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Book Approval Plan


What is an approval plan?

A large proportion of academic libraries use approval plans as a primary tool for developing and maintaining their core collections.

  • Through a book approval plan arrangement, the library contract with a major book vendor to acquire current publications at a very favorable discount, an overall 15% discount in our case.
  • Books on each subject are provided based on a pre-determined subject profile to ensure relevancy and appropriateness, reflecting the research and learning needs of the University.
  • The profile is created by the faculty, and is periodically reviewed with input from library representatives and adjusted according to fiscal restraints and changes in needs.
  • A book approval plan provides books from university and mainstream academic and trade publishers within the first weeks of publication, thus minimizing the problem of short print runs from scholarly publishers.
  • Books received through an approval plan are displayed to allow faculty book-in-hand preview for better screening.
  • Emailed bibliographic descriptions of books can be sent to interested faculty for subjects of broader coverage and of peripheral interest for which we want to be highly selective.
  • An approval plan also helps to streamline acquisitions process, and to make selection process more efficient.


Approval Books Preview

New Approval Books De-selection Guidelines

  1. Approval books will no longer be shelved for book-in-hand review due to the impending move of the Acquisitions/Cataloging off campus towards the end of September, and the need to streamline technical processing to get shelf-ready books.
  2. Subject/Branch Librarians will be responsible to monitor the subject profiles and to review approval books systematically to ensure quality and relevancy.
  3. De-selected titles will be charged to department’s Bookfund unless ACQ is notified within 2-3 weeks after titles are shipped and before payment is made. If notification is made before payment, rejected titles can by absorbed by the Central Fund.
  4. To retain statistics for future evaluation and reporting, it is mandatory to keep records of titles which would have been rejected. All titles rejected will be put in a folder created by ACQ for YBP’s reporting (ACQ/YBP to test this process).
  5. YBP is responsible to track all titles rejected and to refine profiles. Performance report will be provided for annual evaluation.
  6. De-selection procedure
    • Since approval titles cannot be viewed before they are shipped and GobiAlert is only intended for Slip Plans, there is no online review of alert of approval titles until after they are shipped.
    • Shipped titles can be viewed online in the Gobi system.
    • Reviewing the physical book: Selectors can review printed slip that comes with the approval shipment and mark the reason for de-selection on the given slip. These slips can be sent back to YBP for record keeping. With the slip, it is possible to fetch the physical book once they are in the library ready to be shelved. Reviewing book in hand may be preferred by those used to it for better accuracy.
    • Reviewing title record online: If selectors prefer to view online, they can go into Gobi and search for the shipped titles and mark de-selected titles and the reason. YBP requests that theses titles be emailed to the “Reject folder” for their records for the purpose of reporting.


Book Selection via Gobi system

  1. GobiAlert (to view slip plan) or Gobi can be used for title selection.
  2. SL/BL will set up user account for faculty/ staff who wishes to perform selection using YBP Gobi system.
  3. Since there is no built-in routing for approval by HOD or authorized person, SL/BL must ensure that only authorized person should perform selection in the system using the “put in cart” function. This function will route request to ACQ but ACQ cannot trace the requester. According to ACQ, this will not meet auditor’s requirement. In fact, once selection is made, non-authorized persons can use the email function in Gobi to route the request to authorized parties for approval before processing by ACQ.


Approval Plan Report: