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Jul 31 2009


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15 – 31 July 2009



1. 醫護做足核對程序仍剝錯牙「個口咁細護士都睇唔到剝邊隻阻止唔到」  [蘋果日報] 2009-07-31 A08 港聞

2. 妊娠期牙齦炎  [香港經濟日報] 2009-07-30 C09 健康 ——智慧牙醫 吳子傑 牙科醫生

3. 口腔扁平苔癬惡化變癌中年婦女高危62歲女患者切走半條  [蘋果日報] 2009-07-30 A12 健康與醫療

4. 吃南瓜子防牙齒鬆動  [香港商報] 2009-07-27 C06 養生之道

5. 出牙仔 無胃口 1-2  [明報] 2009-07-26 D04 HAPPY PAMA 陳國賓

6. 巴西蘑菇萃取物 抑制口腔癌  [都市日報] 2009-07-23 P30 健康

7. 35%幼童蛀牙 籲勿邊睡邊吃奶  [香港經濟日報] 2009-07-20 A30 港聞 譚以和

8. DIY美白牙齒新方  [星島日報] 2009-07-17 E08 健康港 健康夠格 Ann


[Source: Wisenews]

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Jul 30 2009

New Acquisitions Highlights

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Orofacial pain: guidelines for assessment, diagnosis, and management /Reny de Leeuw, editor.

D 617.52 O744 D34

The Guidelines Committee of the American Academy of Orofacial Pain has again updated its popular text on temporomandibular disorders. This edition is expanded to include discussion of the assessment, diagnosis, and management of other pain conditions associated with the orofacial structures. An extensive glossary offers a convenient overview of terms commonly used in the field of orofacial pain.


Children’s risk for dental caries : the most common chronic childhood illness / Sumer Alaki.

D 617.6631 A31

This book examines the relationship between some of the most common childhood infections including ear and respiratory infections and the development of dental caries in very young children. The book is addressed to dentists, pediatricians, dental hygienists and dental students.


Early childhood oral health /edited by Joel H. Berg, Rebecca L. Slayton.

D 617.629 E12

It coalesces all important information related to early childhood oral health in a comprehensive reference for students and other academics. In addition to a thorough discussion of preventing childhood caries, other topics include public health approaches to managing caries worldwide, implementation of new programs to mitigate dental caries in preschoolers, fluoride regimens, and new technologies in caries risk assessment in infants and toddlers.

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Jul 29 2009

August training calendar from Wiley-Blackwell: Cochrane Library

Wiley Interscience has organzied a number of free instructor-led online training sessions for the month of August. All you need is an internet connection and access to a telephone.

These sessions are conducted using a product called WebEx that allows you to view live presentations from your desktop. There will be an associated teleconference so you can hear the presentation and ask questions. Wiley-Blackwell will provide a toll free telephone number to dial in. Users who have successfully registered will receive a email confirmation, and in the email you will find a toll-free dial-in number for Hong Kong.

To register, click on the title of the session you would like to attend. Book as soon as possible to ensure a place.






The Cochrane Library – an introduction

1 hour


2:00 PM New York | 11:00 AM Los Angeles  (HK TIME : 2 a.m. Saturday August 8, 2009)

The Cochrane Library – an introduction

1 hour


11:00 AM London | 12:00 PM Paris  (HK TIME : 6 p.m. Wednesday August 12, 2009)

The Cochrane Library – an introduction

1 hour


2:00 PM Sydney | 9:30 AM New Delhi  (HK TIME : 12 noon Thursday August 20, 2009)

The Cochrane Library – an introduction

1 hour


2:00 PM New York | 11:00 AM Los Angeles  (HK TIME : 2 a.m. Saturday August 25, 2009)



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Jul 27 2009

HeinOnline’s search tips – Article search recap

To enhance the efficiency in searching an article, five common key points of information are highlighted,

  1.  The title of the journal in which the article is published
    – use Title Lookup tool to search for publication titles rather than the article titles in HeinOnline
  2. A key phrase located in the article – select Text field
  3. The title of the article – select Title field
  4. The name of the author of the article – select Creator/Author field
    – they are known as Field Search option in the Law Journal Library
  5. The Blue Book Citation of the article
    – use Citation Navigator, a quick way of noting the volume, publication title, and page of the article

