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New Acquisitions List for Education

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E 370.112 N531 New century life and society.
Hong Kong : Ling Kee Publishing Co., Ltd., 2016. [Books]
370.115095496 D94 Schools as zones of peace in Nepal : the impact of peace education onsocial equity, good governance and sustainable economic development inpost-conflict societies : applying the PEACE formula B3.i3² / Isabelle Duquesne.
Zürich : Lit, [2016] [Books]
370.9409032 A54 Ancients and Moderns in Europe : comparative perspectives / edited by Paddy Bullard and Alexis Tadié.
Oxford, UK : Voltaire Foundation, [2016] [Books]
371.9 D75 Bloomsbury CPD library : supporting children with special educationalneeds and disabilities / by Cherryl Drabble.
London : Bloomsbury, 2016. [Books]
371.9144 G976 a84 Assessing and correcting reading and writing difficulties / Thomas G.Gunning, Professor Emeritus, Southern Connecticut State University.
Boston : Pearson, [2018] [Books]
372.18 B4 Child and adolescent development in your classroom : topical approach / Christi Crosby Bergin (University of Missouri), David AllenBergin (University of Missouri).
Boston, MA : Cengage Learning, [2017] [Books]
372.21 B853 Understanding schematic learning at two / Julie Brierley and Cathy Nutbrown.
London ; New York, NY : Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2017. [Books]
E 372.35044 D26 Hands-on science and math : fun, fascinating activities for young children / Beth R. Davis, EdS, NBCT ; photography by Beth R. Davis.
Lewisville, NC : Gryphon House, [2015] [Books]
E 372.35044 E5 STEM play : integrating inquiry into learning centers / Deirdre Englehart, EdD; Debby Mitchell, EdD; Junie Albers-Biddle, EdD; Kelly Jennings-Towle, EdD; and Marnie Forestieri, CDA.
Lewisville, NC : Gryphon House, [2016] [Books]
E 372.4 K13 Old lion and little rabbit / Keiko Kaichi ; translated from the Japanese by Sayako Uchida.
Hong Kong : Minedition, 2017. [Books]
E 372.4 T73 Jack & the beanstalk : a folktale / pictures by Nina Töwe.
Hong Kong : Michael Neugebauer Publishing Ltd., 2017. [Books]
372.6 F533 t2 Teaching literacy in the visible learning classroom : K-5 classroom companion to Visible learning for literacy / Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, John Hattie.
Thousand Oaks, California : Corwin, a SAGE company, [2017] [Books]
E 372.7 E19 Creative investigations in early math / Angela Eckhoff, PhD.
[Lewisville, NC] : Gryphon House, [2017] [Books]
375 D665 m99 The mythopoetics of currere : memories, dreams, and literary texts asteaching avenues to self-study / Mary Aswell Doll.
New York, NY : Routledge, 2017. [Books]
HKP 378.016 U34 UK is top choice for HK university students abroad, HSBC survey shows : over half of Hong Kong parents consider university abroad for their child = 滙豐調查 : 英國成為升讀海外大學的首選, 逾半香港家長考慮送子女到海外讀大學.
[Hong Kong] : [The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking CorporationLimited], [2016] [Hong Kong Pamphlets]
HK 378.106 H773 Report on the BVI-Company arrangement / The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
[Hong Kong] : [The Hong Kong Polytechnic University], [2016] [Books]
378.1610973 P855 s46 Selling hope and college : merit, markets, and recruitment in an unranked school / Alex Posecznick.
Ithaca, New York : Cornell University Press, 2017. [Books]
HKP 378.19625 U58 The Grand Hall : Lee Shau Kee Lecture Centre, Centennial Campus, the University of Hong Kong / prepared by Cultural Management Team, HKU.
[Hong Kong] : [Cultural Management Team, HKU], [2013?] [Hong Kong Pamphlets]
HKP 378.198 I81 ISIC : student discount scheme 1985 = 國際學生證 : 學生優待計劃手冊.
[Hong Kong] : Hong Kong Student Travel Bureau Ltd., [1985?] [Hong Kong Pamphlets]
HKP 379.111 R432 Research on ethnic minority parental choice in primary school selection in Hong Kong = 香港少數族裔家長揀選小學研究調查報告.
[Hong Kong] : [Hong Kong Unison Limited], [2015] [Hong Kong Pamphlets]
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HK 373.1425 H87 劃出生涯路 : 中學生涯規劃探索指南 / 主編: 陳筱芬.
香港 : 求職廣場出版有限公司, 2016. [Books]
HKP 373.1425 H87 劃出生涯路 : 中學生涯規劃探索指南 / 主編: 陳筱芬.
香港 : 求職廣場出版有限公司, 2016. [Hong Kong Pamphlets]
[E] LB1181 .S55 2016 識字樂趣多 : 幼稚園識字卡 / 編寫新雅編輯室.
香港 : 新雅文化事業有限公司, 2016. [Kits]
[中] LC94.C5 Z436 2015 赵倩, 1981- author.
现代化语境下的民众教育与社会改造 : 1928-1937年北平地区民众教育馆研究 = The mass education and social reconstruction in the context of modernization : a research on the mass education museum in Beiping during 1928-1937 / 赵倩著.
北京 : 中国人民大学出版社, 2015. [Books]
[E] LC4708 M6612 2010 這叫做讀寫障礙症 / 文: Jennnifer Moore-Mallinos ; 圖: Marta Fàbrega ; 翻譯: 陸碧薺.
香港 : 文林出版有限公司, 2010. [Books]
[中] LG51.S35 M324 2014 马德秀, author.
变革与超越 : 走中国特色的一流大学之路 / 马德秀著.
上海 : 上海交通大學出版社, 2014. [Books]

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