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Aug 31 2010

Revealing the invisible heritage of Panjab

A searchable collection of millions of rare pages on Sikhs and the Panjab has been published online. The Panjab Digital Library (PDL) includes texts of manuscripts, books, magazines, newspapers and photographs and is available to anyone with internet access here. This launch was made possible in part by the Nanakshahi Trust and the Sikh Research Institute.  [Source: Access June 2010 no.73]

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Aug 31 2010

More than a million Asian books going online

The JoongAng Daily quoting the 12 May issue of Asahi Shimbun has reported that Korea, Japan and China will launch an online library with content from their national libraries.

Users will be able to read books in each language, search text, and reportedly read content in their mother tongues courtesy of an automatic translation system.

Currently, the National Library of Korea has digitized 210,000 of its books. Japan has digitized 720,000 and China 160,000. More here.

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Aug 30 2010

New journal: Journal of Investigative and Clinical Dentistry (JICD)


Professor Lakshman Samaranayke, Dean and Chair Professor of Oral Microbiology at the HKU Faculty of Dentistry has been appointed the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Investigative and Clinical Dentistry (JICD).


JICD publishes quality, peer reviewed original research and topical reviews on all aspects of investigative and clinical dentistry and craniofacial research, including molecular studies related to oral health and disease. Although international in outlook, the Editor especially encourages papers from the Asia Pacific.


The first issue of JICD has been published in August 2010 and is now freely available to you online! HKUL users are able to access the journal continuously at https://library.hku.hk/record=b4430280

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Aug 27 2010

Bibliography of the History of Art (BHA) Now Available Free Online

The Bibliography of the History of Art (BHA) is now available free of charge on the Getty Website at https://library.getty.edu/bha. The database search includes both BHA (covering 1990-2007) and the International Bibliography of Art (IBA), covering the years 2008 and part of 2009. The Répertoire de la litterature de l’art (RILA), one of the predecessors of BHA, with records that cover 1975-1989.  [Source: By Martin Flynn, IFLA news]

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Aug 27 2010

E-resources systems downtime

The following resources will be inaccessible due to systems upgrade or maintenance at the times indicated. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Resource Systems downtime
Annual Reviews 3:00 A.M. Saturday August 28, 2010 in Asia/Hong Kong for 6 hours
Science Direct 8:30 P.M. Saturday August 28 to 5:30 A.M. August 29 in Asia/Hong Kong
Scopus 8:30 P.M. Saturday August 28 to 5:30 A.M. August 30 in Asia/Hong Kong
Informaworld 2:00 P.M. Saturday August 28, 2010 in Asia/Hong Kong 

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Aug 25 2010

Powerful Ingredients for Blended Learning

A course designed and developed with a CRS approach would resemble existing course sites that incorporate a mix of content organized to promote student learning. For example, a course on “Technology for Teachers” developed by Wesley Fryer demonstrates how multiple formats are combined to create non-textbook learning materials. The home page provides access to a wikibook on the course topic. The content for each week of the course is a mix of web sites, readings, video and other media.

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Aug 25 2010

The Future of Learning Environments (short version)

This first section of the paper will examine the challenges the education systems face. The next section looks at how young people are using technology and particularly web 2.0 and social software in their everyday lives. The final section of the paper looks at Personal Learning Networks and Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) and considers the implications of the development of PLEs for educational organisation and institutions. [Source: from Pontydysgu by Graham Attwell June 3rd, 2010]

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Aug 23 2010

Datastream Guide available online now

Datastream (https://library.hku.hk/record=b2186591) is a standalone workstation available on G/F Main Library for finding international financial, economic, stock market and company data.

We have recently uploaded the online guide @


Please feel free to access this for more search examples.



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Aug 23 2010

Beta release of the World Treaty Index (WTI)

The World Treaty Index (WTI) is a beta prerelease database with a list of treaties formed during the twentieth century, housed at the University of Michigan. 


Currently, WTI provides access to information on more than 50,000 bilateral and multilateral treaties formed between 1945 and 1997. This includes not only treaties formally registered with the United Nations (UNTS) but a significant number of unregistered agreements. It provides information on the parties to the agreement, the general topic of the agreement as well as the signing date and the date in force, and the volume and page containing the text of the agreement.  It is an excellent resource for identifying when a state (or states) formed a number of international agreements of a particular type, although WTI does not provide the full text of each agreement.  For a general history of the World Treaty Index, visit the “History Page” on the worldtreatyindex.com website. To view sample searches, click here.

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Aug 23 2010

China Copyright Disputes Threaten E-Book Industry

“A copyright lawsuit for China’s largest e-book reader manufacturer is highlighting problems that are holding back development of the country’s e-book market.” [Source: By Mike Clendenin, Information Week, July 12, 2010]

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