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Oct 31 2012


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16 – 31 October 2012



1.  保護乳齒 恆齒更健康  [信報財經新聞] 2012-10-26 C04 健康生活 牙醫 梁世民醫生

2.  探射燈:家長的疑惑:營養太好 牙齒生得大  [東方日報] 2012-10-24 A06 探射

3.  愈戴假牙 愈易甩牙 !  [香港經濟日報] 2012-10-22 C10 醫健營 醫健營 梁慧珍

4.  護齒孩子 適用箍牙新方  [頭條日報] 2012-10-22 P28 港聞

5.  孕婦注意口腔健康  [信報財經新聞] 2012-10-19 C10 健康生活 牙醫 梁世民醫


[Source: Wisenews]


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Oct 30 2012

HKLII DAY (9 Nov 2012)

You are cordially invited to the annual HKLII DAY, organized by the Law Library, on Friday, 9 November 2012.


Introduction to HKLII & CLIC

1-2 pm, Lui Che Woo Law Library, 1/F Cheng Yu Tung Tower, by Dr Kevin Pun, Associate Professor, Dept of Computer Science & Law, Co-Director of HKLII. Demonstration will also be given on CLIC (Community Legal Information Centre https://www.hkclic.org/, a bilingual community legal information website and a quick internet guide for the general public to find legal information in Hong Kong.  To register online, visit



HKLII (Hong Kong Legal Information Institute, https://www.hklii.hk) is the first comprehensive portal providing free access to public legal information in Hong Kong.  It is a project of Law & Technology Centre, a centre jointly established by Department of Computer Science and Faculty of Law, and is based on data obtained from public authorities and other sources in Hong Kong.  Databases in HKLII now comprise Judgments from most Hong Kong Courts and Tribunals; Practice Directions; Current Ordinances and Regulations; selected publications of Hong Kong Law Reform Commission; selected domain name arbitration decisions from the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre; Administrative Appeals Board case notes and complaint case notes from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data.


 For enquiries, please email lawlib@lib.hku.hk or call 3917-2914.


HKLII DAY is organized by the Law Library, with support from the Faculty of Law and the Dept of Computer Science.

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Oct 29 2012

WESTLAW DAY (5-6 Nov 2012) & LEXIS DAY (7-8 Nov 2012)

You are cordially invited to the Westlaw Day and Lexis Day training sessions.  Multiple sessions will be offered each day by Westlaw/Lexis specialist trainers in the Lui Che Woo Law Library, 1/F Cheng Yu Tung Tower, Centennial Campus.  For the schedule, please visit https://obelix.lib.hku.hk/cgi-bin/course/list_gp_m.cgi?category=43.   Souvenirs and training materials will be distributed to participants.  Registration is not required but seats with PCs are limited, first come first served.


Whether you are new to Lexis or Westlaw or need to reinforce your search skills, we invite you to come along.  For enquiries, please email lawlib@lib.hku.hk or call 3917-2914.


Lexis.com is an online legal research service which provides case law, law reviews, legislation and legal journal articles from Hong Kong, China, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, Malaysia, India, South Africa etc.  Lexis.com can be accessed from the University Libraries’ Key English Resources page at https://sunzi.lib.hku.hk/ER/keyDB/hkul/i.


Westlaw is an online legal research service which provides a unique collection of legal and regulatory information. The collection includes case law, legislation, law reviews, treaties, and directories from Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, European Union.  Westlaw can be accessed from the University Libraries’ Key English Resources page at https://sunzi.lib.hku.hk/ER/keyDB/hkul/i.

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Oct 29 2012

JBI Connect unavailable during 2:30pm Oct 30, 2012 to 5:00am Oct 31 ,2012

JBI Connect will be unavailable during 2:30pm Oct 30, 2012 to 5:00am Oct 31, 2012 in order to complete the necessary transition work of JBI Tools on to the Ovid platform. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Oct 27 2012

Springer downtime from 5.30-10.30pm 27 October

Springer at https://link.springer.com  will be down for 5 hours from 5.30-10.30pm on 27 October. Users should use the old site at https://springerlink.com instead.

