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Digital Resources On Trial

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The HKU Libraries Periodically receive free trials of digital resources from publishers on the Internet. Members of the University community are most welcome to get a taste of these resources and forward their comments regarding the usefulness of these resources in support of their study, teaching and research.

Comments should be directed to the Information Services.

Digital Resource Expiry Date
Data Citation Index(SM): 1900-present
Gallup Datasets via Gallup Analytics
Gallup Analytics is an online platform that provides users with access to nearly a century of U.S. datasets and a decade of global tracking data. It also allows users to use this wealth of primary data in their work like never before. The online platform includes new data and historical trends at the country, state and U.S. city levels. All trends are easily searchable and exportable. Users can view data by demographic categories, compare results across geographies to develop and report findings. The datasets include a wide range of variables that are relevant to different disciplines including psychology, sociology, public health, economics, political science, social administration and more.
OUP-Oxford Handbooks Online
The Oxford Handbooks series brings together the world’s leading scholars to write articles that survey the current state of scholarship in their field. The articles review the key issues, reveal original arguments and concepts, and set the agenda for new research