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May 24 2016

Master list of law journals

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Journal ISSN
African Journal of International and Comparative Law 0954-8890
American Business Law Journal 0002-7766
American Criminal Law Review 0164-0364
American Journal of Comparative Law 0002-919X
American Journal of International Law 0002-9300
American Journal of Jurisprudence: an international forum for legal philosophy 0065-8995
American Journal of Law and Medicine 0098-8588
American Journal of Legal History 0002-9319
American University International Law Review 1520-460X
Annals of Air and Space Law 0701-158X
Antitrust Law Journal 0003-6056
Arbitration International 0957-0411
Archiv des Oeffentlichen Rechts 0003-8911
Asia Pacific Journal of Environmental Law 1385-2140
Asia Pacific Journal of Taxation 1027-5592
Asia Pacific Journal on Human Rights and the Law 1388-1906
Asia Pacific Law Review 1019-2557
Asian International Arbitration Journal 1574-3330
Asian Journal of Comparative Law 1932-0205
Asian Yearbook of International Law 0928-432X
Asian-Pacific Law and Policy Journal 1541-244X
Asia-Pacific Tax Bulletin 1385-3082
Ateneo Law Journal 0519-2676
Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology 0004-8658
The Australian Feminist Law Journal 1320-0968
Australian Journal of Family Law 0817-623X
Australian Journal of Human Rights 1323-238X
Australian Journal of Labour Law 1030-7222
Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy 1440-4982
Australian Law Journal 0004-9611
Australian Tax Forum: a journal of taxation policy, law and reform 0812-695X
Behavioral Sciences and the Law 0735-3936
Berkeley Journal of Gender, Law and Justice 1933-1045
Berkeley Technology Law Journal 1086-3818
Boston University Law Review 0006-8047
The British Journal of Criminology: an international review of crime and society 0007-0955
British Tax Review 0007-1870
British Year Book of International Law 0068-2691
Cambridge Law Journal 0008-1973
Canadian Business Law Journal 0319-3322
Canadian Journal of Family Law 0704-1225
Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence: an international journal of legal thought 0841-8209
Canadian Journal of Law and Society 0829-3201
Canadian Journal of Women and the Law 0832-8781
Canadian Tax Journal 0008-5111
Child and Family Law Quarterly 1358-8184
Civil Justice Quarterly 0261-9261
Clinical Law Review: a journal of lawyering and legal education 1079-1159
Columbia Human Rights Law Review 0090-7944
Columbia Journal of Asian Law 1094-8449
Columbia Journal of Environmental Law 0098-4582
Columbia Journal of Transnational Law 0010-1931
Columbia Law Review 0010-1958
Common Law World Review 1473-7795
Common Market Law Review 0165-0750
Comparative Labor Law and Policy Journal 1095-6654
Constitutional Commentary 0742-7115
Conveyancer and Property Lawyer 0010-8200
Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy 1069-0565
Cornell Law Review 0010-8847
Corporate Governance (Oxford): an international review 0964-8410
Crime and Delinquency 0011-1287
Criminal Justice and Behavior 0093-8548
Criminal Law and Philosophy 1871-9791
Criminal Law Journal 0314-1160
Criminal Law Review 0011-135X
Current Legal Problems 0070-1998
Dalhousie Law Journal 0317-1663
Duke Law Journal 0012-7086
ECLR: European Competition Law Review 0144-3054
Ecology Law Quarterly 0046-1121
Environmental Law Reporter: news and analysis 0046-2284
Ethics: an international journal of social, political, and legal philosophy 0014-1704
European Business Organization Law Review 1566-7529
European Competition Journal 1744-1056
European Journal of International law 0938-5428
European Journal of Law and Economics 0929-1261
European Law Review 0307-5400
Family Court Review: an interdisciplinary journal 1531-2445
Federal Law Review 0067-205X
Feminist Legal Studies 0966-3622
Feminist Review 0141-7789
Frontiers of Law in China: selected publications from chinese Universities 1673-3428
Geopolitics 1465-0045
George Washington Law Review 0016-8076
Georgetown Immigration Law Journal 0891-4370
Georgetown Journal of International Law 1550-5200
Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics 1041-5548
Georgetown Law Journal 0016-8092
German Yearbook of International Law 0344-3094
