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Nov 05 2014

Access Gender Studies Highly Cited Research Collection from Routledge

Highly Cited Research Collection 2014 – Free to access

This Highly Cited Research Collection has been created to showcase some of the recent work published in Gender Studies journals that is having an impact on scholarship already. These articles are free for you to read online to help inform your own research projects.

Please click here to enjoy free access and start reading.


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Jul 17 2013

Women on Boards: Policies, Processes, Returns

 “Mining the Metrics of Board Diversity” Report

While numerous organizations have undertaken campaigns to increase the number of women on their boards, it looks like there is more work to be done. In fact, 2012 data shows that although 59% of the 4,100 global companies in our analysis have any women on their boards, just 17% report greater than 20% of their board members are women.


Some report highlights include:

  • Technology, Industrials and Non-Cyclical Consumer Goods & Services companies lead in gender-diverse boards by segment.
  • By region, EMEA leads, with companies in the Americas close behind.


Don’t miss the chance to get more alpha-generating insights on this critical topic and explore the impact of greater gender diversity on the global economy.


Get Complimentary Report >



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Oct 29 2009

Free access to selected articles from Routledge Gender Studies journals

Women’s History Review
Special Issue – Women, Art and Culture: Creators and Consumers
The papers included in this special issue were first delivered at the Women’s History Network Annual Conference in 2005. They can be seen to address current issues, ideologies and methodologies pertaining to women as both creators and consumers of art, and include papers on Julia Thecla, Sylvia Plath and Tracey Emin.
Please click here to access the introduction free until 30 November 2009 .

Australian Feminist Studies
Australian Feminist Studies is delighted to offer free access to a selection of articles until 31st December 2009. Please click here to access.

NORA, Nordic Journal of Women’s Studies
Special Issue – Sex & Politics – Case Africa
In this issue, NORA draws from a wealth of well known feminist scholarship on sex and power but also claims that this line of inquiry can be revitalized by cross-fertilization from the research field of sexualities in Africa, another vibrant field of research that too often is seen as a separate sphere of its own.
Please click here to access all free articles in this issue until 31st December 2009.

Special Issue – Love, Sexuality and Migration
Special issue (4.3) of Mobilities constitutes a powerful argument for both a ‘sexual turn’ and an ‘emotional turn’ in migration and mobility studies. The papers show how issues of sexuality, intimacy and emotion articulate with various forms of mobility and immobility.
Please click here to access the introductory article.


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Sep 04 2009

Brown Archival and Manuscript Collections Online

The Brown Archival & Manuscripts Collection Online (BAMCO) is a digital repository which contains documents related to many different subjects, including poetry, the history of Rhode Island, American political and diplomatic history, the history of science, and women’s studies. This site provides users with finding aids for these various collections, along with digitized version of more than a dozen of said collections. Visitors can click on the “Browse all collections” area to look at all of the materials, or they can use the “Browse collections w/digital facsimiles”, if they know they only want digitized materials. The currently digitized collections include the papers of James Manning (who corresponded with many a prominent Baptist minister in the late 18th century) and the Albert E. Lownes collection on Henry David Thoreau, to name only two. The Lownes collection contains books by Thoreau, critical works, and so on. The site also has contact information for those looking to ask specific questions about the collections. Please click here to access.


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Aug 20 2009

Full suite of Adam Matthew databases now available

HKU Libraries users can now access the full suite of databases developed by Adam Matthew Publications, a scholarly publisher that specializes in making available original manuscript collections, rare printed books and other primary source material for the humanities and social sciences, online and on microfilm.

The suite includes a total of 21 databases which cover a wide range of disciplines and topics, including American and British histories, China-West relations, Empire studies and colonialism, gender and family studies, women studies, popular culture, and English and American literature.

To accesses these databases, go to the portal page via http://library.hku.hk/record=b4189256, or title search for ‘Adam Matthew’ in Dragon (http://library.hku.hk/search/t?SEARCH=adam+matthew).


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May 29 2009

Women’s History Month

More than half a dozen government cultural agencies, including the Library of Congress, National Gallery of Art, National Park Service, Smithsonian Institution and United States Holocaust Memorial Museum have contributed to this website celebrating Women’s History Month.  The theme for 2009 is “Women’s commitment to the environment”, but this website also has information on influential women in all areas.  You can read more about the current theme by clicking on the link “Women Taking the Lead to Save our Planet” on the far right side of the page, near the top.  Once there, click on the big square logo to learn more about this year’s theme, and its honorees. Back on the homepage, you can link to “Exhibits &
Collections”, using the menu on the far left side of the page.  Some of the categories to view are “First-Person Accounts”, “Politics”, and “Women and War”. In the link to “Audio/Video”, also located in the menu on the far left side of the page, you will find a variety of authors discussing their books, as well as other podcasts, webcasts, and readings from the annual National Book Festival.

Moving on, in the “For Teachers” link, in the left side menu, you will find lesson plans, student activities and research aids, all incorporating primary sources from Library of Congress, National Archives, National Gallery of Art, and the National Park Service. Please click here to access.


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