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Nov 29 2013

Read Highly Cited Articles from Demography

Demography presents the highest quality original research of scholars in a broad range of disciplines, including anthropology, biology, economics, geography, history, psychology, public health, sociology, and statistics. The journal encompasses a wide variety of methodological approaches to population research. Its geographic focus is global, with articles addressing demographic matters from around the planet. Its temporal scope is broad, as represented by research that explores demographic phenomena spanning the ages from past to present, and reaching toward the future.

The following are some highly cited articles. HKUL users can access them via https://library.hku.hk/record=b1391568

[Source: Springer https://www.springer.com/ ]

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Nov 29 2013

New publications are available at the Scout Report!

Stemming the Tide: Strategies to Reduce the Growth and Cut the Cost of the Federal Prison System

One policy issue that has befuddled some of the best minds in the federal government is how to reduce the growth and cut the cost of the prison system. Amidst much conversation about the so-called “prison-industrial complex,” there is much to be said for such a timely report. Authored by Julie Samuels, Nancy G. La Vigne, and Samuel Taxy of the Urban Institute, this November 2013 report takes a close look at possible solutions to this vexing problem. In short, the authors note that “the most effective approach is a combination of strategies, including early release for current prisoners and reducing the length of stay for future offenders, particularly those convicted of drug trafficking.” The report is divided into ten sections, including “Policy Options to Ease Growth and Reduce Costs” and “Main Drivers: Who Goes to Prison and for How Long?”


USGS: A Plan for a Comprehensive National Coastal Program

This 30-page plan for a comprehensive national coastal program was crafted by the U.S. Geological Survey and it addresses how to best develop “effective solutions to coastal problems.” The executive summary here is a tightly written synopsis of the many issues and goals related to the broad pattern of coastal change across the country, including shoreline erosion, declines in living marine resources, and problems surrounding chemical contamination. Moving on, the document contains regional maps of the United States that identify critical issues for each geographic region, along with proposed study projects. Additionally, the document provides some more detailed information on projects in the San Francisco, Tampa, and Chesapeake Bays. Near the conclusion of the document, visitors can learn about proposed timelines for these various research activities.

[Source: Scout Report, Volume 19, Number 47, November 22, 2013]


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Nov 28 2013

Counseling and therapy in video

Three volumes of Counseling and therapy in video provide the online collection of videos available for the study of social work, psychotherapy, psychology, and psychiatric counseling, including more than 816 videos totaling 854 hours on completion. Videos include counseling sessions and demonstrations, consultations, lectures, presentations, and interviews. Many videos include supplementary materials for classroom use, and continuing education credits are available for a number of titles.


The third volume of Alexander Street Press’ award-winning Counseling and Therapy in Video series will grow to more than 300 additional hours of training videos, reenactments, and actual therapy sessions conducted by renowned counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and clinicians. Volume III presents a firm grounding in the theoretical modalities of counseling and psychotherapy, while expanding into new and emerging areas such as social media, veterans, cyber-bullying, mindfulness, and neuroscience. This collection features the giants of counseling and psychotherapy, such as Viktor Frankl, Albert Bandura, Albert Ellis, Aaron Beck, Virginia Satir, Jay Haley, and Carl Rogers, whose theoretical models shape the way we look at counseling today. Adding to this list are contemporary greats, such as Pat Love, Samuel Gladding, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Jon Carlson, Natalie Rogers, Patricia Arredondo, Thomas Parham, and John Arden. The films emphasize the evolution of the field, juxtaposing the history of counseling and psychotherapy with future directions by examining new techniques, methods, and research-informed practice.

You can access the database by the following procedures:  

https://lib.hku.hk/ > Electronic resources > Social sciences > Psychology > Counseling and therapy in video


OR, click here to access.


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Nov 28 2013

Content update for Counseling and Psychotherapy Transcripts, Client Narratives and Reference Works

The database “Counseling and Psychotherapy Transcripts, Client Narratives and Reference Works” is a searchable collection containing real transcripts of therapy and counseling sessions and first-person narratives illuminating the experience of mental illness and its treatment, as well as reference works to contextualize the primary material.


More than 300 new transcripts have been recently added. The collection is now complete, with transcripts from 2,000+ counseling sessions.


You can access the database by the following procedures:  

https://lib.hku.hk/ > Electronic resources > Social sciences > Psychology > Counseling and Psychotherapy Transcripts, Client Narratives, and Reference Works


OR, click here to access.


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Nov 27 2013

Latest Resources from Migration Information Source

Green-Card Holders and Legal Immigration to the United States
More than 1 million people became lawful permanent residents (LPRs) of the United States in 2012, with family-sponsored immigrants accounting for two-thirds of those gaining a green card. This Spotlight examines federal statistics on foreign nationals who gained LPR status during 2012.

Policy Beat
Alabama Settlement Marks Near End of a Chapter in State Immigration Enforcement Activism
With the state of Alabama’s recent legal settlement ensuring that key portions of its highly contested immigration enforcement law will never take effect, an important chapter of heightened activism by states in immigration enforcement has drawn to a near close. This article explores Alabama’s decision, which traces its roots to the Supreme Court’s 2012 ruling in Arizona v. United States, as well as the Infosys civil settlement with federal prosecutors over its use of foreign workers, new refugee admission numbers, extension of Temporary Protected Status for Somalis, and more.


