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Aug 31 2009

On the Edge: The Hidden Art of Fore-Edge Book Painting

Ready for something delightful?  On this site, visitors can check out the first ever online exhibition of fore-edge painted books owned by the Boston Public Library. Formerly, books were not shelved with the spine facing out, but rather horizontally and with the opposite edge (fore-edge) facing out instead.  Thus the desire developed to make the fore-edge aesthetically pleasing, and artists began to paint the fore-edge with scenes of an assortment of subjects.  Some artists began painting scenes that could only be seen when the books pages were fanned out, and when they weren’t fanned out, only the gilt on the fore-edge was visible.  Visitors who want to read a little more about their history and the progression to double-sided painted fore-edge books, should click on “About Fore-Edge Painting”, on the left hand side of the page.  In order to watch the magic of the hidden fore-edge come to life, visitors can click on “Featured Works” to watch 15-30 second videos of hidden fore-edge painted books go from appearing to only having a gilt edge.  Once they have seen how these remarkable works of art operate, visitors can browse by subject, painting title, or book title by using the “Browse” link on the left hand side of the page. Please click here to access.

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Aug 31 2009

American Centuries: History and Art from New England

From Deerfield, MA, Memorial Hall Museum’s American Centuries is an attractive, image-heavy gateway to a wealth of artifacts documenting American history. Online since 2001, the site is kept fresh with features
such as “This Week in History”, programmed to retrieve collection items dating from the current week, such as a letter from Thomas Williams Ashley (1894-1918) to his father, Charles Hart Ashley, on May 14, 1917, in which Thomas tells of his early days in the Marine Corps soon after the United States entered World War I. The rest of the site is organized into categories, including the collection itself; things to do – both online and at the Museum; the Turns of the Century exhibit; and classroom materials. The interactive chronologies feature allows users to select a topic – such as Technological History, Children, or even Deerfield, MA – and view a timeline of relevant events. Visitors can also set up an account and use MyCollection to save and tag artifacts they wish to return to for another look. Please click here to access.

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Aug 31 2009

Asian Culture and History (ACH)

Asian Culture and History (ACH) is a peer-reviewed journal, published by the Canadian Center of Science and Education. The journal publishes research papers in the fields of Asian culture, history and arts. Asian Culture and History is available free of charge as an Open Access journal on the Internet. Please click here to access.

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Aug 31 2009

Journal des africanistes

Journal des africanistes is a free access journal which contains articles by specialists (ethnologists, archaeologists, pre-historians, and linguists, etc), thematic issues, reviews and other academic information. It publishes 2 issues per year. The former title of Journal des africanistes was Journal de la société des africanistes, which had published regularly from 1931 onwards. The Journal des africanistes is a valuable reference tool for researchers and archivists.

This journal contains abstracts which are available in French and English, and articles which are available online in French or English. Please click here to access.

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Aug 31 2009

Digital Defoe

It is the goal of Digital Defoe to navigate the potential and the limitations of digital culture for eighteenth-century studies with our readers, to be honest and transparent about why we and our authors make
particular communicational and technological choices in order to share our projects and, like a narrator in a Henry Fielding novel, to mediate the conversation between our readers and the narratives they see unfold
in each issue.

Digital Defoe is envisioned as a hybrid mediator, as an extension of, or a critical supplement to, print and not as a substitution for any of the academic journals or newsletters that helpfully push our field to new
levels of understanding. It is committed to making the best use of new and continually evolving digital technologies in addressing the life and works of Defoe and his contemporaries.

Digital Defoe takes its cue from Defoe and invites a range of genres. While the journal includes traditional academic articles, it also publishes reflective personal essays, which rarely find a place in peer-reviewed scholarship, as well as new types of digital scholarship that take advantage of and reflect the multimodal, hypertextual, communal, and flexible nature of both the Internet and eighteenth-century culture. Such digital projects will often involve interactive social spaces in which scholars and members of the public
from across the globe converse, share ideas, and receive feedback.

This new journal also values rigorous review of digital and multimodal projects; currently, online scholarship has seen little in the way of scholarly assessment, a job that print journals may be able to do only superficially for those projects that demand evaluation and response that is also multimodal.

Each issue of Digital Defoe will feature a topic or theme.

