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What is Turnitin?

Turnitin offers Originality Checking on students' work for proper citation or potential plagiarism. Once a paper is submitted to Turnitin, it will compare with documents in a continuously updated database consisting of current and archived web pages, millions of student papers worldwide, and collections of newspapers, magazines, scholarly journals, e-Books and e-Texts.

With Turnitin Moodle integration, instructors can access Turnitin without having to leave the Moodle environment or log into Turnitin directly. Watch this video to find out how.

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Turnitin at HKU

Turnitin subscription at HKU has been made under the recommendation of the Knowledge Team, an action group devoted to helping HKU make better informed decisions and develop better strategies for using ICT to enhance teaching and learning. Since its subscription in September 2004, usage of the software has gained wider adoption within the University community. Periodic reviews have been conducted as regards the usefulness and effectiveness of Turnitin in the support of teaching and learning. As in previous surveys, the June 2009 survey returns revealed favourable feedback from instructors. Most respondents indicated that they will use Turnitin in the future and would recommend it to other colleagues. Though respondents noted the limitations of the Turnitin matching sources, they also acknowledged the usefulness of the software in assisting them to spot potential cases of plagiarism.