[Source: Migration Information Source 21/11/2013] 

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Nov 27 2013

Read Top Downloaded Articles from JABES, Springer

The Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics (JABES) publishes papers of immediate and practical value to applied researchers and statistical consultants in the agricultural sciences, the biological sciences (including biotechnology), and the environmental sciences (including those dealing with natural resources). Only papers that address applied statistical problems will be considered. Interdisciplinary papers as well as papers that illustrate the application of new and important statistical methods using real data are strongly encouraged.

Read the following free top downloaded articles until 15 December 2013:


HKUL users can continue to access the journal via https://library.hku.hk/record=b3056873    

[Source: Springer https://www.springer.com/ ]

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Nov 27 2013

New additions for social sciences at HKU Libraries

Every Wednesday, the new titles for the current week are put on New Book Display, G/F, Main Library.

Click on the links below to find the new additions for social sciences for the current week and the past three weeks:


General-Social Sciences

Communications & Transportation


Leisure, Sports & Tourism

Military Science

Political Science


Public Administration

Social Work



Users can also subscribe to RSS feeds to receive the latest updates.

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Nov 26 2013

Psychology Headlines Around the World from Socialpsychology.org

1.      Does Putting on Face Cream Help Ease Embarrassment?

2.      Americans Reveal Who They’d Rather Work For: Men or Women

3.      Nostalgia Increases Optimism, Study Suggests

4.      Aerobic Exercise Improves Memory, Brain Function and Physical Fitness

5.      Clinical Depression May Accelerate Aging Process

6.      Being a Bully Linked to Casual, Risky Sex

7.      Brain Stimulation Shows Promise for Eating Disorders

8.      Typhoon’s Mental, Physical Toll High in Philippines: How to Help



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Nov 26 2013

New publications are available at the Scout Report!

The Civic Federation

Established in 1894, the Civic Federation is a non-partisan government research organization “working to maximize the quality and cost-effectiveness of government services in the Chicago region and the State of Illinois.” On this site, visitors can learn about the Federation’s research programs, the Institute for Illinois’ Fiscal Sustainability (IIFS), and updates on Chicagoland governance. The section dedicated to the IIFS is most useful, as it contains research reports on the state of Illinois’ budget, infrastructure, and related matters. In the Press Room, visitors can take advantage of basic primers and fact sheets which include “Cook County Property Tax Primers” and “How Does the City of Chicago Spend Your Tax Dollars?” The Library area contains all published reports dating back to 1993. Visitors can search through these offerings by Issues, Government, and Report Type.


Iowa Maps Digital Collection

The Iowa Digital Library has done the cartographically inclined a great service by digitizing hundreds of maps from the Hawkeye State’s grand and glorious past. On the homepage, visitors will be treated to a moveable feast of maps, including one of Scott County from 1875, a stylized map of the University of Iowa campus from 1943, and an official railroad commissioners map of the state from 1915. Visitors can browse the maps by state, county, township, town, or country via a series of drop-down menus. Additionally, visitors can browse all of the maps by time period, advertisements, publisher, or contributing institution. Persons with an interest in the history of cartography, United States history, or other related subjects will want to make multiple visits to this site.


NAACP Interactive Timeline

This interactive timeline from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) highlights interconnected events from the past 100 years of African American history. Visitors should start by selecting a year from the Milestones map. The important event from that year will shown in a visual web, connecting it with other events around the United States in the Impact map. Clicking on More Info after opening a year on the timeline will direct users to a wealth of related information, including history, impact, important people, rich multimedia, and related resources. The well-tooled design of this site means that the seemingly few individual top-level years lead to a deep understanding of struggle for fair and equitable treatment of minority Americans, and of how individual laws, protests, and other events interacted with one another to lead to today’s United States.


Pew Research Journalism Project: Twitter News Consumers

How do adults get their news? Based on a recent study from the Pew Research Journalism Project, approximately 8 percent of all adults in the United States get their news through Twitter. It’s an interesting finding amidst many in this report sponsored via a collaboration with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. The report looks at a wide range of topics, including analysis of conversations on Twitter around major news events, exploring how people discuss major issues via this particular form of social media. Interestingly enough, the report notes that the majority of those polled (85 percent) get news at least sometimes on mobile devices and that Twitter news consumers are younger and more educated that both the overall population and Facebook news consumers. Visitors can read the complete report here and also peruse additional reports such as “News Coverage Conveys Strong Momentum for Same-Sex Marriage” and “Twitter and the Campaign.”

[Source: Scout Report, Volume 19, Number 46, November 15, 2013]



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Nov 20 2013

New Acquisitions Hightlights

Published by under Dentistry

Handbook of pediatric dentistry / edited by Angus C. Cameron, Richard P. Widmer.

D 617.629 H23

The new edition of this internationally recognised volume offers comprehensive guidance to the successful management of the child in the clinical dental setting.


Richly illustrated and in full colour throughout, the Handbook of Pediatric Dentistry is written in a friendly ‘how to’ manner and contains useful ‘pull out’ boxes to act as useful aide-mémoires. Exploring a variety of topics, the book includes discussion of child development, practical communication skills and advice on how to deal with behavioural problems. Clinical topics include the management of caries, fluoridation, restorative dentistry, pulp therapy, trauma management, oral medicine and pathology, dental anomalies, and the treatment of medically compromised children. Chapters also explore the use of orthodontics, the management of cleft lip and palate and speech, language and swallowing.

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