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  Introduction by G. W. Bonsall
Note on some special terms
Notes in the event of publication
Translator's Foreword
Appendix I Genealogical Tables
Appendix II
Chapter i 第一回
  Chen Shin-yin in a dream fantasy learns of the Spiritual Intelligence.
Chia Yu-ts'un in the world of reality cherishes thoughts of a beautiful girl.
Chapter ii 第二回
  Madam Chia departs from Yang-chou to join the Immortals.
Leng Tzu-hsing speaks at length of the Jung-kuo-fu
Chapter iii 第三回
  Asking his brother-in-law for a favour, Ju-hai recommends a visitor from the West.
Receiving her grand-daughter, the Dowager has pity on the motherless girl.
Chapter iv 第四回
  An ill-fated girl unfortunately meets an ill-fated youth.
The Gourd Buddhist monk confuses judgement in a mysterious case.
Chapter v 第五回
  Chia Pao-yu wanders in spirit in the region of the Great Vacancy.
The fairy Ching-huan presents the song of the Red Chamber Dream
Chapter vi 第六回
  Chia Pao-yu for the first time makes trial of the emotion of 'clouds and rain'.
Old Mrs Liu makes her first entrance into the Jung-kuo-fu.
Chapter vii 第七回
  Presents of palace flowers. Chia Lien sports with Hsi-Feng.
A feast at the Ning-fu. Pao-yu meets Ch'in Chung.
Chapter viii 第八回
  Chia Pao-yu by a singular fate gets to know about the golden locket.
Hsueh Pao-ch'ai by a marvellous coincidence recognizes the Spiritual Intelligence.
Chapter ix 第九回
  A worthless son is admonished. Li Kuei receives a warning.
A mischievous lad is scolded. Ming-yen sets the schoolroom in an uproar.
Chapter x 第十回
  Widow Chin is greedy for gain but suffers disgrace.
Dr Chang discusses an illness and probes in detail to its origin

Chapter xi 第十一回
  On a day of birthday congratulations a family feast is spread at the Ning-fu.
When he sees Hsi-feng, Chia Jui begins to have licentious thoughts.

Chapter xii 第十二回
  Wang Hsi-feng makes an assignation with evil intent.
Chia Yao-ch'iang looks in the front of the 'Wind and Moon' mirror.
Chapter xiii 第十三回
  Ch'in K'o-ch'ing dies. An officer of the Imperial Guard is appointed.
Wang Hsi-feng helps in the management of the Ning-kuo-fu.
Chapter xiv 第十四回
  The coffin of Lin Ju-hai returns to the prefecture of Su-chou.
Chia Pao-yu on the road is introduced to the Prince of Pei-ching.
Chapter xv 第十五回
  Wang Feng-chieh uses her influence at the Iron Railings Temple.
Ch'in Ch'ing-ch'ing enjoys himself at the 'Dumpling' Convent
Chapter xvi 第十六回
  Chia Yuan-ch'un is selected as worthy of the Phoenix Pond-weed Palace.
Ch'in Ch'ing-ch'ing departs early on the road to the Yellow Springs.
Chapter xvii 第十七回
  In the Great View Garden there is a test of skill in composing inscriptions for the sides and over the doors.
At the Jung-kuo-fu there is a visit to parents to congratulate at the Feast of Lanterns.
Chapter xviii 第十八回
  The Emperor's favour is great. The Imperial Concubine visits her father and mother.
The heavenly relations are joyous. Pao-yu presents his skill in composition.
Chapter xix 第十九回
  Feelings very ardent.On a fine night a flower gives an explanation.
Thoughts continuous.On a quiet day a jade produces fragrance.
Chapter xx 第二十回
  Wang Hsi-feng's straight talk represses jealous thoughts.
Lin Tai-yu's witty remark ridicules pretty speech.
Chapter xxi 第二十一回
  Virtuous Hsi-jen with endearing rebuke admonishes Pao-yu.
Beautiful P'ing-erh with soft speech rescues Chia Lien.
Chapter xxii 第二十二回
  He listens to the words of a song. Pao-yu understands occult speech.
They compose lantern riddles. Chia Cheng is grieved at the words of the enigma.
Chapter xxiii 第二十三回
  A fine passage in the record of the Western Chamber explains the playful word.
A seductive song in the Tree-peony Pavilion alarms the fragrant heart.
Chapter xxiv 第二十四回
  A drunken Diamond Hero makes light of money and exalts chivalrous generosity.
