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Digital Resources On Trial

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The HKU Libraries Periodically receive free trials of digital resources from publishers on the Internet. Members of the University community are most welcome to get a taste of these resources and forward their comments regarding the usefulness of these resources in support of their study, teaching and research.

Comments should be directed to the Information Services.

Digital Resource Expiry Date
China and the World Ancient and Modern Silk Road (CWSR)
China is engaging the world in an unprecedented manner in the 21st Century.This journal is to become a platform where the profound implications of these efforts are to be explored and discussed. Comprehensive analysis of the historical, cultural, social, economics and political impact of the aforementioned initiatives will be provided through expertise and unique insight drawn from global subject experts in various fields.
Traditional Medicine and Modern Medicine (TMMM)
This international journal investigations into traditional medicines with the theories and techniques of modern medicines will enhance the integration between them, thus contributing to the advancement of medicine.