Collection Development

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Collection Development

Collection Development and Acquisitions

Collection Development Librarian Mrs Gayle Chan 2859-7002
Acquisitions Librarian Ms Angela Ko 3921-2978
Gifts & Exchange Enquiries 3921-2949
Collection Development Office Enquiries 2859-1943

Subject Specialists

Faculty Librarians and Branch Librarians help develop collections for assigned subject areas and serve as the Libraries' liaison to their faculties. The specific services include:

  • One-to-one consultations tailored to research needs
  • Assistance in the selection and use of appropriate print and electronic resources to support research in different subject areas.
  • Promotion of new information sources, services and publications of relevance to staff and students for their faculty.
  • Customized library skills training that meets your research needs, either on a one-to-one basis or in group.
  • Collection building in areas relevant to the faculty needs.


Subject Librarian Phone no.
Arts & Architecture Ms Diana Tsui 2219-4747
Business & Economics Ms Kitman Chan 2859-2209
Dentistry Ms Nancy Chan 2859-0336
Education Ms Kendy Lau 3917-9286
Engineering Ms Nancy Chan 2219-4748
Law Ms Irene Shieh 3917-2912
Medicine Ms Kendy Lau 3917-9286
Music Ms Y.Y. Kwan 3917-8240
Science Ms Nancy Chan 2219-4748
Social Sciences Ms Tina Yang 2241-5775
Assistant Fung Ping Shan Librarian(Chinese/Japanese/Korean) Ms Angela Ko 3921-2978