A silly girl drops her handkerchief and incites thoughts of love.
Chapter xxv 第二十五回
  The casting of a spell. Uncle and sister-in-law meet with five devils.
The spiritually intelligent jade, having become dulled, meets the two Pure men .
Chapter xxvi 第二十六回
  At the Wasp-waist Bridge an agreement is made and affairs of the heart are transmitted.
At the Hsiao-hsiang Hall Springtime sleep expresses secret love.
Chapter xxvii 第二十七回
  At the Dripping Jadeite Pavilion Yang-fei sports with the beautifully coloured butterflies.
At the mound of buried fragrance Fei-yen weeps for the decaying red.
Chapter xxviii 第二十八回
  Chiang Yu-han in his affection presents gauze from Ch'ien-hsiang.
Hsueh Pao-ch'ai is ashamed to wear the red musk bracelet.

Chapter xxix 第二十九回
  One in the enjoyment of happiness, when his happiness is profound, prays for yet more happiness.
A girl of much affection, when her affection is weighty, pours out her affection the more.
Chapter xxx 第三十回
  Pao-ch'ai makes use of a fan to deliver a couple of raps.
Chuang-ling writes the character ch'iang. Her infatuation reaches to an outsider.
Chapter xxxi 第三十一回
  The tearing of a fan causes laughter to a young lady.
Because of a ch'i-lin the clue lies hidden to a white-headed couple.
Chapter xxxii 第三十二回
  To set forth his inmost feelings confuses Pao-yu in life.
Filled with shame and feeling disgraced Chin-ch'uan dies a heroine's death.
Chapter xxxiii 第三十三回
  Brothers addicted to pleasure move little comment.
Degeneracy of many kinds receives a severe beating.
Chapter xxxix 第三十四回
  Feeling within feeling. Because of feeling a little sister is moved.
Mistake within mistake. By means of a mistake an elder brother is admonished.
Chapter xxxv 第三十五回
  Pai Yu-ch'uan herself tastes the lotus-leaf soup.
Huang Chin-ying artfully knots the plum-blossom case.
Chapter xxxvi 第三十六回
  As she embroiders a 'drake and duck' pattern, there is an omen in the Purple Yun Pavilion.
Understanding that one's lot is fixed, his feelings are enlightened in the Pear Fragrance Court.
Chapter xxxvii 第三十七回
  In the Autumn Brightness Retreat suddenly the hai-t'ang club is formed.
In the Heng-wu Hall at night chrysanthenum themes are decided upon.
Chapter xxxviii 第三十八回
  Lin Hsiao-hsiang takes the first place with her chrysanthenum poem.
Hsueh Heng-wu satirizes in verse the poems about crabs.
Chapter xxxix 第三十九回
  An old village woman, saying whatever comes into her mind, opens a river.
The emotional elder brother must needs try to get to the bottom of her story.
Chapter xl 第四十回
  The lady Shih gives two feasts in the Great View Garden.
Chin Yuan-yang announces sets of three dominoes for a forfeit.
Chapter xli 第四十一回
  Chia Pao-yu classifies the tea in the Lung-ts'ui Convent.
Old Mrs Liu gets drunk and sleeps in the I-hung Court.
Chapter xlii 第四十二回
  The Princess of Heng-wu with sympathetic speech resolves a suspicious weakness.
The scion of Hsiao-hsiang with ridicule based on a literary reference supplies a missing expression.
Chapter xliii 第四十三回
  In an interval from taking their pleasure, suddenly money is collected for a birthday congratulation.
His affection not being exhausted, for the time being he scrapes together some powders to use as incense.
Chapter xliv 第四十四回
  The changes of life are unfathomable. Feng-chieh vents her jealousy.
Delight is beyond expectation. P'ing-erh performs her toilet.
Chapter xlv 第四十五回
  An agreement of close friendship opens out words of close friendship.
In the melancholy of a windy and rainy evening is composed a poem of wind and rain.
Chapter xlvi 第四十六回
  Bunglers escape with difficulty from a bungled affair.
A 'drake and duck' girl swears to have nothing to do with a 'drake and duck' mate.
Chapter xlvii 第四十七回
  A silly tyrant entices affection and meets with a severe beating.
A cold young gentleman fears evil and runs away to some other district.
Chapter xlviii 第四十八回
  A man of irregular affections, his affection having been mistaken, thinks to go forth on a trading expedition.