Griffith Law Review 1038-3441
Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review 0017-8039
Harvard Environmental Law Review 0147-8257
Harvard Human Rights Journal 1057-5057
Harvard International Law Journal 0017-8063
Harvard Journal of Law and Gender 1558-4356
Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy 0193-4872
Harvard Journal of Law and Technology 0897-3393
Harvard Law Review 0017-811X
Harvard Negotiation Law Review 1556-0546
Hong Kong Law Journal 0378-0600
Human Rights Law Review 1461-7781
Human Rights Quarterly: a comparative and international journal of the social sciences, humanities and law 0275-0392
Immigration and Nationality Law Review 0149-9807
Indian Journal of International Law 0019-5294
Indigenous Law Journal 1703-4566
Industrial Law Journal 0305-9332
International and Comparative Law Quarterly 0020-5893
International Insurance Law Review 0968-2090
International Journal for the Semiotics of Law 0952-8059
The International Journal of Children’s Rights 0927-5568
International Journal of Clinical Legal Education 1467-1069
International Journal of Constitutional Law 1474-2640
International Journal of Cultural Property 0940-7391
International Journal of Evidence and Proof 1365-7127
International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family 1360-9939
International Journal of Refugee Law 0953-8186
International Journal of the Legal Profession 0969-5958
International Journal of Transitional Justice 1752-7716
International Review of Law and Economics 0144-8188
Journal of Air Law and Commerce 0021-8642
Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 1176-7529
Journal of Business Law 0021-9460
Journal of Common Market Studies 0021-9886
Journal of Comparative Law 1477-0814
Journal of Competition Law and Economics 1744-6414
Journal of Contract Law 1030-7230
Journal of Corporate Law Studies 1473-5970
Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology 0091-4169
Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 1740-1453
Journal of Environmental Law 0952-8873
Journal of Equity 1833-2137
Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy: online peer-reviewed journal of moral, political and legal philosophy 1559-3061
Journal of High Technology Law 1536-7983
Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation 1742-6812
Journal of International Criminal Justice 1478-1387
Journal of International Economic Law 1369-3034
Journal of Korean Law 1598-1681
The Journal of Law and Economics 0022-2186
Journal of Law and Medicine 1320-159X
Journal of Law and Society 1027-4618
Journal of Law Economics and Organization 8756-6222
Journal of Legal Education 0022-2208
Journal of Legal History 0144-0365
Journal of Legal Pluralism and Unofficial Law 0732-9113
The Journal of Legal Studies (Chicago) 0047-2530
Journal of Malaysian and Comparative Law 0126-6322
Journal of Political Philosophy 0963-8016
Journal of Private International Law 1744-1048
Journal of Social Security Law 1354-7747
Journal of World Investment and Trade 1660-7112
Journal of World Trade 1011-6702
Jurimetrics: journal of law, science and technology 0897-1277
Jurist: Studies in Church Law and Ministry 0022-6858
Juristenzeitung 0022-6882
Justice Quarterly 0741-8825
Korean Journal of International and Comparative Law 0377-0729
Law and Contemporary Problems 0023-9186
Law and Critique: journal of critical legal studies 0957-8536
Law and History Review 0738-2480
Law and Human Behavior 0147-7307
Law and Literature 1535-685X
Law and Philosophy: an international journal for jurisprudence and legal philosophy 0167-5249
Law and Policy 0265-8240
Law and Social Inquiry 0897-6546
Law and Society Review 0023-9216
Law Quarterly Review 0023-933X
Law Text Culture 1322-9060
Law, Culture and the Humanities 1743-8721
Lawasia Journal: journal of law assocciation for asia and the pacific 1441-3698
Legal Ethics 1460-728X
Legal Information Management 1472-6696
Legal Issues of Economic Integration 1566-6573
Legal Studies 0261-3875
Legal Theory 1352-3252
Leiden Journal of International Law 0922-1565
Libertarian Papers 1947-6949
Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 0306-2945
Marine Policy 0308-597X
McGill Law Journal 0024-9041
Medical Law Review 0967-0742
Melbourne University Law Review 0025-8938
Michigan Journal of Gender and Law 1095-8835
