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May 31 2016


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16 – 31 May 2016


  1. 補牙物料 [信報財經新聞] 2016-05-26 C02 健康生活 有齒人生 吳彥樑牙科醫生
  2. 關懷口腔 預防疾病 [成報] 2016-05-25 L01 樂齡
  3. 口腔癌的風險因素 [am730] 2016-05-25 A30 HEALTH 醫理 蘇宇雄
  4. 長者甩牙愈多 認知障礙徵兆 [東方日報] 2016-05-20 A08 港聞 醫健
  5. 咬奶樽瞓覺 幼童蛀牙兼多漬 [晴報] 2016-05-20 P70 副刊
  6. 少咀嚼難刺激腦神經 牙周病加速腦退化 [蘋果日報] 2016-05-20 A20 健康與醫療
  7. 正視老人口乾症 [信報財經新聞] 2016-05-19 C02 健康生活 有齒人生 張嘉熙牙科醫生
  8. 超強口腔保護劑:口水 [香港經濟日報] 2016-05-16 C07 寫意坊 任瑩在此 李韡玲

[Source: Wisenews]

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May 30 2016

Latest research from Routledge Sociology

Routledge has published the latest research in Sociology and offers free access to some of the following resources. Please click to start reading now:


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May 27 2016

Free resources of Routledge Criminology

Special issue: Contemporary issues of race / ethnicity, offending behavior, and justice responses

Papers in this special issue of the Journal of Crime and Justice, provide innovative insight into how race and ethnicity interconnect with all aspects of criminology and criminal justice.

Selected papers are free to access.


Special issue: Cybercrime

Articles in this new issue of Criminal Justice Studies give an up-to-date overview of how the criminal justice system and criminal justice policies have changed as a result of the growth in cybercrime.

Editor’s introduction is free to access. HKUL users can also read the whole issue for free via https://library.hku.hk/record=b3025143


Special issue: How to find success as a criminal justice faculty member

This issue of the Journal of Criminal Justice Education, includes a range of practical articles on topics such as ‘how to secure your first academic job’ and ‘how to publish and develop a research agenda’.

Introduction and selected papers are free to read. HKUL users can also enjoy free access to the whole issue via https://library.hku.hk/record=b2061620


The most read articles of 2015

The most popular articles published in 2015 in the Criminology and Law journals are free to read now, please click here to start reading.


Article: Exploring and estimating the revenues and profits of participants in stolen data markets

It examines the phenomenon of fraud and theft by cybercriminals and hackers. Please click here to begin reading now.


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May 25 2016

New additions for Social Sciences at HKU Libraries

Every Wednesday, the new titles for the current week are put on New Book Display, 2/F, Main Library.

Click on the links below to find the new additions for social sciences for the current week and the past three weeks:

Users can also subscribe to RSS feeds to receive the latest updates.


