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(I) To begin with…

  1. Download and install Endnote (Windows) (Macintosh)
  2. Create an Endnote library

(II) Two methods to build up your Endnote Library

  1. Manual input: Manually enter record information, such as author, title, to an Endnote library.
  2. Direct export: Search a database, and then choose records for export to an Endnote library. Available in selected databases:

(III) Cite While You Write

  1. Word
  2. Pages

(IV) Managing your Endnote Library

  1. Basic skills
  2. Managing PDF files
  3. Managing a large Endnote library

More assistance

  1. Course Materials: Endnote Workshop (Windows) / Endnote Workshop (Mac)
  2. YouTube Channel: EndNote Videos
  3. Endnote Knowledge Base
  4. Endnote - Clarivate Community
  5. Endnote User's Guide: Windows and Mac