A girl with a longing for culture, in a cultured assembly, painstakingly croons over a poem.
Chapter xlix 第四十九回
  In a world of glass, white snow and red plum-blossom.
The rouged, powdered and scented girl cuts up uncooked meat and eats the strong-smelling flesh.
Chapter l 第五十回
  In the 'Reed Snow' Pavilion they contend in connecting up verses appropriate to the circumstances.
In the Warm Fragrance Enclosure they compose elegant Spring lantern riddles.
Chapter li 第五十一回
  Younger sister Hsueh composes new poems dwelling on antiquity.
A quack doctor misuses 'tiger and wolf' medicine.
Chapter lii 第五十二回
  Clever P'ing-erh in her kindness hides the 'shrimp-whisker' bracelet.
Brave Ch'ing-wen in her illness repairs the peacock feather Jacket.
Chapter liii 第五十三回
  In the Ning-kuo-fu on New Year's Eve they sacrifice in the ancestral temple.
In the Jung-kuo-fu on the fifteenth of the first month they serve a feast in the night.
Chapter liv 第五十四回
  The Lady Shih exposes an old-established rotten kind of story.
Wang Hsi-feng imitates theatrical ornaments and stage costumes.
Chapter lv 第五十五回
  Disgracing her own daughter, a stupid concubine is angry about something with does not concern her.
Cheating a young mistress, a rascally slave harbours a dangerous heart.
Chapter lvi 第五十六回
  Intelligent T'an-ch'un raises profits and gets rid of old abuses.
Virtuous Pao-ch'ai with a small kindness completes the whole affair.
Chapter lvii 第五十七回
  The understanding Tzu-chuan with words concerning love tests the wild Yu.
The compassionate Aunt with loving speech comforts the foolish P'in.
Chapter lviii 第五十八回
  Under the shade of an apricot tree a false male phoenix weeps for a pretended female phoenix.
By the yellow silk window true love lays down the rule for an infatuation.
Chapter lix 第五十九回
  By the side of the 'Willow-leaf' Islet, Ying and Yen are both scolded.
In the Purple Yun Pavilion a general is summoned and the tallies fly.
Chapter lx 第六十回
  Jasmine powder goes instead of cinnamon-rose saltpetre.
Rose-scented wine leads out fu-ling frost.
Chapter lxi 第六十一回
  Throwing at a rat and avoiding a vase, Pao-yu practises deception in the matter of stolen things.
Judging and making a decision in a case of wrong, P'ing-erh acts according to the circumstances.
Chapter lxii 第六十二回
  Foolish Hsiang-yun when drunk sleeps on a shao-yao cushion.
Silly Hsiang-ling gratefully changes her pomegranate skirt.
Chapter lxiii 第六十三回
  A birthday celebration at the I-hung Hall. Grouped fragrances open a feast in the night.
Death due to the drug of immortality. A solitary beauty arranges for the obsequies of a relative.
Chapter lxiv 第六十四回
  A retired virtuous maiden in her sorrow composes the Lament of the Five Beauties.
A dissolute young man in love leaves behind a 'nine dragon' pendant.
Chapter lxv 第六十五回
  The second young gentleman of the Chia family secretly marries second aunt Yu.
Third sister Yu thinks of marrying the second young gentleman Liu.
Chapter lxvi 第六十六回
  The younger sister who is in love, with shame and love, returns to the nether regions.
The second young gentleman with a cold heart enters the door of Vacancy.
Chapter lxvii 第六十七回
  When she sees presents from the locality, the girl P'in thinks of her native place.
When she hears of a secret affair, Feng-chieh questions a lad of the household.
Chapter lxviii 第六十八回
  The suffering Yu-niang is beguiled into entering the Great View Garden.
The sour Feng-chieh cries and makes a disturbance in the Ning-kuo Mansion.
Chapter lxix 第六十九回
  By means of a little cleverness, using a borrowed sword to slay someone.
Conscious of 'The Great Limit', swallowing gold to depart from the world.
Chapter lxx 第七十回
  Lin Tai-yu founds anew the Peach-blossom club.
Shih Hsiang-yun on the spur of the moment fills in the Willow-floss poem.
Chapter lxxi 第七十一回
  A suspicious hostile person on purpose creates suspicion and hostility.
The yuan-yang girl unintentionally meets a yuan-yang.
Chapter lxxii 第七十二回
  Wang Hsi-feng, trusting to her power, is ashamed to speak of her illness.
