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Moore, Ann M. The insider's guide to study abroad. Australia : Peterson's/Thomson Learning, c2000.
R 378.016 M821 i


Moore, Ann M. The unofficial guide to study abroad. Foster City, Calif. : IDG Books Worldwide, c2000.
378.016 M821 u


Academic programmes guide 1999-2000. Hong Kong : Hong Kong Council for Academic Accreditation, 1999.
R 378.5125 A1 H7 a99
HK 378.0025 A16


Commonwealth universities database online service. London : Association of Commonewealth Universities, 2003-
Internet Access


Commonwealth universities yearbook. [London] : Association of Commonwealth Universities.
R 378.42 A1 C73 (79th ed., 2005)
ER 378.42 A1 C73 (78th ed., 2003-2004)
DR 378.42 A1 C73 (78th ed., 2003-2004)
MR 378.42 A1 C73 (80th ed. 2006)
R K166.C7 C7 (77th ed. 2002)


International handbook of universities. New York, N.Y. : Stockton Press.
RLB 378.0025 I61 i6 (20th ed., 2009)
MR 378.0025 I61 i6 (18th ed., 2005)
ER 378.0025 I61 i6 (17th ed., 2003)
DR 378.0025 I61 i6 (17th ed., 2003)


World list of universities and other institutions of higher education = Liste mondiale des universites. Paris : International Association of Universities.
R 378.0025 I61 I (25th ed., 2006)
MR 378.0025 I61 I (25th ed., 2006)
DR 378.0025 I61 I (24nd ed., 2004)
ER 378.0025 I61 I (23rd ed., 2002)


The World of learning. London : Allen & Unwin.
R 060.25 W927 (53rd ed., 2003)
DR 060.25 W927 (53rd ed., 2003)
R K180 W9 L (52nd ed., 2002)
MR 060.25 W927 (53rd ed., 2003)
ER 060.25 W927 (51st ed., 2001)
Internet Access



Australian education directory. Canberra : Australian Govt. Pub. Service.
R 370.2594 A93 (2009)
ER 370.2594 A93 (2003)


The good universities guide : universities and private colleges. 2004 ed. Melbourne, Vic. : Hobsons Australia, 2003.
R 378.94 G64


The good universities guide to postgraduate & career upgrade courses. 2009 ed. Melbourne : Hobsons Australia, 2008.
378.94 G64 H


Canada and the United States

Berry, Dave and Hawsey, David. America's elite colleges : the smart applicant's guide to the Ivy League and other top schools. New York : Random House, c2001.
R 378.16 B5


Franek, Robert et al. The best 331 colleges. 2002 ed. New York : Random House, c2001.
R 378.73 B56


The Adult student's guide. 2nd ed. Pomfret, Conn. : Swordsmith Books, 2001.
R 374.973 A244


American universities and colleges. 18th ed. Washington, D.C. : American Council on Education, 2008.
RLB 378.73 A1 A51
Internet Access


BusinessWeek guide to the best business schools. 8th ed. New York : McGraw-Hill, c2003.
R 650.071173 G885 b
Internet Access


Choosing the right college, 2008-9 : the whole truth about America's top schools. 6th ed. Wilmington, Del. : ISI Books, c2007.
R 378.73 C54


Chronicle four-year college databook. [Moravia, N.Y.] : Chronicle Guidance Publications, Inc, 2008/2009.
R 378.73 C55


The College blue book. 35th ed. Detroit : Thomson/Gale, c2008.
RLB 378.73 C69 T (v.1-v.6)


The College handbook. New York : College Entrance Examination Board.
R 378.73 A1 C69 (2009)


Complete book of colleges. 2010 ed. New York : Random House ; The Princeton Review, c2009.
R 378.73 A1 C73 F


Directory of Catholic colleges and universities. 3rd ed. New York : Paulist Press, c2001.
R 378.071273 D5


Education for action : undergraduate and graduate programs that focus on social change. 4th rev. ed. Oakland, Calif. : Food First Books, c2001.
ER 300.71173 E24 P88


Educational rankings annual. Detroit, Mich. : Gale Research Inc.
RLB 379.154025 E2 (2006)
DR 379.154025 E2 (2005)
MR 379.154025 E2 (2004)


The HEP ... higher education directory. Washington, D.C. : Higher Education Publications.
R 378.73 A1 H63 (2009)
MR 378.73 A1 H63 (2009)


The College Board index of majors and graduate degrees. New York : College Entrance Examination Board.
DR 378.73 A1 I3 (26th ed., 2004)
MR 378.73 A1 I3 (26th ed., 2004)


Official guide to graduate nursing schools. Sudbury, Mass. Jones and Bartlett, c2000.
MR 610.73071173 O3
M 610.73071173 O3 (CD-ROM)


Peterson's competitive colleges. Princeton, N.J. : Peterson's Guides.
R 378.73 A1 P48 (2008)


Peterson's graduate and professional programs, an overview. Princeton, N.J. : Peterson's Guides.
R 378.15502573 P4 (43rd ed., 2009)
DR 378.15502573 P4 (43rd ed., 2009)
ER 378.15502573 P4 (37th ed., 2003)


