Borrowing Privileges of Centennial College students

Following library users have no remote access rights to all electronic resources but only on-site use.

Status Type of Material Loan Period Total No. of Items
Centennial College students Books 60 days 16
Old reference books in closed stacks storage 14 days
Requested items with additional holds 16 days
Requested items with no additional holds 60 days
Pamphlets 7 days
Pamphlets in closed stacks storage 60 days
Best sellers 14 days
Reserve materials 2 hours,
1 day,
2 days, or
1 week
Scores 60 days
HKALL 15 days
Audio-visual materials 14 days # 6*
* 6 audio-visual items from the AV Collection
# For movies and popular films, the loan period ranging from 2 hours to 7 days at the discretion of respective teaching staff and AV Librarian.