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May 24 2016

Master list of law journals

Published by under Law

Journal ISSN
African Journal of International and Comparative Law 0954-8890
American Business Law Journal 0002-7766
American Criminal Law Review 0164-0364
American Journal of Comparative Law 0002-919X
American Journal of International Law 0002-9300
American Journal of Jurisprudence: an international forum for legal philosophy 0065-8995
American Journal of Law and Medicine 0098-8588
American Journal of Legal History 0002-9319
American University International Law Review 1520-460X
Annals of Air and Space Law 0701-158X
Antitrust Law Journal 0003-6056
Arbitration International 0957-0411
Archiv des Oeffentlichen Rechts 0003-8911
Asia Pacific Journal of Environmental Law 1385-2140
Asia Pacific Journal of Taxation 1027-5592
Asia Pacific Journal on Human Rights and the Law 1388-1906
Asia Pacific Law Review 1019-2557
Asian International Arbitration Journal 1574-3330
Asian Journal of Comparative Law 1932-0205
Asian Yearbook of International Law 0928-432X
Asian-Pacific Law and Policy Journal 1541-244X
Asia-Pacific Tax Bulletin 1385-3082
Ateneo Law Journal 0519-2676
Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology 0004-8658
The Australian Feminist Law Journal 1320-0968
Australian Journal of Family Law 0817-623X
Australian Journal of Human Rights 1323-238X
Australian Journal of Labour Law 1030-7222
Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy 1440-4982
Australian Law Journal 0004-9611
Australian Tax Forum: a journal of taxation policy, law and reform 0812-695X
Behavioral Sciences and the Law 0735-3936
Berkeley Journal of Gender, Law and Justice 1933-1045
Berkeley Technology Law Journal 1086-3818
Boston University Law Review 0006-8047
The British Journal of Criminology: an international review of crime and society 0007-0955
British Tax Review 0007-1870
British Year Book of International Law 0068-2691
Cambridge Law Journal 0008-1973
Canadian Business Law Journal 0319-3322
Canadian Journal of Family Law 0704-1225
Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence: an international journal of legal thought 0841-8209
Canadian Journal of Law and Society 0829-3201
Canadian Journal of Women and the Law 0832-8781
Canadian Tax Journal 0008-5111
Child and Family Law Quarterly 1358-8184
Civil Justice Quarterly 0261-9261
Clinical Law Review: a journal of lawyering and legal education 1079-1159
Columbia Human Rights Law Review 0090-7944
Columbia Journal of Asian Law 1094-8449
Columbia Journal of Environmental Law 0098-4582
Columbia Journal of Transnational Law 0010-1931
Columbia Law Review 0010-1958
Common Law World Review 1473-7795
Common Market Law Review 0165-0750
Comparative Labor Law and Policy Journal 1095-6654
Constitutional Commentary 0742-7115
Conveyancer and Property Lawyer 0010-8200
Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy 1069-0565
Cornell Law Review 0010-8847
Corporate Governance (Oxford): an international review 0964-8410
Crime and Delinquency 0011-1287
Criminal Justice and Behavior 0093-8548
Criminal Law and Philosophy 1871-9791
Criminal Law Journal 0314-1160
Criminal Law Review 0011-135X
Current Legal Problems 0070-1998
Dalhousie Law Journal 0317-1663
Duke Law Journal 0012-7086
ECLR: European Competition Law Review 0144-3054
Ecology Law Quarterly 0046-1121
Environmental Law Reporter: news and analysis 0046-2284
Ethics: an international journal of social, political, and legal philosophy 0014-1704
European Business Organization Law Review 1566-7529
European Competition Journal 1744-1056
European Journal of International law 0938-5428
European Journal of Law and Economics 0929-1261
European Law Review 0307-5400
Family Court Review: an interdisciplinary journal 1531-2445
Federal Law Review 0067-205X
Feminist Legal Studies 0966-3622
Feminist Review 0141-7789
Frontiers of Law in China: selected publications from chinese Universities 1673-3428
Geopolitics 1465-0045
George Washington Law Review 0016-8076
Georgetown Immigration Law Journal 0891-4370
Georgetown Journal of International Law 1550-5200
Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics 1041-5548
Georgetown Law Journal 0016-8092
German Yearbook of International Law 0344-3094
Griffith Law Review 1038-3441
Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review 0017-8039
Harvard Environmental Law Review 0147-8257
Harvard Human Rights Journal 1057-5057
Harvard International Law Journal 0017-8063
Harvard Journal of Law and Gender 1558-4356
Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy 0193-4872
Harvard Journal of Law and Technology 0897-3393
Harvard Law Review 0017-811X
Harvard Negotiation Law Review 1556-0546
Hong Kong Law Journal 0378-0600
Human Rights Law Review 1461-7781
Human Rights Quarterly: a comparative and international journal of the social sciences, humanities and law 0275-0392
Immigration and Nationality Law Review 0149-9807
Indian Journal of International Law 0019-5294
Indigenous Law Journal 1703-4566
Industrial Law Journal 0305-9332
International and Comparative Law Quarterly 0020-5893
International Insurance Law Review 0968-2090
International Journal for the Semiotics of Law 0952-8059
The International Journal of Children’s Rights 0927-5568
International Journal of Clinical Legal Education 1467-1069
International Journal of Constitutional Law 1474-2640
International Journal of Cultural Property 0940-7391
International Journal of Evidence and Proof 1365-7127
International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family 1360-9939
International Journal of Refugee Law 0953-8186
International Journal of the Legal Profession 0969-5958
International Journal of Transitional Justice 1752-7716
International Review of Law and Economics 0144-8188
Journal of Air Law and Commerce 0021-8642
Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 1176-7529
Journal of Business Law 0021-9460
Journal of Common Market Studies 0021-9886
Journal of Comparative Law 1477-0814
Journal of Competition Law and Economics 1744-6414
Journal of Contract Law 1030-7230
Journal of Corporate Law Studies 1473-5970
Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology 0091-4169
Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 1740-1453
Journal of Environmental Law 0952-8873
Journal of Equity 1833-2137
Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy: online peer-reviewed journal of moral, political and legal philosophy 1559-3061