Relevant training resources listed in HeinOnline Wiki include YouTube Channel, live chat, and training guides.  More details from the HeinOnline Weblog at https://heinonline.blogspot.com/2009/07/is-article-you-are-looking-for-included.html

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Jul 22 2009

EDB provides information on further studies to secondary school leavers

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To help Secondary 7 and Secondary 5 students preparing for this year’s release of the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination and the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination results, the Education Bureau (EDB) is providing comprehensive information on further studies through various channels.  Please click here for details. [Press released, HKSAR]

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Jul 22 2009

Textbook price rise below inflation rate

Published by under Education

Primary and secondary school textbook prices rose an average of 1.6% and 1% this year. The rise was under the average composite consumer price index increase of 2.7% for the period. Please click here for details. [Source: Information Services Department, HKSAR]

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Jul 21 2009

Squire Law Library’s Eminent International Law Scholars Archive

Squire Law Library of the Cambridge University has developed a project on oral history archive of interviews with prominent international law scholars and practitioners.  Interviewees include eminent scholars associated with the Squire Law Library and Faculty of Law at the University of Cambridge, e.g. Professors Peter Stein, Kurt Lipstein and J.A. Jolowicz.  The archive includes interviews with audio files and transcripts, bibliography, photographs, career achievements and reference materials.  These resources offer personal and historical perspectives to the disciplines of international law.  Explore the interviews from the historic archive at

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Jul 21 2009

Forthcoming Social Sciences Conferences in 2009

September 2009
European Sociological Association
2-5 September 2009, Lisbon, Portugal
Kathryn Ely and Claire Jarvis

American Political Science Association
3-6 September 2009, Toronto, Canada
Kirstin Howgate and Natalja Mortensen

The Military Orders: Politics and Power
3-6 September 2009, Cardiff
John Smedley

European Society of Criminology
9-12 September 2009, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Claire Jarvis

European Consortium for Political Research
10-12 September 2009, Potsdam, Germany
Kirstin Howgate and Natalja Mortensen

October 2009
Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning
1-4 October 2009, Crystal City, Virginia
Val Rose

November 2009
American Society of Criminology
4-7 November 2009, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Eric Levy

Attending to Early Modern Women Symposium
5-7 November 2009, College Park, Maryland
Erika Gaffney

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Jul 21 2009

Psychology Headlines from PSYCHNEWS

  1. Bremner’s False Claims about Postpartum Depression
  2. Some insight into how the hollow-face illusion works
  3. Cursing Can Be Healthy
  4. Genes May Predispose to Stress and Drinking
  5. Truthfulness Requires No Act Of Will For Honest People, Neuroimaging Suggests
  6. Fighting Groupthink With Dissent
  7. PTSD linked to higher Alzheimer’s disease/dementia risk
  8. Analysis Of The Personality Of Psychopaths By Means Of Their Drawings
  9. The Anxieties of New Moms and the Hospital Experience
  10. Positive Emotions Increase Resilience, Happiness
  11. After a Relationship Breakup, Violence Can Continue
  12. Depressed college students twice as likely to drop out
  13. Detecting consciousness in a totally locked-in patient
  14. Family History Predicts Presence And Course Of Psychiatric Disorders

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Jul 21 2009

Sustainable Development News From Ecoearth

  1. The planet’s future: Climate change ‘will cause civilisation to collapse’
  2. India, China have to resist pressure on climate change: PM
  3. India doing a great deal on climate change: Manmohan
  4. Nature, the biggest bank of all, could go bust, warns Prince Charles
  5. Costa Rica is world’s greenest, happiest country
  6. PERU: Petroleum Sullies the Amazon
  7. A Tasmanian tragedy? : How the forestry industry has torn an island apart
  8. Spain backtracks on nuclear power phase-out
  9. Group: World failing to halt biodiversity decline
  10. Feeding The World Population By 2050 Would Become Difficult, Says Report

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