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How to Apply

Write a letter of motivation of up to one page in length (in PDF, plain text or MSWord format) for how you and your institution would benefit from your attendance at ETD2013. Indicate in the letter: if you will present a poster or paper at the conference; at what stage of development your institution's ETD project is; which previous international ETD conferences you have attended; and in which years you received travel funding from the conference organisers / NDLTD.



撰寫一封一頁紙長的申請信 (格式可為PDF、純文字、或MSWord) 說明您參加ETD2013後,您和貴機構將會有何獲益。信上須註明:是否會在會議上展示海報或宣讀論文; 貴機構的電子學位論文發展到哪一階段; 以前參加過哪一届電子學位論文國際會議; 在哪一年曾接受會議主辦單位或NDLTD的贊助。

Send this letter, along with a letter of support from your institution, to


The deadline for applications is July 31st, 2013.


Conditions of scholarships

Scholarships for delegates to attend the ETD annual symposium are an investment in ETDs worldwide. The NDLTD believes it is important that delegates from all nations have an opportunity to attend the annual conference and generally provides funding for scholarships. Final decisions about travel scholarship awards are the responsibility of the ETD 2013 Local Conference Organizing Committee.



  • At the decision of the ETD 2013 Organizing Committee, scholarships of US$650 per person will be granted to selected recipients. Scholarships will be presented to the recipients in person on the first day of the conference. To receive travel funding a candidate must be from a developing country and must provide a letter of support from his/her superior noting that the conference is of particular interest to the institution. The applicant must also provide a short (two to three page) report on follow up plans to implement an ETD program at his/her institution.
  • The ETD 2013 Conference Organizing Committee will ensure that travel scholarships are distributed appropriately to ensure wide representation from a range of developing countries.
  • Since funding for travel scholarships is scarce and in order to ensure that as many institutions in developing countries as possible are able to benefit from attending the ETD annual symposium, the ETD 2013 Conference Organizing Committee will ensure that, except in very special circumstances, the same institution does not receive a travel scholarship to more than one symposium. Requests for second time funding will be referred to the NDLTD Conference Standing Committee for review and consideration. The same guideline applies to individuals applying for second time funding whether they are at their original institutions or have moved to a new one.
  • Information about travel scholarships recipients (name, institution, country and sponsor) will be sent by the Chair of the ETD 2013 Conference Organizing Committee to the Chair of the NDLTD Conference Standing Committee after the conference.
  • The ETD 2013 Conference Organizing Committee will evaluate and award the scholarships which allows for fair review but also provides sufficient time for the recipient to make travel plans. Recipients will be announced shortly after July 31st, 2013.

  • 申請通過後,得獎人可獲650美元獎學金,該款項將於會議的第一天派發。申請人必須來自發展中國家,而且必須提供一封上司的支持信解釋參加該研討會對其機構的特別意義。申請人還須提交一份簡短報告(2至3頁),講述其機構實施電子論文方案的跟進計劃。

  • ETD2013會議籌委會必將把旅遊獎學金合理分配,以確保發展中國家的廣泛參與。

  • 由於旅遊獎學金有限,為了盡量讓更多發展中國家機構從參與週年ETD研討會獲益,籌委會將確保同一機構只獲一届會議的旅遊獎學金,特別情形除外。同一機構的第二次申請將轉介NDLTD會議常委會審批。該項指引還適用於同一申請人的第二次申請,不論其是否已轉換機構。

  • ETD 2013會議籌委會主席會後會將獲獎人的資料(姓名、機構、國家及贊助人)寄給NDLTD會議常委會主席。

  • ETD 2013籌委會負責評審和頒發獎學金,並將確保評審公平進行,而獲獎人亦有充裕時間籌備旅程。獲獎名單將於2013年7月31日後盡快公佈。

After the conference, recipients are required to submit a short (two to four page) report on how attendance benefited them and what action(s) they will be able to implement at their home institutions. Note that the requirement to submit a report applies to all recipients of travel grants even if their expenses were paid before the conference. Reports must be submitted to the ETD 2013 Organizing Committee no later than one month after the conference has taken place. The reports will be made available to sponsoring organizations if requested.