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Jan 29 2010

Asia Pacific Journal of Arts and Cultural Management

Asia Pacific Journal of Arts and Cultural Management publishes articles about arts and cultural management and cultural policy issues.

Aims & Scope:

  • To provide an insight into and analysis of the management of arts and cultural organisations within Australia, the Asia Pacific Region and the rest of the world;
  • To provide a platform for debate about cultural policy and current theories about management practice, as well as major/current issues of relevance to the sector;
  • To identify and encourage the development of best practice in the management of culture and the arts, and to promote their use through the publication of case studies and analyses;
  • To provide quality research outcomes for the arts sector.

It is available free of charge as an Open Access journal on the Internet. Please click here to access.

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Jan 29 2010

Graphic Masters II: American Art

Escape from your daily desktop concerns with this exhibition from the Smithsonian, featuring watercolors, pastels, and drawings by artists such as Edward Hopper, Stuart Davis, William H. Johnson, John Steuart Curry, Jacob Lawrence, and Sam Francis. From a 1937 black & white, pen and ink, drawing by Isabel Bishop showing a man playing cards, to a 1951 abstract by David Smith that suggests a tropical jungle in vibrant green and yellow, to Andrew Wyeth’s watercolor representation of a field in winter, November 1st, 1950, there are bound to be at least a few places and things you have never seen on your computer before. There’s also a Stuart Davis’ bright watercolor,  Abstraction, 1937; a conte crayon self portrait by John Steuart Curry from 1928, and Edward Hopper’s landscape, White River at Sharon, 1937 – around forty new vistas in all.

Please click here to access.

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Jan 29 2010


What would a visual graphical dictionary look like? The Visuwords website gives expression to such a concept, and it does so by producing diagrams reminiscent of a neural net. Upon entering the site, visitors will be presented with a random word, complete with various “connections”. On the left-hand of the page, visitors can learn about the different coded connections which indicate relationships such as “is a part of” or “opposes” and parts of speech, such as “nouns”, “verbs”, or “adverbs”. Of course, visitors are encouraged to type in their own word into the search query at the top of the page. Additionally, the homepage contains some basic information about how to read these various graphical representations and how to most effectively use the interface system.

Please click here to access.

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Jan 28 2010

The Lincoln Log

What exactly was Abraham Lincoln doing on June 11, 1850? As it turns out, he was writing a letter to one Nathaniel Hay, describing the details of a potential home-improvement project. If you’re looking for more details on Lincoln’s daily doings, click on over to The Lincoln Log. The information on the site was compiled by the Lincoln Sesquicentennial Commission, and in 2003, the materials were redesigned by the National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign. Visitors to the site can find out what Lincoln was doing on a particular day by using the drop-down menus on the homepage, and they can also browse by year or click on the “Today’s Date in Lincoln’s Life” section. Also, visitors can use the “Browse New Entries” to look over newly added materials.

Please click here to access.

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Jan 28 2010

Bonhams Magazine

Visitors unfamiliar with Bonhams Magazine can get an excellent overview of its origins, in the “About Bonhams” link at the bottom of the homepage. Bonhams “is the world’s oldest and largest auctioneer of fine art and antiques still in British ownership.”  The archive of Bonhams Magazine available on this website goes back to the winter issue of 2007.  Art historians, historians, and archaeologists will find fascinating articles in the aforementioned issue on craftsman Matthew Boulton, the mystery of the Brontk children, centuries-old dog collars, and the curse of Tutankhamun. Visitors will appreciate the photographs of the artworks and antiques, as they are very vivid and show great detail.  The winter 2009 issue will delight Dr. Who fans, with its article entitled “Who’s in Town”.  In the article entitled “Femme Fatale”, Ian Irvine analyzes the role women played in the life of painter Willem de Kooning, by looking at a series of his figurative paintings.

Please click here to access.

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Jan 28 2010

Oral History of the U.S. House of Representatives

The rich oral history of the House of Representatives of the United States was finally authorized to be preserved in 2004.  The website of the Office of History and Preservation in the Office of the Clerk has much to recommend it.  Visitors interested in getting a scope of the project should click on the link “Interviewees”, in the middle of the page.  The range of sessions of Congress included in the interviewees is from the 72nd to the 111th. Interestingly, the interviewees are not only elected Representatives, but also include “House Officers, Member aides, committee staff, support staff, family of Members, and select former Representatives.”  The “Historic Events” section in the lower third of the page links to a list of historic events of the House, as well as the number of interviewees who discuss the event in their interview.  Visitors can click on the event to bring up the name of the interviewee and the link to their interview.

Please click here to access.

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Jan 28 2010

New diploma gains British recognition

Hong Kong’s Diploma of Secondary Education has been accepted by the UK’s Universities & Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) onto the Tariff – a points-based system benchmarking qualifications against the UK’s GCE A Level to assess their suitability for higher education. Please click here for details. [Source: Information Services Department, HKSAR]

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Jan 27 2010

Moderna språk: the Journal of English, French, German and Spanish Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Moderna språk is owned by LMS, Modern Language Teachers’ Association of Sweden and it is published in cooperation with Språkcentrum at Växjö University, Sweden. Articles and reviews are published twice every year (June and December).

The articles in Moderna språk cover areas within linguistics, literature and culture.

The main target group is language teachers and researchers at schools and universities worldwide, or people generally interested in languages, literatures and cultures.

Content in a variety of languages. Please click here to access.

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Jan 27 2010

Politics and Culture: International Review of Books

Politics and Culture is an international review of books, dedicated to evaluating important works of our time. Content freely accessible in HTML and PDF format.

Please click here to access.

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Jan 27 2010

Second Nature: International Journal of Creative Media

Second Nature: The International Journal of Creative Media is an open access, peer-reviewed online journal that explores the distinctive particulars of and interconnections between textual, visual, aural and interactive creative research and practices.

It welcomes contributions from across the field of creative media including creative writers, media and art historians, media practitioners and fine artists, performers, architects and architectural theorists and historians, curators, museum professionals, scientists, cultural and media theorists, archivists, technologists, software developers, educationalists, philosophers and any others who have a stake in the understanding and future developments of creative media. Second Nature publishes research papers, articles, and creative projects.

Articles available in HTML and PDF format. Please click here to access.

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