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Knowledge Team

4/F Main Library

The Knowledge Team is an action group devoted to helping HKU make better informed decisions and develop better strategies for using ICT to enhance teaching and learning.

More specifically, the Knowledge Team brings together interested individuals from the major groups involved in the creation, access, dissemination and management of knowledge on campus to achieve our mission by engaging in two areas of focus:

  1. Discuss, describe and make recommendations about the extent to which and in what ways ICT can be integrated into our teaching and learning and about new directions and opportunities for HKU to leverage ICT to support or extend HKU's educational mission, i.e., to function as a "think-tank" and facilitate strategic planning for ICT in teaching and learning.
  2. Identify challenges facing our students and teachers, and provide advice to the SMT, through the Policy Group, with respect to appropriate responses, and in some cases, take necessary action.

The Knowledge Team supports the strategic values of the University with respect to ICT. Membership is diverse coming from a number of organizations across campus which are involved in ICT in teaching and learning.

Find out more about the work of the Knowledge Team:

Please send comments and suggestions to Dr YC Wan (Secretary, Knowledge Team)