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Turnitin for Faculty members

Instructors can create Turnitin assignments and generate originality reports within the Moodle environment in one go. Learn more about Turnitin on Moodle platform at Moodle support online and the following videos:

For using Turnitin directly, visit the instructor guide below:

Step I : Set up Turnitin instructor account PDF icon Video icon
Step II : Set up for student submission    
  Method A: Standard Class    
  1. Create a class PDF icon  
  2. Create assignment PDF icon  
  Method B: Master Class for TAs    
  1. Create a master class PDF icon Video icon
  2. Create a section PDF icon Video icon
Step III : Submit assignment    
  Method A: By students    
  1. Give Class ID and enrolment password to student PDF icon Video icon
  Method B: By Instructor or TA    
  1. Enroll students PDF icon  
  2. Submit papers PDF icon  
Step IV : Examine originality reports PDF icon  


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