Journal of High Technology Law 1536-7983
Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation 1742-6812
Journal of International Criminal Justice 1478-1387
Journal of International Economic Law 1369-3034
Journal of Korean Law 1598-1681
The Journal of Law and Economics 0022-2186
Journal of Law and Medicine 1320-159X
Journal of Law and Society 1027-4618
Journal of Law Economics and Organization 8756-6222
Journal of Legal Education 0022-2208
Journal of Legal History 0144-0365
Journal of Legal Pluralism and Unofficial Law 0732-9113
The Journal of Legal Studies (Chicago) 0047-2530
Journal of Malaysian and Comparative Law 0126-6322
Journal of Political Philosophy 0963-8016
Journal of Private International Law 1744-1048
Journal of Social Security Law 1354-7747
Journal of World Investment and Trade 1660-7112
Journal of World Trade 1011-6702
Jurimetrics: journal of law, science and technology 0897-1277
Jurist: Studies in Church Law and Ministry 0022-6858
Juristenzeitung 0022-6882
Justice Quarterly 0741-8825
Korean Journal of International and Comparative Law 0377-0729
Law and Contemporary Problems 0023-9186
Law and Critique: journal of critical legal studies 0957-8536
Law and History Review 0738-2480
Law and Human Behavior 0147-7307
Law and Literature 1535-685X
Law and Philosophy: an international journal for jurisprudence and legal philosophy 0167-5249
Law and Policy 0265-8240
Law and Social Inquiry 0897-6546
Law and Society Review 0023-9216
Law Quarterly Review 0023-933X
Law Text Culture 1322-9060
Law, Culture and the Humanities 1743-8721
Lawasia Journal: journal of law assocciation for asia and the pacific 1441-3698
Legal Ethics 1460-728X
Legal Information Management 1472-6696
Legal Issues of Economic Integration 1566-6573
Legal Studies 0261-3875
Legal Theory 1352-3252
Leiden Journal of International Law 0922-1565
Libertarian Papers 1947-6949
Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 0306-2945
Marine Policy 0308-597X
McGill Law Journal 0024-9041
Medical Law Review 0967-0742
Melbourne University Law Review 0025-8938
Michigan Journal of Gender and Law 1095-8835
Michigan Journal of International Law 1052-2867
Michigan Law Review 0026-2234
Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review 1528-8625
Minnesota Law Review 0026-5535
The Modern Law Review 0026-7961
Monash University Law Review 0311-3140
National Tax Journal 0028-0283
Netherlands International Law Review 0165-070X
Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights 0924-0519
Neue Juristische Wochenschrift 0341-1915
New Criminal Law Review: an international and interdisciplinary journal 1933-4192
New York University Journal of International Law and Politics 0028-7873
New York University Law Review (New York, 1950) 0028-7881
New Zealand Law Review 1173-5864
New Zealand Universities Law Review 0549-0618
Nordic Journal of International Law 0902-7351
Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly 0029-3105
Northwestern Journal of Law and Social Policy 1557-2447
Northwestern University Law Review 0029-3571
Notre Dame Law Review 0745-3515
Osaka University Law Review 0472-1381
Osgoode Hall Law Journal 0030-6185
Ottawa Law Review 0048-2331
Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 0143-6503
Philippine Law Journal 0031-7721
Psychology Public Policy and Law 1076-8971
Public Law Review 1034-3024
Public Law: the constitutional and administrative law of the commonwealth 0033-3565
Public Procurement Law Review 0963-8245
Punishment and Society: the international journal of penology 1462-4745
Queen’s Law Journal 0316-778X
Real Property, Trust and Estate Law Journal 0034-0855
Regulation and Governance 1748-5983
Restitution Law Review 1351-170X
Review of Law and Economics 1555-5879
Singapore Academy of Law Journal 0218-2009
Singapore Journal of Legal Studies 0218-2173
Singapore Law Review 0080-9691
Singapore Year Book of International Law 1793-0448
Social and Legal Studies: an international journal 0964-6639
South African Journal on Human Rights 0258-7203
South African Law Journal 0258-2503
Southern California Law Review 0038-3910
Southern Methodist University Law Review 1066-1271
Sri Lanka Journal of International Law 1391-5568
Stanford Journal of International Law 0731-5082
Stanford Law Review 0038-9765
Statute Law Review 0144-3593
Studies in Law, Politics, and Society 1059-4337
Supreme Court Economic Review 0736-9921
The Supreme Court Review 0081-9557
The Sydney Law Review 0082-0512
Tax Law Review 0040-0041
Texas International Law Journal 0163-7479
Texas Law Review 0040-4411
Theoretical Criminology: an international journal 1362-4806
Theoretical Inquiries in Law 1565-1509
Tsinghua Law (Qinghua Faxue) 1673-9280
Tulane Maritime Law Journal 1048-3748
UCLA Journal of Law and Technology 1943-1716
UCLA Law Review 0041-5650
University of British Columbia Law Review 0068-1849
University of Chicago Law Review 0041-9494
University of Chicago Legal Forum 0892-5593
University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform 0363-602X
University of New South Wales Law Journal 0313-0096
University of Pennsylvania Law Review 0041-9907
University of Toronto Law Journal 0042-0220
Vanderbilt Journal of Entertainment and Technology Law 1942-678X
Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law 0090-2594
Vanderbilt Law Review 0042-2533
Vienna Online Journal on International Constitutional Law 1995-5855
Vindobona Journal of International Commercial Law and Arbitration 1439-9741
Virginia Journal of International Law 0042-6571
Virginia Law Review 0042-6601
Virginia Tax Review 0735-9004
Washington Law Review 0043-0617
Windsor Review of Legal and Social Issues 0838-3596
Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice 0710-0841
Wisconsin International Law Journal 0743-7951
Wisconsin Law Review 0043-650X
Women’s Studies International Forum 0277-5395
World Competition: Law and Economics Review 1011-4548
Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law, and Ethics 1535-3532
Yale Journal of International Law 0889-7743
Yale Journal of Law and Feminism 1043-9366
Yale Journal of Law and the Humanities 1041-6374
Yale Journal on Regulation 0741-9457
Yale Law and Policy Review 0740-8048
Yale Law Journal 0044-0094
Yearbook of International Environmental Law 0965-1721
Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law 1389-1359

