Exhibition Application

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The University of Hong Kong Libraries (HKUL) offers exhibition space at the Main Library and at a number of branch libraries.
To present an exhibition at the Libraries, please provide the following information. A member of the Public Relations and Development team will contact you.


1. Particulars of Applicant 申請機構資料

Name of Organisation 機構名稱 *

Address 地址 *

Name of Applicant 申請人姓名 *

Position 職位 *

Tel. No. 聯絡電話 *

Email 電郵 *


2. Particulars of the Exhibition 展覽詳情

Title of the proposed exhibition 展覽名稱 *

Clear and concise description of the exhibition and its ideas 展覽詳情/主题 *

Proposed Date and Time 建議日期及時間 *

Who will be exhibiting? If it is a group show, what is approximate number of artists exhibiting 展出作家名稱及數量 *

Types of work to be exhibited e.g. painting, sculpture, photography etc. 展品種類 *

Number of pieces to be exhibited 展品數量 *

Size of the materials to be exhibited 展品大小 *

Number of Display Panels required 展板數量 *

Number of Display Cabinets required 展柜數量 *

A curriculum vitae or description of the exhibitor(s) or artist(s) 展出作家生平介紹 *

Jpeg or video or printed samples of the material to be exhibited 展品介紹 (印刷品/短片) *

Any special requirements within the space 额外的需求 *

I agree to observe the Conditions Governing Exhibitions in The University of Hong Kong Libraries and the Criteria for Exhibitions by External Parties stated in the section above. 本人及展览機構同意遵守載於以上有關在香港大學圖書館展览的條款及要求。

NOTE: Exhibition spaces are not manned by Library staff and the Libraries will not be held responsible for any losses or damages to the exhibitor’s/artist’s property.