2016. [Books]
[E] LC988.H85 M5635 2016 初中通識教育. 現代中國 / 審訂: 劉進圖.
香港 : 明報教育出版有限公司, 2016. [Books]
[E] LC988.H85 M5636 2016 初中通識教育. 公共衛生 / 審訂: 劉進圖.
香港 : 明報教育出版有限公司, 2016. [Books]
[E] LC988.H85 M5637 2016 初中通識教育. 能源科技與環境 / 審訂: 劉進圖.
香港 : 明報教育出版有限公司, 2016. [Books]
[中] LC1091 .Z563 中国公民教育评论.
北京市 : 社会科学文献出版社, 2016- [Books]
[中] LC5148.C6 L525 2016 李敏, 1979- author.
教育促进农村伦理文化发展研究 : 基于中国12乡村调查报告 / 李敏著.
北京 : 中国农业大学出版社, 2016. [Books]
[中] LG52.G83 G833 2016 廣雅書院長卷 / 戴国雄编著.
香港 : 中国评论学术出版社有限公司, 2016- [Books]

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