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Dec 31 2012


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16 – 31 December 2012



1.  植牙『好』還是真牙『好』[am730] 2012-12-31 A16 新聞 喜閱人生胡秉志

2.  牙科醫生何處覓  [am730] 2012-12-24 A16 新聞 喜閱人生 鄧錦

3.  Apple Health 長者多咀嚼 有助口腔健康  [蘋果日報] 2012-12-24 A10 健康與醫療 Apple health

4.  預防口腔潰瘍  [成報] 2012-12-22 A08 醫健 保健小百科


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Dec 28 2012

New Acquisitions Hightlights

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Advances in restorative dentistry / edited by Adrian Lussi and Markus Schaffner ; with contributions from Adrian Lussi … [et al.].

D 617.62 A24

Innovation in operative dentistry often misses out on fanfare, but it is the heart and soul of general clinical practice and has a lasting impact on patient care. Dentistry has undergone major transformation in recent years, and this beautifully illustrated book documents the most significant developments in technology as well as changes in scientific understanding. The 25 substantive chapters cover the broad scope of restorative and preventative dentistry with topics including caries prevention, magnification in restorative dentistry, minimally invasive preparations, adhesive techniques, bleaching, dental erosion, endodontic therapies, and halitosis.


A clinical guide to endodontics / Peter Carrotte.

D 617.626 C31

The aim of this clinical guide is to guide practitioners through the everyday treatment of teeth with endodontic problems. The book takes the reader through not only the basics of the subject, but also the ‘dos’ and don’ts’ of particular situations such as endodontic problems and emergencies.

This fully updated and expanded 4th edition includes new information on:
• Current research into microbial and diagnostic aspects of endodontics
• The thinking behind, and practice of, modern paediatric endodontics
• The use of Nickel Titanium rotary instruments for canal preparation
• References to the latest endodontic literature to assist wider study of the subject


Periodontal regenerative therapy / [edited by] Anton Sculean ; [foreword by William V. Giannobile].

D 617.664 P44 S

This book presents an overview of the use of contemporary regenerative techniques in the treatment of periodontal osseous and soft tissue defects. Each chapter is designed to cover an important aspect related to periodontal regeneration, including an understanding of periodontium anatomy, biologic wound healing, regenerative materials, surgical techniques, and clinical applications. By focusing on the most relevant regenerative materials and procedures, the authors present effective treatment paradigms that incorporate biologic concepts and biomaterial enhancements with predictable surgical techniques. Well-documented clinical cases emphasize the management of critical treatment factors as well as the use of proven techniques that can optimize treatment outcomes. A must-read for any practitioner with an interest in the rationale, possibilities, and limitations of regenerative procedures of periodontal therapy.  


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Dec 27 2012

Dental Research Seminar

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Date: January 3, 2013 (Thursday)

Time: 12:45 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Venue: Lecture Theatre II, G/F, The Prince Philip Dental Hospital


Presenter: Dr. Khaing War War, MPhil Candidate


Title: Dental pulp stem cells isolation from Inflamed dental pulp tissues and comparisons of cytotoxic effcets of endodontic irrigants on dental pulp stem cells


Abstract: The dental pulp is regarded as most accessible source of mesenchymal stem cells that can be obtained at any age of an individual’s life. Many authors have been proposed that stem cells can be recruited from dental pulp tissues that are extirpated and discarded during invasive pulp treatments. Dental stem cells may be found from various sources situated inside or around the tooth. Inflamed pulp can be one such source and it has been demonstrated that functional putative stem cells exist in clinically inflamed pulps.


Regenerative approach for pulp canal therapy depends on the proliferation of seeded dental pulp stem cells within the root canal space that has been cleaned and disinfected by chemical irrigation agents. These chemicals may influence the attachment and survival of stem cells on the root canal dentine with direct impact on the regeneration of tissues. The aims of this in vitro study are to isolate stem cells from inflamed dental pulp tissues and to investigate the ability of stem cells to attach to root canal dentine that has been treated by various endodontic irrigants. This would be an indirect measure of the cyototoxic effects of these irrigants on the vitality of dental pulp stem cells.


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Dec 20 2012

New Acquisitions Hightlights

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Adult orthodontics / edited by Birte Melsen.

D 617.648 A24

This is a major new work dedicated to the increasingly prominent area of adult orthodontics. Written by renowned contributors from the orthodontic community and beyond, and compiled by a world-class editor, it provides an authoritative resource on the subject, marrying together clinical guidance with a thorough evaluation of the evidence base. The opening chapters provide the context for adult orthodontics, including patient demographics and aetiology, and the book goes on to detail treatment planning considerations, including patient case profiles, suggesting initial outcomes and longer term expectations. Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches are discussed, including the links between adult orthodontics and periodontics, prosthetics and temporomandibular disorders. The book is accompanied by a website containing further examples of case studies and a wealth of clinical images.

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Dec 18 2012

Music Library History Exhibition

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From the ground to top floor: Music Library History Exhibition


This exhibition aims to share with you the musical journey from ground floor to top floor. In this journey, you will witness the transformation of the Library’s physical layouts and gain an overview of the collections and salient events illustrating the challenges and assiduous efforts that the generations of Music Librarians and support staff have experienced and asserting the Library’s commitment in meeting the needs of its users.

