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Center for Research Libraries (CRL)



The Center is a consortium of nearly 200 North American academic and research libraries that collectively acquires, preserves and provides access to primary resources for research and teaching in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences. Its collections consist of more than four million publications, which are made available to member institutions through interlibrary loan and electronic delivery.


By becoming the first overseas member of the CRL's Global Membership program, HKU Libraries' holdings are greatly enhanced through access to a much wider range of otherwise inaccessible research materials that are normally beyond our fiscal means.


The contents of its collections are primarily outside the core of high demand titles commonly collected and retained by North American libraries. Overall the emphases are on contents produced outside the US, with the exception of the publications of the US government.


CRL Collections


In addition to current subscriptions, CRL holds extensive runs of:

A list of current titles filmed can be browsed here.


Collects 7,000 titles rarely held in North American libraries including:

Foreign Doctoral Dissertation

Holds more than 750,000 doctoral dissertations from universities outside of the U.S. & Canada of which approximately 20,000 are included in this database.


Includes over 330,000 monographs, primarily in the history of science, medicine, and technology or from South and Southeast Asian.

Microform of Reprint Sets and Archives

Acquires major microform sets in the subject areas of Art & Literature, Drama & Theater, and other fields including government reports, statistical series, special collections in the regions covered Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Slavic & Eastern Europe.

Area Studies Program

Acquires and preserves unusual and notable resources in support of area studies research in the six areas of the world:

  1. Cooperative Africana Microform Project (CAMP)
  2. Latin American Microform Project (LAMP)
  3. Middle Eastern Microform Project (MEMP)
  4. Slavic and Eastern European Microform Project (SEEMP)
  5. South Asia Microform Project (SAMP)
  6. Southeast Asia Microform Project (SEAM)

Foreign Documents

Collects several hundred thousand volumes of publications from over 100 countries' government agencies including foreign official gazettes.

U.S. State Documents

CRL maintains an extensive collection of more than one-half million volumes of deposited and purchased monographic and serial publications of the U. S. states' governments, including financial reports and research studies through 1950. CRL also maintains a collection of legislative journals through 1990.

Special Collections

  • Research collections of college and university catalogs
    Around 200,000 volumes primarily from the US with some coverage of foreign institutions. Catalogs published from 1820 through 1974 are included.
  • World War II war crimes tribunals
  • Collections of railroad publications
    This collection, not cataloged, contains hard copy of annual reports, timetables, tariffs, & promotional materials of U.S. and foreign railroads published in 1840s. The bulk of the collection from the post-Civil War period through the 1930s. There are reports from approximately 700 companies in the collection.
  • Foreign Bank Publications
    The collection includes the serial publications of banks, both public and private, located outside of the United States , arranged by country.

Accessing the CRL Collections

The CRL Collections are accessible and made available to all HKU ELIGIBLE BORROWERS through interlibrary loan and electronic delivery.


You may use one or more of the following links to resources on the CRL web site to do a comprehensive search.

  • CRL catalog includes records for more than 800,000 of the 4 million titles held in the collections. The catalog allows you to do a basic search by author, title, subject, keyword, ISBN/ISSN, OCLC control no. or LCCN no., or to do an advanced keyword search with optional limits.
  • Topic Guides provides an overview of the CRL collections, including uncataloged materials, organized by subject. The guides describe specific bibliographic holdings by main entry or provides scope notes about collection components under the subject headings.
  • Subject-specific databases include different types of materials including newspapers, journals, and dissertations.


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