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370.116 W13 Learning as development : rethinking international education in a changing world / Daniel A. Wagner.
Book by Wagner, Daniel A., (New York, NY : Routledge, 2018.)
370.710968 N2 T01 Visions of teacher education in southern Africa : the Botswana experience : papers presented at the First National Conference on Teaching Practice : Oasis Motel, Tlokweng, Botswana, April 23-26, 1990 / edited by C.E. Mannathoko and C.D. Yandila.
Book by Mannathoko, C. & Yandila, Cephas David, (Gaborone : University of Botswana, Faculty of Education, 1995.)
370.711 T46 The utilization and professional development of teachers : issues and strategies / A.R. Thompson.
Book by Thompson, A. R.,
370.91724 P63 Education and human resources sector assessment manual / Mary Joy Pigozzi and Victor J. Cieutat.
Book by Pigozzi, Mary Joy, & Cieutat, Victor J., (Tallahassee, Florida : IEES, 1988.)
370.91724 S33 Learning to educate : proposals for the reconstruction of education in developing countries / Ernesto Schiefelbein and Noel F. McGinn.
Book by Schiefelbein, Ernesto, & McGinn, Noel F., (Rotterdam, The Netherlands : Sense Publishers, [2017])
370.91724 W13 Smaller, quicker, cheaper : improving learning assessments for developing countries / Daniel A. Wagner.
Book by Wagner, Daniel A., (Paris : UNESCO, International Institute for Educational Planning, [2011])
370.95493 S37 Schools for the child : child sensitive good practices in Sri Lankan schools : EIU experiential learning programme 2006 / edited by Lee Seung-Mi, Ma. Johanna C. Encabo.
Book by Lee, Seung-Mi, & Encabo, Ma. Johanna C., (Seoul, Republic of Korea : Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding, [2006])
370.968 E53 Emerging voices : a report on education in South African rural communities / researched for the Nelson Mandela Foundation by the HSRC and the EPC.
(Cape Town, South Africa : HSRC Press, 2005.)
371.102 T651 e Educational coaching : a partnership for problem solving / Cathy A. Toll.
Book by Toll, Cathy A., (Alexandria, Virginia, USA : ASCD, [2018])
371.1023 Y94 Reaching & teaching them all : making quick and lasting connections with every student in your classroom / Amanda Yuill.
Book by Yuill, Amanda, (Markham, Ontario : Pembroke, [2018])
371.207 C65 Systems for instructional improvement : creating coherence from the classroom to the district office / Paul Cobb [and 3 others] and the MIST Team.
Book by Cobb, Paul, (Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard Education Press, [2018])
371.2913091724 C53 Children out of school : measuring exclusion from primary education.
371.822 S89 Strategies to promote girls' education : policies and programmes that work / Education Section, Programme Division, UNICEF.
Book by Rīḥānī, Mayy. & Haq, Khadija., (New York, N.Y. : UNICEF, 1992.)
371.822091724 L65 Letting girls learn : promising approaches in primary and secondary education / Barbara Herz ... [et al.]
Book by Herz, Barbara Knapp.,
371.826918 C315 e The education of nomadic peoples in East Africa : Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda : synthesis report / written by Roy Carr-Hill in collaboration with Almaz Eshete, Charlotte Sedel and Alba de Souza.
Book by Carr-Hill, R. A. & Almaz Eshete, & Sedel, Charlotte, & Souza, Alba de, (Tunis Belvedere, Tunisia : African Development Bank, [2005])
371.9046 F911 i37 Including students with special needs : a practical guide for classroom teachers / Marilyn Friend, William D. Bursuck.
Book by Friend, Marilyn Penovich, & Bursuck, William D., ([New York, NY] : Pearson, [2019])
371.9046 U21 j89 Joyful learning : active and collaborative strategies for inclusive classrooms / Alice Udvari-Solner, Paula Kluth.