This exhibition is also part of the University Libraries’ Centennial Celebration events.


Date:     December 13, 2012 – January 26, 2013   

Venue:  Music Library (11/F, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, University of  Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong)

Enquiry: (852) 3917 2218

Email:    muslib@lib.hku.hk



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Dec 17 2012

Hong Kong Dental Association September & October 2012 issue available now

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1.  Monthly Meeting Corner – “What makes a beautiful face” by Dr. Vincent Leung.

2.  APDC Corner – “Message from Organizing Chairperson 35th APDC” by Prof.  Dato DR. A Ratnanesan.

3.  “3rd Sino-Portuguese Dental Congress, 2-3 September, Macau” by Staff Reporter, Anna Wu.

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Dec 17 2012


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1 – 15 December 2012



1.睡眠磨牙加快牙齒損耗  [太陽報] 2012-12-12 E29

2.報告揭診所五大漏洞 港大牙科事故嚴重人為疏忽  [蘋果日報] 2012-12-06 A12 港聞


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Dec 12 2012

New Acquisitions Hightlights

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Mini dental implants: principles and practice / Victor I. Sendax.

D 617.674 S47

Covering the latest advances in mini dental implant technology, Mini Dental Implants: Principles and Practice makes it easy to incorporate MDIs into your practice. An illustrated, evidence-based approach shows how MDIs can provide successful outcomes in long-term use and also in shorter-term transitional applications. This success is proven by 20 years of clinical trials and research, showing that the Sendax Mini Dental Implant System can benefit your patients with faster surgery, reduced pain, faster healing, and less risk of infection. Written by noted implant dentistry expert Dr. Victor I. Sendax, this text allows you to offer patients a minimally invasive, immediately functional, and lower-cost alternative to traditional dental implants.



Esthetic soft tissue management of teeth and implants / André P. Saadoun.

D 617.674 S1

This is a step by step guide to success in periodontics and implant dentistry, helping clinicians to create a natural and esthetically pleasing smile for their patients. Starting with a general discussion of facial esthetics and analyzing the dento-gingival constituents of the smile, the book goes on to consider the impact of these on people’s quality of life, both in terms of health and social engagement. Subsequent chapters focus on specific esthetic treatments such as crown lengthening procedures, gingival recession coverage with connective tissue grafts or periodontal regenerative material, and soft tissue management for natural teeth and implants.



Defense from within: a guide to success as a dental malpractice defense expert / Jeffrey A. Krompier, Esq.

D 617.6872 K9

In this straightforward and highly informative book, an attorney with nearly 30 years of experience defending health care providers against malpractice suits offers dental clinicians essential advice and inside information regarding what it takes to be a successful defense expert witness. Those interested in taking on this challenge will discover the characteristics, skills, and assets that are required including availability, communication and organization skills, and credibility and determine whether they are well-suited for the role. From there, the text details the work involved in serving as an expert witness, such as case assessments and literature reviews, expert opinions, deposition testimony, and handling examination in the courtroom. Finally, the author offers helpful tips on building a curriculum vitae and marketing oneself as a defense expert witness, thereby providing the reader with all the tools required to enter into this unique service well prepared for success.

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Dec 06 2012

The 62nd International Alpine Dental Conference, 13-20 January 2013

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The 62nd  International Alpine Dental Conference, hosted by the International Dental Foundation, will take place from January 13 to 20, 2013, at Hotel Annapurna, Courchevel, France.


Please check out the latest news on the Conference at


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Dec 06 2012

New Acquisitions Hightlights

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Head, neck & dental anatomy/ Marjorie J. Short, Deborah Levin-Goldstein.

D 611.91 S5

HEAD, NECK and DENTAL ANATOMY is brimming with new, full-color figures that showcase anatomical details of the mouth and teeth. The most important features of each tooth are detailed in brief charts, making excellent study guides. Known for its engaging style, this concise resource is fully revised, including new worksheets with multiple choice and labeling questions. With its enhanced figures, fresh design, and updated materials the fourth edition promises to be a reliable go-to resource throughout your education and career!



Endodontic radiology / edited by Bettina Basrani.

D 617.626 E5 B

Endodontic Radiology, 2nd edition, is a unique reference that examines all aspects of radiographic imaging related to endodontics. Dr. Bettina Basrani and a team of prestigious international contributors build upon traditional radiographic techniques and include the latest information available on digital radiographs and cone beam computed tomography. More than an overview of equipment, the book delves into radiographic interpretation, differential diagnosis, technical difficulties and special circumstances when taking radiographs during the endodontic treatment, and how to choose the correct radiographic technique to obtain the desired images. Chapters explain general radiographic techniques; intraoral techniques; standard radiographs and interpretation; digital radiographs and their manipulation, storage, and interpretation; and CBCT principles, techniques, and clinical considerations.



Essentials of dental assisting / Debbie S. Robinson, Doni L. Bird.

D 617.689 E33

Fully updated to include the latest procedures and trends, this practical resource focuses on the core clinical skills and knowledge necessary to become a practicing dental assistant. The concise, full-color text has been specifically designed and written to help students easily grasp information. And step-by-step procedures, application exercises, and a wealth of pedagogical aids ensure that they master all the necessary skills.

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