ReadingList@HKUL is a reading list management system that is integrated with the library system and HKU Moodle.  It is a convenient tool that helps course instructors build comprehensive reading lists and delivers them directly into their Moodle courses, as well as providing library support to ensure content is available and accessible to students whenever they need it.

Course instructors can create reading lists from a variety of sources including the Libraries’ collections both print and electronic, databases, websites, open access materials from the Internet, or lists from their own reference manager. 

To start preparing course reading lists for students, add ReadingList@HKUL as an external tool in HKU Moodle.   This video will guide you through the procedures to add the tool.  Learn more about how to create course reading lists  using ReadingList@HKUL or contact your Branch or Faculty Librarians for more information.

Course reading lists are available for searching and browsing at ReadingList@HKUL from FIND@HKUL.