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Oct 26 2012

Dental Research Seminar

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Date: November 5, 2012 (Monday)
Time: 12:45 p.m. to 1:45 p.m.
Venue: Lecture Theatre II, G/F, The Prince Philip Dental Hospital


Presenter: Miss Cao Ying, PhD Candidate (12:45 p.m. to 1:15 p.m.)

Title: Regeneration of tooth microstructure by a biomimetic mineralization method

Abstract: Dental erosion is tooth surface loss caused by chemical processes without bacterial involvement. Studies reported that the prevalence of dental erosion in children and adults were up to 82% and 54%, respectively. Dental erosion is also an important cause for dentine hypersensitivity. Restorative treatment is necessary when the loss of dental tissue is substantial. Conventional treatments of tooth defect focus on repair by dental materials such as silver amalgam and composite resin. However, this invasive approach has its limitations mainly because of its damage to the remaining sound dental tissue. Researchers therefore aim to pursue non-invasive therapeutic strategies to manage this challenging problem through remineralisation of dentine and enamel. This in vitro study aims to induce enamel and dentine regeneration to manage tooth defects by using biomimetic remineralization technology.


Presenter: Miss Ito Leticia, MPhil Candidate (1:15 p.m. to 1:45 p.m.)

Title: Arresting and preventive effects of silver diamine fluoride application and Er:YAG laser irradiation against dental caries

Abstract: Clinical trials found silver diamine fluoride (SDF) is effective on preventing and arresting coronal (enamel) caries. Another clinical trial demonstrated that SDF is effective in root (dentine) caries. SDF can also inhibit mono species biofilm formation, increase the fluoride content and reduce loss of calcium and phosphates. Studies also suggest laser irritation after topical sodium fluoride application increase fluoride uptake on dental hard tissues. Current literature however found no study reporting the effect of Er:YAG laser irradiation and SDF on caries lesions. Therefore, this in vitro study aims to investigate the caries preventive and arresting effect of SDF and Er:YAG laser irradiation with cariogenic biofilm. This study investigates the caries preventive and arresting effects on human enamel and dentine.

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Oct 26 2012

EBSCOhost functionality will be unavailable due to planned maintenance

About one hour beginning at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, October 26, 2012 certain EBSCOhost functionality will be unavailable due to planned maintenance. Please note that EBSCOhost will continue to be available during this brief interval. Affected functionality will include:
• Personal User Authentication
• Checkout and Download of eBooks
• Alerts
• Access to My EBSCOhost folder items or the ability to save items to personalized folders from session
We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this short maintenance interval.

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Oct 26 2012

System Maintenance on Wisers’ Service Platforms

A system maintenance will be scheduled on Saturday, 27 October 2012 from 13:00 to 19:00. During this period, all services will be temporarily unavailable.

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Oct 26 2012

Wiley Online Library Site Maintenance Notice

Due to essential site maintenance, access to the Wiley Online Library may be interrupted for two hours from 17:00 on Saturday, 27 October, 2012.

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Oct 24 2012

New publication is available at the Scout Report!

Living Proof Podcast Series

This podcast series is part of the SUNY University at Buffalo’s School of Social Work outreach efforts and is a rather fascinating and useful resource. The purpose of the series is “to engage practitioners and researchers in lifelong learning and to promote research to practice, practice to research.” The conversations here include interviews with top-notch researchers, professors, and others. On this site, visitors can browse through past podcasts, which include conversations about topics like online bullying, community organizing, and developing an effective relationship with patients. Also, visitors can sign up to receive each new podcast when it is released via iTunes. Finally, users are encouraged to leave feedback on the episodes they find compelling.

[Source: The Scout Report, Volume 19, Number 42, October 19, 2012]

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