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May 20 2016

Alexander Street Weekend Watching

Every two weeks Alexander Street will enable access to different videos from across their collections showcasing the variety of disciplines, producers and cultures.


Titles of the week:

  • We Are All Neighbours

Directed and produced by Debbie Christie; in Disappearing World (London, England: Royal Anthropological Institute, 1993)

  • Cairo: Garbage

Directed by Mikala Krogh; produced by Sigrid Oyenjaer, in Cities on Speed, 3 (New York, NY: Filmakers Library, 2011)

  • Bhopal Disaster

In Where Were You, 20 (Geelong, Victoria: World Wide Entertainment, 2011)


Please click here to enjoy free access.


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May 18 2016

New Acquisitions Highlights

Published by under Dentistry


Community oral health practice for the dental hygienist / Christine French Beatty.

D 617.6585 G39

Community Oral Health Practice for the Dental Hygienist, 4th Edition, helps you acquire the skills to improve the oral health of people throughout various communities and build a successful career in the public health sector. Now in full color, this edition contains key updates on Healthy People 2020, the Affordable Care Act, health literacy, access to care, and more. Test-taking strategies, cases, and application exercises, as well as practice quizzes online, provide a wealth of opportunities for classroom and board exam preparation.



Dental radiography: principles and techniques / Joen M. Iannucci, Laura Jansen Howerton.

D 617.6621 H28

Set yourself up for success with this must-have oral radiography text. Dental Radiography: Principles and Techniques, 5th Edition, gives you a comprehensive foundation for the safe, effective use of radiation in the modern dental office. This combination textbook and training manual features easy-to-understand content combined with step-by-step techniques and a stellar art program to help you apply what you’ve learned to practice. Plus, new content focuses on pediatrics and the latest in digital and three-dimensional technology!



Local anesthesia for the dental hygienist / Demetra Daskalos Logothetis.

D 617.691 L83

Prepare for practice with the only book on local anesthesia written specifically for dental hygienists! Local Anesthesia for the Dental Hygienist, 2nd Edition, provides complete instructions for the safe and effective administration of local anesthesia. Written by noted dental hygiene educator Demetra Logothetis, the first edition won a 2012 PROSE Honorable Mention award. This edition adds a new chapter on children and adolescent patients, plus new coverage of anesthetic agents and advanced techniques. With colorful and detailed illustrations showing dental anatomy and hundreds of clinical photos of injection techniques, as well as discussions of the Human Needs Paradigm to promote patient-centered care, this reference prepares you for success on board exams and confidence in practice.

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May 18 2016

New additions for Social Sciences at HKU Libraries

Every Wednesday, the new titles for the current week are put on New Book Display, G/F, Main Library.

Click on the links below to find the new additions for social sciences for the current week and the past three weeks:

Users can also subscribe to RSS feeds to receive the latest updates.


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May 16 2016


Published by under Dentistry

1 – 15 May 2016


  1. 長者對口腔生理解 [信報財經新聞] 2016-05-12 C02 健康生活 有齒人生 羅若望醫生
  2. 箍牙是否痛楚難耐? [am730] 2016-05-11 A30 HEALTH 醫理 楊雁琪
  3. 本港首宗 刷牙刷出腦癇症 [東方日報] 2016-05-07 A08 港聞
  4. 睡覺磨牙磨到鬆 誤當牙周病 [晴報] 2016-05-06 P78 副刊
  5. 牙周病一談 [信報財經新聞] 2016-05-05 C02 健康生活 有齒人生 邵致勉牙科醫生

[Source: Wisenews]

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May 12 2016

New additions for Social Sciences at HKU Libraries

Every Wednesday, the new titles for the current week are put on New Book Display, G/F, Main Library.

Click on the links below to find the new additions for social sciences for the current week and the past three weeks:

Users can also subscribe to RSS feeds to receive the latest updates.


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