Research Guides

Image of Information Services
  • Access E-resources from a non-HKUL website
  • DOW : The Library Skills Tutorial on Moodle
    • Choose “Non-HKU Portal user”
    • Login with the guest account
      • Username: lib_skills_2012_hkul001
      • Password: Guest!23  (Note: password is case-sensitive.)
  • Learn More : Detailed guides on searching specific resources, such as article databases or e-book collections.
  • Online Reading List : Learn how to create an online reading list by establishing durable links to specific book titles or journal articles.
  • Recommended Readings : Readings and web sites on general topics.
  • Off-campus Access : Find out how to authenticate your access to the e-resources from a remote site.
  • Library Support for Teaching and Research : A package of information literacy skills for HKU teaching staff

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