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Dec 31 2014

Dental Research Seminar

Published by under Dentistry

Date: January 8, 2015 (Thursday)

Time: 12:45 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Venue: Lecture Theatre II, G/F, The Prince Philip Dental Hospital


Presenter: Dr. Daood Umer, PhD Candidate


Title: The effect of quaternary ammonium salts (QAS) on bacterial biofilms and resin-dentin adhesives: invitro and spectroscopic studies


Abstract: Incomplete removal of caries-infected dentine during cavity preparation may result in secondary caries formation and entrapment of bacteria within the cavity. The quaternary ammonium compound, 3-(trimethoxysilyl)-propyldimethyloctadecyl ammonium chloride (SiQAC), is commonly used as antimicrobial coatings of medical devices and garment fabrics mainly due to its long, lipophilic C18 alkyl chain that penetrates bacterial cell membrane and causes cell death. More recently, SiQAC has been coupled to other trialkoxysilanes with methacryloxy or epoxy functionalities via sol-gel platform chemistry that utilises tetrethoxysilane or dimethyldiethoxysilane as the anchoring unit.


This study evaluated the effect of different concentrations of QAS (quaternary ammonium silanes)-containing cavity disinfectants on bond strength and nanoleakage of ethanol and acetone based adhesives; alongwith Raman spectra of evaluation of dentin substrates with multispecies biofilms grown and treated. The study was also classified to verify the susceptibility profile of different bacterial strains to QAS disin­fectants. The use of 20% QAS cavity disinfectants improved dentine bond strength and interfacial Nanoleakage with Raman micro spectroscopy showing significant effect of QAS compounds against multispecies biofilms resulted in 80% elimination of bacterial strains.

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Dec 30 2014

Updated! Progress status of the digitization of United Nations documents (ODS)

The UN Dag Hammarskjöld Library is collaborating with the Library of the United Nations Office at Geneva in digitizing pre-1993 UN documents. Documents in the six official languages are scanned, processed for full text retrieval, and uploaded to the ODS (UN Official Documents System).  The updated checklist in PDF format of pre-1993 UN parliamentary documents that have been digitized and uploaded can be downloaded from the webpage of United Nations Depository Libraries with last update on December 2014.

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Dec 29 2014

Free journal articles from Policy Press

Read the following free journal articles for December 2014:

Policy & Politics

Weathering the perfect storm? Austerity and institutional resilience in local government

HKUL users can continue to access the journal via https://library.hku.hk/record=b3023100

Evidence & Policy

Making the most of obesity research: developing research and policy objectives through evidence

HKUL users can continue to access the journal via https://library.hku.hk/record=b4161889

Journal of Poverty & Social Justice

Water poverty in England and Wales

HKUL users can continue to access the journal via https://library.hku.hk/record=b4376299

Voluntary Sector Review

The concept of ‘civil society’: different understandings and their implications for third sector policies

Families, Relationships & Societies

Authenticity, work and change: a qualitative study on couple intimacy

Critical and Radical Social Work

Beyond the dichotomies of cultural and political relativism: arguing the case for a social justice

[Source: Policy Press]

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Dec 29 2014

New publications are available at the Scout Report!

Open Anthropology

Open Anthropology is the first digital-only, public journal of the American Anthropological Association. Each issue focuses on a “timely theme” and gathers anthropology articles, past and present, related to it. For instance, the October 2014 issue is titled, “World on the Move: Migration Stories.” Articles on the theme include a 1920 missive by the famed ethnologist Franz Boas, groundbreaking work about “How People Moved Among Ancient Societies” (2013), and a “Narrative of an Asylum Seeker” (2004), just to name a few. Each issue is offered free of charge, with an insightful Editor’s Note that describes the topic and the current articles.

[Source: Scout Report, Volume 20, Number 49, December 19, 2014]

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Dec 23 2014

Top 10 Migration Issues of 2014

Top 10 takes us to locations around the world: from Mexico, which is experiencing a growing role as migration manager; to Africa, where a deadly Ebola outbreak has prompted local quarantines and regional and international travel controls and bans; to Europe, which is confronting rising humanitarian flows; to the Middle East, where the kafala system used in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries to regulate migrant workers has come under ever sharper attack; and to Asia, where Chinese reform to the hukou system could benefit more than 100 million internal migrants.

