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New Acquisitions List for Social Work

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361.3072 V217 Research for social justice : a community-based participatory approach / Adje van de Sande & Karen Schwartz.
Book by Sande, Adje van de, & Schwartz, Karen, (Halifax, Nova Scotia : Fernwood Publishing, [2017])
361.74 F596 Putting wealth to work : philanthropy for today or investing for tomorrow? / Joel L. Fleishman.
Book by Fleishman, Joel L., (New York, NY : PublicAffairs, Hachette Book Group, [2017])
362.592 R18 Helter-Shelter : security, legality, and an ethic of care in an emergency shelter / Prashan Ranasinghe.
Book by Ranasinghe, Prashan, (Toronto : University of Toronto Press, [2017].)
362.70973 R58 Improving child welfare outcomes : balancing investments in prevention and treatment / Jeanne S. Ringel, Dana Schultz, Joshua Mendelsohn [and 4 others] ; sponsored by Pritzker Foster Care Initiative.
Book by Ringel, Jeanne S., & Schultz, Dana & Mendelsohn, Joshua, (Santa Monica, Calif. : RAND Corporation, [2017])
362.76 A654 M99 The APSAC handbook on child maltreatment / editors, J. Bart Klika, University of Montana ; Jon R. Conte, University of Washington.
Book by Klika, Jeffry Barton, & Conte, Jon R., (Thousand Oaks, California : SAGE Publications, Inc., [2018])
362.825610941 G48 Challenging the politics of early intervention : who's 'saving' children and why / Val Gillies, Rosalind Edwards and Nicola Horsley.
Book by Gillies, Val, & Edwards, Rosalind, & Horsley, Nicola, (Bristol ; Chicago, IL : Policy Press, 2017.)
363.325 D31 Terrorizing the masses : identity, mass shootings, and the media construction of "terror" / Ruth DeFoster.
Book by DeFoster, Ruth, (New York : Peter Lang, [2017])
363.325088297 G98 The lesser Jihads : bringing the Islamist extremist fight to the world / Phil Gurski.
Book by Gurski, Phil, (Lanham, Maryland. : Rowman & Littlefield, [2017])
364.106 B71 M Ballad of the anarchist bandits : the crime spree that gripped Belle Époque Paris / John Merriman.
Book by Merriman, John M., (New York : Nation Books, 2017.)
364.106 V29 Mafia life : love, death and money at the heart of organised crime / Federico Varese.
Book by Varese, Federico, (London : Profile Books, 2017.)
364.1323019 T443 Thinking about bribery : neuroscience, moral cognition and the psychology of bribery / edited by Philip M. Nichols, Diana C. Robertson.
Book by Nichols, Philip, & Robertson, Diana Conway, (Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2017.)
364.15232092 C55 D Death in the air : the true story of a serial killer, the great London smog, and the strangling of a city / Kate Winkler Dawson.
Book by Dawson, Kate Winkler, (New York, NY : Hachette Books, 2017.)
364.15232092 J12 T Jack the Ripper FAQ : all that's left to know about the infamous serial killer / Dave Thompson.
Book by Thompson, Dave, (Milwaukee, WI : Applause Theatre & Cinema Books, 2017.)
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HK 361.3 K16 看不見的救援 : 十二社工不離不棄反思中克服恐懼 / 東華三院[青少年及家庭服務部] ; 責任編輯: 鄧賜民.
Book by 鄧賜民, (香港 : 明文出版社, 2016.)
HK 361.37 R19 讓世界更美 : 第五及第六屆香港傑出義工獎故事集 / 作者義務工作發展局.
(香港 : 義務工作發展局, 2017.)
HK 362.5095125 Y51 香港貧窮問題真相 / 葉兆輝著.
Book by 葉兆輝, (香港 : 中華書局(香港)有限公司, 2017.)
HK 364.153 B91 不再逃避更不可逃避 : 給教師及靑少年工作者 / 編輯林嘉洋.
Book by 林嘉洋, (香港 : 關注婦女暴力協會, 2017.)
HK 364.154 L96 歷劫生命 / 羅君兒著.
Book by 羅君兒, (香港 : 信報出版社有限公司, 2017.)

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