Michigan Journal of International Law 1052-2867
Michigan Law Review 0026-2234
Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review 1528-8625
Minnesota Law Review 0026-5535
The Modern Law Review 0026-7961
Monash University Law Review 0311-3140
National Tax Journal 0028-0283
Netherlands International Law Review 0165-070X
Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights 0924-0519
Neue Juristische Wochenschrift 0341-1915
New Criminal Law Review: an international and interdisciplinary journal 1933-4192
New York University Journal of International Law and Politics 0028-7873
New York University Law Review (New York, 1950) 0028-7881
New Zealand Law Review 1173-5864
New Zealand Universities Law Review 0549-0618
Nordic Journal of International Law 0902-7351
Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly 0029-3105
Northwestern Journal of Law and Social Policy 1557-2447
Northwestern University Law Review 0029-3571
Notre Dame Law Review 0745-3515
Osaka University Law Review 0472-1381
Osgoode Hall Law Journal 0030-6185
Ottawa Law Review 0048-2331
Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 0143-6503
Philippine Law Journal 0031-7721
Psychology Public Policy and Law 1076-8971
Public Law Review 1034-3024
Public Law: the constitutional and administrative law of the commonwealth 0033-3565
Public Procurement Law Review 0963-8245
Punishment and Society: the international journal of penology 1462-4745
Queen’s Law Journal 0316-778X
Real Property, Trust and Estate Law Journal 0034-0855
Regulation and Governance 1748-5983
Restitution Law Review 1351-170X
Review of Law and Economics 1555-5879
Singapore Academy of Law Journal 0218-2009
Singapore Journal of Legal Studies 0218-2173
Singapore Law Review 0080-9691
Singapore Year Book of International Law 1793-0448
Social and Legal Studies: an international journal 0964-6639
South African Journal on Human Rights 0258-7203
South African Law Journal 0258-2503
Southern California Law Review 0038-3910
Southern Methodist University Law Review 1066-1271
Sri Lanka Journal of International Law 1391-5568
Stanford Journal of International Law 0731-5082
Stanford Law Review 0038-9765
Statute Law Review 0144-3593
Studies in Law, Politics, and Society 1059-4337
Supreme Court Economic Review 0736-9921
The Supreme Court Review 0081-9557
The Sydney Law Review 0082-0512
Tax Law Review 0040-0041
Texas International Law Journal 0163-7479
Texas Law Review 0040-4411
Theoretical Criminology: an international journal 1362-4806
Theoretical Inquiries in Law 1565-1509
Tsinghua Law (Qinghua Faxue) 1673-9280
Tulane Maritime Law Journal 1048-3748
UCLA Journal of Law and Technology 1943-1716
UCLA Law Review 0041-5650
University of British Columbia Law Review 0068-1849
University of Chicago Law Review 0041-9494
University of Chicago Legal Forum 0892-5593
University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform 0363-602X
University of New South Wales Law Journal 0313-0096
University of Pennsylvania Law Review 0041-9907
University of Toronto Law Journal 0042-0220
Vanderbilt Journal of Entertainment and Technology Law 1942-678X
Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law 0090-2594
Vanderbilt Law Review 0042-2533
Vienna Online Journal on International Constitutional Law 1995-5855
Vindobona Journal of International Commercial Law and Arbitration 1439-9741
Virginia Journal of International Law 0042-6571
Virginia Law Review 0042-6601
Virginia Tax Review 0735-9004
Washington Law Review 0043-0617
Windsor Review of Legal and Social Issues 0838-3596
Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice 0710-0841
Wisconsin International Law Journal 0743-7951
Wisconsin Law Review 0043-650X
Women’s Studies International Forum 0277-5395
World Competition: Law and Economics Review 1011-4548
Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law, and Ethics 1535-3532
Yale Journal of International Law 0889-7743
Yale Journal of Law and Feminism 1043-9366
Yale Journal of Law and the Humanities 1041-6374
Yale Journal on Regulation 0741-9457
Yale Law and Policy Review 0740-8048
Yale Law Journal 0044-0094
Yearbook of International Environmental Law 0965-1721
Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law 1389-1359

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