Circulation and Document Delivery

Recall Service


What is recall service?

The recall service aims to expedite the circulation of books on heavy demand. Through this service, the loan period of charged out library materials can be shortened once a user requests for that item. The material will then be made available sooner for a requester.


What kinds of materials can be recalled?

Loans of 30-180 days are subject to recall once the item is requested by another user. The loan period will then be shortened and the item has to be returned within 10 days from the date of recall. The system, however, ensures a minimum use period of 16 days. Therefore, items with loan periods of 16 days or less will not be recalled. Items that are due in 10 days will also not be recalled.


How to recall an item?

To recall an item, simply place a hold on the item. If there is a change in the due date, the library will send a recall notice to the current borrower. A new due date will supersede all previous loan periods or due dates.


What if the book is not returned to the library on the new due date?

Overdue fine of $5.00 per day will be levied for late returns of recalled items. The patron record will also be blocked from further borrowing, renewals or requests until all overdue recalled items are returned.