Complete Top 10 of 2014:

1. World Experiencing Largest Humanitarian Crisis Since WWII
2. President Obama Breaks Immigration Impasse with Sweeping Executive Action
3. Current Model of Border Controls Under Challenge
4. Building Borders Around Ebola
5. New Era in Immigration Enforcement at the U.S. Southwest Border
6. Governments Fear Return and Intentions of Radicalized Citizens Fighting Abroad
7. Exploitation of Migrant Workers in Asia
8. Changing Landscape Prompts Mexico’s Emergence as a Migration Manager
9. The Points System Is Dead, Long Live the Points System
10. Migration with Chinese Characteristics: Hukou Reform and Elite Emigration

[Source: Migration Information Source December 18, 2014]

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Dec 22 2014

Dental Research Seminar

Published by under Dentistry

Date: December 29, 2014 (Monday)
Time: 12:45 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Venue: Lecture Theatre II, G/F, The Prince Philip Dental Hospital

Presenter: Mr. Yuan Changyong, MPhil Candidate

Title: EphrinB2 enhances angiogenesis and anastomosis of bioengineered prevascularized dental pulp construct

Aims: To reveal the role of ephrinB2 in angiogenesis during coculture of stem cells from apical papilla (SCAP) and human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC); and lead to enhance anastomoses between prevascularised dental pulp construct and host vasculature.

Methods: EphrinB2 gene expression in SCAP and HUVEC will be modified by transfection and RNA interference (RNAi). Modified SCAP and HUVEC will be cocultured in biomimetic extracellular matrix, and the number and the average length of sprouts will be examined. The phosphorylation of ephrinB2 and EphB4 in SCAP cocultured with HUVEC will be detected using western blot. Prevascularized SCAP/EphrinB2 and HUVEC will be seeded into root canal, and implanted into immunodeficient mice at the same time, SCAP/vector and HUVEC only will be used as control. Implants will be harvested at days-1,-2,-3,-5,-7 and the formation of new blood vessel will be detected using immunohistochemical technique.

Expected Results: 1. EphrinB2 plays a critical role in SCAP enrolment as pericyte-like cells and facilitate assembly with endothelial cells. 2. Overexpression of ephrinB2 in SCAP and HUVEC in pulp tissue regeneration will accelerate the formation of capillary networks.

Conclusion: EphrinB2 may play an important role in angiogenesis and in vivo anastomosis, and could be a new target molecule for improving angiogenesis during regenerative endodontic therapy.

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Dec 19 2014

Access Routledge Communication Studies Collection

Performance Studies and Communication Article Collection

This year Routledge has launched a Communication Theme of the Month featuring content from across Communications titles. This months’ theme is Performance Studies and Communication and it features articles from across Theatre and Performance titles too.

Please click here to access the free articles.

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Dec 19 2014

Latest news from Migration Policy Institute

This issue in brief, A ‘Freer’ Flow of Skilled Labour within ASEAN: Aspirations, Opportunities, and Challenges in 2015 and Beyond, explores how ASEAN Member States are taking steps toward better qualifications recognition to prevent the resulting waste of human capital, in response to the mounting evidence that migrants in the region lack the skills recognition required to put their knowledge and training to use in destination countries.

This issue in brief also examines Member States’ goals versus the challenges they face, as well as the opportunities the region could stand to lose now and in the future if these challenges remain unmet. Realities on the ground—including the fact that around 87 percent of intra-ASEAN migrants are low-skilled workers, the prevalence of irregular migration in the region, and the flow imbalances among states—could complicate realization of the AEC’s already limited aspirations, the authors note.

This issue in brief is the eleventh in a series by the Migration Policy Institute and the International Organization for Migration’s Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific that is focused on offering succinct insights on migration issues affecting the Asia-Pacific region today. To read earlier briefs in the series, visit: www.migrationpolicy.org/programs/migrants-migration-and-development

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Dec 18 2014

Access Routledge Tourism, Hospitality & Events Collection

Discover the Darker Side of Tourism

Whether it is the macabre attraction of a converted concentration camp or the magnitude of destruction from a site devastated by a natural disaster, ‘Dark Tourism’ seeks to bridge the gap between the unfathomable and the morbidly real.

Please click here to read over 45 FREE articles on Dark Tourism.

Virtual Special Issue: Controversies in Events and Festivals Policy Research

This free virtual issue from Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events explores the consequences of policy interventions at events, from small-scale festivals to mega sports events.

Please click here to access free articles from this virtual special issue.

HKUL users can continue to access the journal via https://library.hku.hk/record=b4123088

Journal of Sustainable Tourism – Free Article Access

Read selected free articles from the latest issue of Journal of Sustainable Tourism, including the defining article, ‘On climate change skepticism and denial in tourism’.

Please click here to access the latest issue.

HKUL users can continue to access the journal via https://library.hku.hk/record=b2032585

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Dec 18 2014

Access the latest Sociology Research, Routledge

Explore the Virtual Special Issue: Anthropology Beyond Boundaries

Anthropology has a long and deep relationship with the journal Economy and Society that stretches from its first issues. Within its pages ethnography has been brought to bear on the crucial theoretical debates of each era.  The articles in this new virtual issue draw out three reoccurring themes: justice; governance; and capital.

Please click here to read the free articles online until the 31st March 2015.

HKUL users can continue to access the journal via https://library.hku.hk/record=b2275707

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