Digital Defoe encourages and accepts submissions in a wide variety of formats, from print documents saved as Word files to hyperlinked documents, pedagogical resources, files with embedded video and audio, movies, 3D and virtual pieces, photo documentaries, databases, and interactive webtexts.

Digital Defoe is available free of charge as an Open Access journal on the Internet. Please click here to access.

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Aug 31 2009

Mickle Street Review: An Electronic Journal of Whitman and American Studies

The Mickle Street Review brings together audio clips, video recordings, and written scholarship on and about Whitman and the broader world of American Studies. The Review was first published in 1979 and it is based at Rutgers University in Camden. Visitors to the site can browse all of the back issues of the Review, and they can also view the current issue as well. On the homepage, visitors will find the works divided into categories such as “Documents”, “Features”, and “Essays”. One of the more fantastic additions to their site is the digital version of ‘Crossing Brooklyn Ferry’, which contains a close reading of the text along with a downloadable Brooklyn walking tour by Jesse Merandy. Moving on, the “Listening Room” contains recordings of ‘Leaves of Grass’ read by Ralph Bellamy and a version of  ‘Song of Myself’ read by Orson Welles. Finally, the “Viewing Room” contains various adaptations and creative visions of Whitman’s works and explorations of his life. Please click here to access.

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Aug 31 2009

Wide Screen

Wide Screen is a peer-reviewed, open access journal. It is devoted to the critical study of cinema from historical, theoretical, political, and aesthetic perspectives.

With radical changes in the modes of production, distribution, and exhibition, the journal aims to combine the best of academic and journalistic critique of cinema to inform readers about the various critical
vantage points from which to understand cinema in this dynamic environment. Please click here to access.

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Aug 31 2009

ShortEnd Magazine: Thoughts on Independent Film

Interested in the thoughts and critiques about trends within the independent and student film community?  Then the website ShortEnd Magazine should definitely be bookmarked. Among its features is a podcast with talks on independent film, which can be accessed by clicking on “Full Feed”, at the
top left of the page.  What would a movie website be without a “Reviews” section?  The most recent review is for “The Yes Men Fix the World”, a movie that played at the Sundance Film Festival.  Users can rate the article, e-mail the author of the review, and see a list of links to all the articles written on the website by that reviewer.  A weblog is also available and can be found at the top of the page under the “Blog” link.  Once there, visitors can browse the blog by scrolling, or can choose a blog category, listed on the left side of the page.  Some of the blog categories include, “Film Festivals”, “On the Process”, “Questions Posed”, and “Social Issues”.  Please click here to access.

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Aug 28 2009

The 6th International Conference on Problem-based Learning in Dentistry, 13 – 15 November 2009

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The 6th International Conference on Problem-based Learning in Dentistry will be held in Hong Kong from 13 to 15 November 2009, and is being hosted by the HKU Faculty of Dentistry in recognition of the delivery of an integrated, student-centred, collaborative, interactive dental curriculum for over 10 years at The University of Hong Kong. 

This conference, with well-known international keynote speakers and interactive sessions, will be of interest to all educators involved in the development and delivery of undergraduate dental education programmes.

Date: 13 – 15 November 2009

Venue: Hong Kong Academy of Medicine (99 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong)
Extended deadline for abstract submission: 15 September 2009

Deadline for early registration: 15 September 2009

For details of the programme and registration form, please visit: www.facdenthk.org/pbl

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Aug 26 2009

Forthcoming library trainings: Westlaw Day, Lexis Day & HKLII Day

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  • 19-20 October 2009 Westlaw Day (Date changed!)
  • 29-30 October 2009 Lexis Day

Specialist trainers from both LexisNexis and Westlaw will offer training sessions on October 19-20 and 29-30 respectively at the Lui Che Woo Law Library.  Souvenirs and training materials will be distributed to participants.  Registration is not required but seats with PCs are limited, first come first served. 

  • 3 November 2009 HKLII Day (Date changed!)

The training event will be held on 3 November 2009 with focus on two of Hong Kong’s leading free legal portals, HKLII (Hong Kong Legal Information Institute) and CLIC (Community Legal Information Centre).  Registration is required.  Introductory session and small-group workshops will be organized. 


Mark the dates on your calendar and stay tuned for more details on our blog.

For enquiries, please email: lawlib@lib.hku.hk or call 2859-2914.

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