Peterson's graduate programs in the biological sciences. Princeton, N.J. : Peterson's Guides.
DR 378.15502573 P4 b6 (43rd ed., 2009)
RLB 378.15502573 P4 b6 (37th ed., 2003)
ER 378.15502573 P4 b6 (36th ed., 2002)
MR 378.15502573 P4 b6 (37th ed., 2003)


Peterson's graduate programs in business, education, health, information studies, law & social work. Princeton, N.J. : Peterson's.
DR 378.15502573 P4 b (43rd ed., 2009)
RLB 378.15502573 P4 b (37th ed., 2003)
ER 378.15502573 P4 b (37th ed., 2003)


Peterson's graduate programs in humanities. Princeton, N.J. : Peterson's, 2001.
ER 378.15502573 P4 g7


Peterson's graduate programs in physical sciences. Princeton, N.J. Peterson's, 2001.
R 378.15502573 P4 P57


Peterson's graduate programs in the physical sciences, mathematics, agricultural sciences, the environment & natural resources. 37th ed. Princeton, N.J. : Peterson's, 2003.
RLB 378.15502573 P4 p


Peterson's graduate programs in psychology. Princeton, N.J. : Peterson's, 2001.
R 150.71173 G7 P


Peterson's graduate programs in social sciences. Princeton, N.J. : Petersons, 2001.
R 378.15502573 P4 S67 S4



劉澤華. 大學任我行:推甄申請入學強棒手冊. 臺北 : 東大圖書股份有限公司, 2000.
[中] LB2351.4.T3 L58 2000


龐愛蘭. 成功升讀中國高校指南 : 中國升學必讀. 香港 : 明窗出版社有限公司, 2002.
HK 378.51 P19
[ER] L961.C6 P36 2002


Chinese universities and colleges = 中國高等學校. 3rd ed. Beijing : Higher Education Press, 2000.
RLB 378.51 A18 C539
RD 378.51 A18 C539 (CD-ROM)


1999年全國大學聲望總覽 = How to get into college. 臺北:時報文化出版企業有股份有限公司, 1999.
大A 378.27 10


中, 港, 臺著名大學手冊:1999-2000. 新澤西:八方文化企業公司, 1999.
HK 378.51 A1 Z6
[醫R] L961.C6 C466 1999
[R] L961.C6 C466 1999


內地大學升學指南. 香港 : 香島專科學校內地大學升學輔導中心, 2003.
HKP 378.51 N39


留學中國 = Study in China. [香港] : 香港中國新聞出版社, [2003]
[中] LB2376.6.C6 L583 2003



日本大學總覽. 北京:高等教育出版社, 1997.
[R] L961.J3 J46 1997


日本專門學校日語學校留學指南. 臺北:雙大出版有限公司, 1998.
中 378.31 605


The United Kingdom

British qualifications. London : Kogan Page.
DR 378.42 A2 B86 (34th ed., 2004)
R 378.42 A2 B86 (33rd ed., 2003)
ER 378.42 A2 B86 (34th ed., 2004)
MR 378.42 A2 B86 (33rd ed., 2003)


Directory of UK universities, colleges and schools : the official British Council directory for international students. London : Hobsons.
R 378.42 D5 (2002/2003)
ER 378.42 D5 (2002/2003)


The Directory of graduate studies. London : Hobson's Publishing.
R 378.1553 D59 (2001)
MR 378.1553 D59 (2000)


Directory of vocational and further education. London : Pearson, 1999/2000.
R 370.11302542 D5


Guide to UK education. Postgraduate and MBA. London : Hotcourses.
R 378.42 G9 p (2009)
ER 378.42 G9 p (2005)


Guide to UK education. Undergraduate and pre-university. London : Hotcourses.
R 378.42 G9 u (2009)
ER 378.42 G9 u (2005)
MR 378.42 G9 u (2004)


Hobsons postgraduate directory ... Cambridge : Hobsons, c2002.
DR 378.1553 D59
Internet Access


The Students' guide. [Cambridge] : Careers Research and Advisory Centre ; London : Hobsons.
DR 378.1553 S93 (2002 v.1-v.3)
MR 378.1553 S93 (2000 v.3)
R 378.1553 S93 (2001 v.1-v.3)
R K166.G7 S93 (2000 v.1)


Studying and living in the United Kingdom 2000/2001. Rev. ed. [London] : The British Council, 2000.
R 378.42 S93 B


The Times good university guide. London : Times Books.
R 378.42 A2 T58 (2010)


UK universities, colleges and schools handbook. London : Hotcourses.
R 378.42 U3 (2006 ed.)
ER 378.42 U3 (2005 ed.)


Distance Education / Open Learning

Bear, John and Bear, Mariah P. Bears' guide to college degrees by mail and Internet : 100 accredited schools that offer Bachelor's, Master's, Doctorates, and Law degrees by distance learning. 9th ed. Berkeley, Calif. : Ten Speed Press, 2003.
MR 374.402573 B3


Ice, Jerry and Edelson, Paul Jay. Complete book of distance learning schools : everything you need to earn your degree without leaving home. New York : Random House, Inc., c2001.
R 374.402573 I15

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