Lai Wang's wife, relying on her influence, oppressively brings about a betrothal.
Chapter lxxiii 第七十三回
  A silly slave-girl by mistake picks up an embroidered 'Springtime' bag.
A weak young lady does not enquire about a golden-threaded phoenix.
Chapter lxxiv 第七十四回
  Deceived by malicious slander they make a search in the Great View Garden.
To avoid suspicion one shuts herself off from the Ning-kuo Mansion.
Chapter lxxv 第七十五回
  While they are having a banquet in the night a strange omen utters a sorrowful sound.
As they enjoy the 'Mid Autumn' a new poem obtains an excellent augury.
Chapter lxxvi 第七十六回
  In the projecting Green Hall the excellent flute is moved to mournfulness.
In the Crystal Hall in the Hollow the connected verses reflect the solitude.
Chapter lxxvii 第七十七回
  An attractive maid cherishes a feeling of wrong because of a short-lived love affair.
A beautiful actress cuts off affection and enters the Shui-yueh convent.
Chapter lxxviii 第七十八回
  An old scholar in his leisure demands poems about Wei-ho.
An infatuated young gentleman composes an original fu-jung elegy.
Chapter lxxix 第七十九回
  Hsueh Weh-ch'i regrets that he married a virago of Ho-tung.
Chia Ying-ch'un by mistake is married to a wolf of Chung-shan.
Chapter lxxx 第八十回
  Beautiful Hsiang-ling wrongfully suffers blows from an insatiable husband.
The Taoist Wang talks wildly of a prescription for a jealous wife.
Chapter lxxxi 第八十一回
  Divining for prosperity four beauties angle for the roaming fish.
Receiving a stern command he enters the family school for the second time.
Chapter lxxxii 第八十二回
  An old scholar expounds the meaning to warn a playful disposition.
When ill in the Hsiao-hsiang Hall an infatuated spirit is alarmed by an evil dream.
Chapter lxxxiii 第八十三回
  A visit to the private chambers of the Palace. The Imperial Concubine Chia contracts an illness.
A disturbance in the women's apartments. Hsueh Pao-ch'ai restrains her speech.
Chapter lxxxiv 第八十四回
  His literary attainments are tested. Pao-yu's betrothal is mentioned for the first time.
Enquiring about an alarming rumour, Chia Huan again causes resentment.
Chapter lxxxv 第八十五回
  Chia Ts'un-chou is reported as having been promoted to the position of senior secretary.
Hsueh Wen-ch'i again provokes a sentence of banishment.
Chapter lxxxvi 第八十六回
  Receiving a private bribe, a magistrate overturns a case.
Conveying her personal feelings, a chaste maiden explains the book of the lute.
Chapter lxxxvii 第八十七回
  Moved by the sounds of Autumn, she plays on the lute, grieving over things of the past.
As she sits in silent meditation, a wandering fire introduces an evil spirit.
Chapter lxxxviii 第八十八回
  Enlarging the happiness in the Hall, Pao-yu praises an orphan.
Correcting the rules of the House, Chia Chen whips an obstinate servant.
Chapter lxxxix 第八十九回
  The person is gone but the thing remains. The young gentleman composes verses.
The reflection of the serpent is a bow in the cup. The lady P'in leaves off food.
Chapter xc 第九十回
  A cotton garment is lost. A poor girl endures abusive speech.
A present of fruit. A young gentleman is alarmed by what he cannot fathom.
Chapter xci 第九十一回
  Giving way to her licentious disposition,Pao-ch'an works out a plan.
Publishing his suspicious, Pao-yu talks recklessly in the Buddhist style.
Chapter xcii 第九十二回
  Discussing 'The Record of Famous Women', Ch'iao-chieh longs after the virtuous and good.
Amusing himself with the mother pearl, Chia Cheng comments on gathering and scattering.
Chapter xciii 第九十三回
  A servant of the Chen family seeks support in the Chia household.
In the Shui-yueh convent a case of dissipation is uncovered.
Chapter xciv 第九十四回
  Feasting the Hai-t'ang, the Dowager enjoys the flower omen.
The precious jade is lost. Spiritual intelligence knows of the strange calamity.
Chapter xcv 第九十五回
  Beginning with deceit, the truth is established. The Imperial Concubine passes away.
The false is used to counterfeit the genuine. Pao-yu goes mad.
Chapter xcvi 第九十六回
  Deceptive tidings. Feng-chieh forms an unusual plan.