Book by Udvari-Solner, Alice, & Kluth, Paula, (Thousand Oaks, California : Corwin, [2018])
371.90460973 E67 Inclusion in action : practical strategies to modify your curriculum / by Nicole Eredics.
Book by Eredics, Nicole, (Baltimore, Maryland : Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co., [2018])
371.956 R89 RtI for gifted students : a CEG-TAG educational resource / edited by Mary Ruth Coleman and Susan K. Johnsen.
Book by Coleman, Mary Ruth, & Johnsen, Susan K., (Waco, TX : Prufrock Press, [2011])
372.4 C97 Nurturing informed thinking : reading, talking, and writing across content-area sources / Sunday Cummins.
Book by Cummins, Sunday, (Portsmouth, NH : Heinemann, [2018])
P 372.95 R3 Regional Seminar on Alternative Approaches to School Education at Primary Level, Manila, 6-14 December 1976 : final report / Unesco Regional Office for Education in Asia in co-operation with Department of Education and Culture, Government of the Republic of Philippines, and Unesco National Commission of the Philippines.
HKP 373.5125 S15 S8 a St. Stephen's Girls' College archives.
Book by St. Stephen's Girls' College., ([Hong Kong] : [St. Stephen's Girls' College], [between 1998 and 2017?])
HKP 373.5125 S15 S8 s7 St Stephen's Girls' College.
(Hong Kong : South China Morning Post, 2005.)
HKP 374.95125 U58 S2 t 60 years of teaching : "only be sharing what we know, can we build on what others hav eachieved." / HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education = 六十年教學路 : 「分享所知,共建成就」 / 香港大學專業進修學院.
Book by 香港大學., ([Hong Kong] : [HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education], [2017])
HKP 378.1983 U58 C75 In Christ we dare : H.K.U.S.U. Christian Association July 1975 summer conference.
Book by University of Hong Kong., ([Hong Kong] : [University of Hong Kong Student Union Christian Association], [1975])
378.595 L47 Restructuring higher education in Malaysia / Molly N.N. Lee.
Book by Lee, Molly N. N., (Penang, Malaysia : School of Educational Studies, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 2004.)
P 379.129 R28 s Reaching the marginalized : summary.
(Paris : UNESCO, 2010.)
379.158098 F38 Educational assessment systems in Latin Amreica : current practice and future challenges / Guillermo Ferrer.
Book by Ferrer, Guillermo, (Washington, DC : Preal, [2006])
379.26 H91 A human rights-based approach to education for all : a framework for the realization of children's right to education and rights within education.
(Paris : United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization, [2007])
379.26098 J12 ¿Qué hacer ante las desigualdades en la educación secundaria? : aportes de la experiencia latinoamericana / Claudia Jacinto, Flavia Terigi.
Book by Jacinto, Claudia, & Terigi, Flavia, (Buenos Aires : Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Educación, la Ciencia y la Cultura, [2007])
379.54 A26 Ramamurti report, 1990 on national policy on education in India : major recommendations, evaluation and corrective measures / by J. C. Aggarwal.
Book by Aggarwal, J. C., (Delhi : Doaba House, 1991.)
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HK 372.218 D67 a40 天主敎明我幼稚園創校四十周年 (1977-2017), 明我幼兒交通安全隊成立三十周年 : 紀念特刊.
Book by 天主敎明我幼稚園, ([香港] : [天主敎明我幼稚園], 2017.)
HK 378.2 L73 副學士之路 : 助你通向大學學位的康莊大道, 讓你的升學理想變成現實! / 林文韜
Book by 林文韜, (香港 : 超媒體出版有限公司, 2015.)
[中] LA2383.C52 T7567 2017 越文化视野下的蔡元培及其美育思想 / 马芹芬著.
Book by 马芹芬, (北京 : 中国社会科学出版社, 2017.)
[中] LA2383.C52 Y4688 2017 晏阳初年谱长编 = the chronicle of Yan Yangchu / 杜学元, 郭明蓉, 彭雪明编著.
Book by 杜学元, & 郭明蓉, & 彭雪明, (上海市 : 上海交通大学出版社, 2017.)
[中] LB3048.C6 W824 2017 中国近现代教科书史论 / 吴洪成, 田谧, 李晨等著.
Book by 吴洪成, & 田谧, & 李晨, (北京市 : 知识产权出版社, 2017.)
[中] LC3806.C6 C45 2017 中国特色民族教育理论体系研究 / 陈达云著.
Book by 陈达云, (北京 : 科学出版社, 2017.)

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