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Nov 29 2014

Access Routledge Social Work Free Articles

Free Access to Social Work Articles for Practitioners

Visit Health & Social Care Arena to read free access collection featuring articles which are particularly relevant for practitioners, and find out about practitioner author prizes, and journals with dedicated practice sections.

Please click here to find out more.

Highly Cited Social Work Research

To celebrate Thomson Reuters Social Sciences Citation Index® Listed social work journals, read a selection of highly cited articles online.

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Routledge Highlights Award Winning Social Work Journal Articles

Free Access is available to “Best Articles” from  top social work journals including: Journal of Social Work Education; Social Work Education: The International Journal; Journal of Teaching in Social Work; Journal of Community Practice; China Journal of Social Work; Journal of Ethnic & Cultural Diversity in Social Work – and more.

Please click here to read the full collection.

Listen to Audio Clips from a Special Issue on Strengths-based Practice in Child Welfare

The authors of a selection of the articles from a special issue of Child Care in Practice on Strengths-based Practice in Child Welfare have recorded audio clips introducing their research.

Please click here to listen to the clips and find out more about the special issue.

HKUL users can continue to access the journal via https://library.hku.hk/record=b2995518

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Nov 29 2014

Access Health & Justice Popular Papers, SpringerOpen

Health & Justice aims to present original experimental research on the area of health and well-being of people involved in the adult or juvenile justice system, including people who work in the system; Health & Justice presents meta-analysis or systematic reviews in the area of health and justice for those involved in the justice system.

Health & Justices Popular Papers:

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Nov 28 2014

Access free articles from the Journal of Chinese Sociology, Springer Open

The The Journal of Chinese Sociology aims to facilitate the development of the discipline of sociology in China, and promote the academic progress of sociological studies on Chinese society around the world. The Journal aims to build a first-rate international platform for academic exchange and collaboration between Chinese sociologists and their overseas peers.

Read the first papers:

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Nov 28 2014

Access the latest Behavioral Science research from Routledge

Access the DSM-5 Article Collection

To celebrate the highly anticipated release of the 5th Edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), Routledge Journals offers FREE ACCESS to a collection of over 40 mental health and counseling articles.

Please click here to read the free articles until 31st January 2015.

Free Access to Articles on Culture

The Key Themes in Social Psychology article collection for November/December is on culture. The articles in this collection explore a number of issues including stereotypes, cultural identity, wellbeing, and the influence of culture on behavior.

Please click here to read the collection.

Free access to selected articles from Health Psychology Review

Health Psychology Review now has an Impact Factor of 6.750 (©2014 Thomson Reuters, 2013 Journal Citation Reports®) and is ranked 3/111 in the Clinical Psychology category. Read a selection of articles online until 31 December 2014.
Please click here to read the free articles.

HKUL users can continue to access the journal via https://library.hku.hk/record=b4147745.

Children’s Mental Health Article Collection

Please follow this link to view and download the articles in this collection.

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Nov 27 2014

Free journal articles from Policy Press

Read the following free journal articles for November 2014:

Policy & Politics

All tools are informational now: how information and persuasion define the tools of government

HKUL users can continue to access the journal via https://library.hku.hk/record=b3023100

Evidence & Policy
Public health evaluation: epistemological challenges to evidence production and use

HKUL users can continue to access the journal via https://library.hku.hk/record=b4161889

Journal of Poverty & Social Justice

What cost the price of a good send off? The challenges for British state funeral policy

HKUL users can continue to access the journal via https://library.hku.hk/record=b4376299

Voluntary Sector Review

Exploring local hotspots and deserts: investigating the local distribution of charitable resources

Families, Relationships & Societies

Secondary analysis in reflection: some experiences of re-use from an oral history perspective

Critical and Radical Social Work
Claiming immigrant cultural citizenship: applying postcolonial theories to social work practice with immigrants

[Source: Policy Press]

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Nov 27 2014

Read free books and articles from Routledge Area Studies

Featured Series: BASEES/Routledge Series on Russian and East European Studies

Selected titles from the series are now free to view online in their entirety for a limited time only.

Please click here to find out more.

Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies Convention

Read free articles online about this year’s conference theme: ‘25 Years After the Fall of the Berlin Wall: Historical Legacies and New Beginnings’.

Please click here to start reading now.

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Nov 26 2014

Access open access articles from Brain Informatics, SpringerOpen

Brain Informatics provides a unique platform for researchers and practitioners to disseminate original research on the latest applications of computing technology in the study of the human brain and cognition.

Read the first published articles:

Please click here to read more articles.

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Nov 26 2014

New additions for social sciences at HKU Libraries

Every Wednesday, the new titles for the current week are put on New Book Display, G/F, Main Library.

Click on the links below to find the new additions for social sciences for the current week and the past three weeks:

Users can also subscribe to RSS feeds to receive the latest updates.

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Nov 26 2014

New Acquisitions Hightlights

Published by under Dentistry

Complete dentures: from planning to problem solving / by P. Finbarr Allen, Seán McCarthy.

D 617.632 A42

The proportion of elderly adults is rapidly increasing as life expectancy increases. Many of these adults will not retain sufficient numbers of teeth for the remainder of their lives, and will require complete dentures at some point.

This book (2nd edition) deals with the planning, construction and review of complete dentures and examines the role of osseointegrated prostheses in the management of edentulism.

What’s in your mouth?: your guide to a lifelong smile / Douglas A. Terry.

D 617.65 T32

Dental clinicians have a responsibility to teach patients the importance of oral health care, and this book shows adult patients what can happen if they neglect their teeth. It presents full-page images to show what plaque, decay, and gingivitis look like and how they can contribute to periodontal disease and tooth loss. It also instructs the reader on the proper brushing and ossing techniques to prevent such negative outcomes. With the combination of exquisite clinical images and descriptive yet succinct text, What’s in Your Mouth?: Your Guide to a Lifelong Smile is an excellent chairside tool for patient education on oral hygiene.

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Nov 25 2014

Access the most viewed articles from Carbon Balance and Management, SpringerOpen

Carbon Balance and Management encompasses all aspects of research aimed at developing a comprehensive policy relevant to the understanding of the global carbon cycle.

Read the most viewed articles

Please click here to read more articles.

HKUL users can continue to access the journal via https://library.hku.hk/record=b3722526

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