An occasion of leakage. P'in-erh becomes confused in her mind.
Chapter xcvii 第九十七回
  Lin Tai-yu burns the draft of verses and breaks off her doting affection.
Hsueh Pso-ch'ai goes forth to be married. The great ritual is completed.
Chapter xcviii 第九十八回
  The Spirit of the distressed purple pearl returns to the griefless heaven.
The tears of the sick Shen-ying sprinkle the place of mutual thought.
Chapter xcix 第九十九回
  Keeping the rules of office, evil servants together break the law.
Reading the Peking Gazette, an old uncle is himself alarmed.
Chapter c 第一百回
  Breaking up a good deed, Hsiang-ling incurs profound hatred.
Grieving over a marriage at a distance, Pao-yu is moved by the feeling of separation.
Chapter ci 第一百一回
  In the Great View Garden on a moonlight night a warning by an obscure Spirit.
In the San-hua convent the divining slip alarms with a strange omen.
  Chapter cii 第一百二回
  In the Ning-kuo Mansion relatives are taken ill because of a harmful influence.
In the Great View Garden charms and water expel an uncanny evil.
Chapter ciii 第一百三回
  A plan to administer poison. Chin-kuei burns her own body.
Ignorant of true meditation, Yu-ts'un in vain meets an old acquaintance.
Chapter civ 第一百四回
  Drunken Diamond. A small fish stirs up a big wave.
An infatuated young gentleman. His left-over grief comes up against his former affection.
Chapter cv 第一百五回
  The Chin-i band of soldiers make a search of the Ning-kuo Mansion.
A censor impeaches the Departmental magistrate of P'ing-an.
Chapter cvi 第一百六回
  Wang Hsi-feng meets with calamity and cherishes shame and remorse.
The Dowager Lady Chia prays to Heaven to dispel their evils.
Chapter cvii 第一百七回
  In the disposal of her remaining property the Dowager manifests great righteousness.
In the return of his hereditary office Cheng-lao receives the heavenly favour.
Chapter cviii 第一百八回
  With forced merriment in the Heng-wu there is a congratulatory birthday party.
In the trammels of death in the Hsiao-hsiang the crying of a spirit is heard.
Chapter cix 第一百九回
  Waiting for the fragrant Spirit, Wu-erh receives mistaken love.
The debt of evil is repayed. The girl Ying returns to the True Beginning.
Chapter cx 第一百十回
  The Lady Shih's life ends. She returns to the mansion in the earth.
Wang Feng-chieh's strength is exhausted. She loses the hearts of others.
Chapter cxi 第一百十一回
  The girl Yuan-yang follows her mistress in death and ascends to the Great Vacancy.
The dog-pig slave despises Heaven and summons a band of robbers.
Chapter cxii 第一百十二回
  A living retribution. The nun Miao meets with a great capture.
A dead enemy. The concubine Chao departs to the shades.
Chapter cxiii 第一百十三回
  Remorseful for old wrongs Feng-chieh puts her trust in an old countrywoman.
Letting go her former resentment the affectionate maid-servant is moved by the infatuated young gentleman.
Chapter cxiv 第一百十四回
  Wang Hsi-feng, having experienced apparitions, returns to Chin-ling.
Chen Ying-chia, having received favour, comes back to the Capital.
Chapter cxv 第一百十五回
  Led astray by her private inclination, Hsi-ch'un adheres to her original resolve.
Having had evidence of one of his own class, Pao-yu loses a kindred spirit.
Chapter cxvi 第一百十六回
  The Spiritual Intelligence is obtained. In the magic region the divine connection is understood.
The mother's coffin is escorted to her native countryside in the fulfilment of filial piety.
Chapter cxvii 第一百十七回
  Preventing him from passing beyond common life, the beautiful women both keep the jade.
Delighting in forming cliques, the evil sons alone have charge of the home.
Chapter cxviii 第一百十八回
  Remembering a slight dislike, a wife's brother deceives a weak girl.
Alarmed by his obscure talk, wife and maid admonish an infatuated man.
Chapter cxix 第一百十九回
  Having passed high in the Provincial examination, Pao-yu renounces connection with the dust.
Having received the Imperial favour the Chia family prolongs its hereditary blessings.
Chapter cxx 第一百二十回
  Chen Shih-yin speaks in detail of conditions in the Great Vacancy.
Chia Yu-ts'un winds up the Red Chamber Dream.