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Digital Interactive Lab (DIL) Booking Form

By completing the application helps the HKU Libraries Media Services with information about the event, schedule, purpose and other arrangements needed.

We kindly ask that the completed application be submitted to Media Services at least 10 working days before the event for review, availability, and approval process.
Please visit Digital Interactive Lab for details of facilities available
* Required


1. Particulars of Applicants

* Organizing HKU Faculty or Department

* Hosting Contact (can be booked by current HKU staff)

* Contact Email

* Contact Office Telephone

* Contact Mobile


2. Particulars of the Event

Title of Event

Date of Event (include day of the week)

Time of Event

Time for Setup before Event

* No. of participants including organizers and speakers

Please email name list of attendees including organizers, speakers and participants to Media Services at least 5 days before the event.

* AV Requirements (if using Apple device, please bring your own adaptor that supports HDMI output)

Additional Requirements


  1. No food and drink is allowed inside DIL
  2. Arrange ordering of furniture at Estates Office by your team and return furniture to existing style after the event
  3. Keep noise levels as low as possible
  4. Non-library items should not be left in DIL once the event finished
  5. Any damage to the venue will be assessed and reimbursement for repairs may be necessary
  6. For enquiries, please contact Media Services at phone: 3917-7007 or email -