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Turnitin for Faculty members

Instructors can create assignments and generate originality reports within the Moodle environment in one go. Learn more about Turnitin on Moodle platform:

Videos on Turnitin Feedback Studio:


For using Turnitin directly, visit the instructor guide below:

Step I : Set up Turnitin instructor account PDF icon Video icon
Step II : Set up for student submission    
  Method A: Standard Class    
  1. Create a class PDF icon  
  2. Create assignment PDF icon  
  Method B: Master Class for TAs    
  1. Create a master class PDF icon Video icon
  2. Create a section PDF icon Video icon
Step III : Submit assignment    
  Method A: By students    
  1. Give Class ID and enrolment password to student PDF icon Video icon
  Method B: By Instructor or TA    
  1. Enroll students PDF icon  
  2. Submit papers PDF icon  
Step IV : Examine originality reports PDF icon  


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