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Apr 17 2012

Psychology Headlines Around the World from Socialpsychology.org

  1. Facial Features Of Children With Down Syndrome Lead To Implicit Stereotyping
  2. Fetal Exposure To Antipsychotics Results In Lower Neuromotor Test Scores
  3. Yoga Shows Psychological Benefits for High-School Student
  4. Depression Often Leads To Difficulties With Peers In Middle Childhood
  5. Opponents of Gay Marriage Think Their Own Union Is Unshakable
  6. Cyberbullying and Bullying Are Not the Same
  7. Mental Illness Linked To Chronic Physical Illness Risk

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Nov 24 2011

Psychology Headlines Around the World from Socialpsychology.org

  1. Global campaign to decriminalise homosexuality to kick off in Belize court
  2. Psychological Responses To Racism Similar To Trauma Symptoms, Study Finds
  3. Training in ‘Concrete Thinking’ Can Be Self-Help Treatment for Depression, Study Suggests
  4. Transcendental Meditation Effective Antidote To Record Stress Levels In School Students
  5. Being Transgender Is Still Widely Misunderstood
  6. The Brain Acts Fast To Reappraise Angry Faces
  7. Association Between Illegal Drug Use And Abnormal Weight In Teens
  8. Symptoms Of Chronic Widespread Pain Improved By Talking Therapy Over The Phone
  9. New Study Shows Body Focus Affects How Both Men And Women See Others
  10. Facial Disfigurements Negatively Impact Job Applicants
  11. CNN study: Schoolyard bullies not just preying on the weak
  12. Illusory Memories Can Have Salutary Effects

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Sep 20 2011

Psychology Headlines Around the World from Socialpsychology.org

  1. Rebooting Psychotherapy
  2. Why Are Patients Reluctant To Reveal Depressive Symptoms To Their Family Doctor?
  3. Cognition Research Aims to Reduce Medical Errors
  4. Writing Positively About Their Experience Benefits Men With Testicular Cancer
  5. Links Between Racial Discrimination, Stress and Health
  6. Computerized Anxiety Therapy Found Helpful in Small Trial

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Aug 22 2011

Psychology Headlines Around the World from Socialpsychology.org

  1. Social Class As Culture
  2. Stanford prison experiment continues to shock
  3. Coke Addicts Prefer Money In Hand To Snowy Future
  4. Narcissists Look Like Good Leaders, but They Aren’t
  5. Social Acceptance and Rejection: The Sweet and the Bitter
  6. Jailhouse Phone Calls Reveal Why Domestic Violence Victims Recant
  7. Consumer Self-Esteem: Should Good-Looking Clerks Wear Store Brands?
  8. Narcissism May Benefit The Young, Researchers Report; But Older Adults? Not So Much
  9. Study Reveals That Risk-Taking Behavior Of Women And Men, Adolescents And Adults, Departs From Assumptions Related To Gender And Age
  10. Male Acts of Bravery Increase Accidental Death: Effects of Male Aggression in Response to Insult Most Felt in States With ‘Culture of Honor’, Study Suggests

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Jul 22 2011

Psychology Headlines Around the World from Socialpsychology.org

  1. The Truth About Cats and Dogs: Pets Are Good for Mental Health of ‘Everyday People’
  2. Dealing With Negative Emotions By Distracting Yourself Or Thinking It Over
  3. Two In Five People Don’t Want To Know About A Loved One’s Depression , Ireland
  4. Researchers Look Around The World For Ingredients Of Happiness
  5. Psych Experts: Violent Videos Distort Kids’ Health, Perceptions
  6. ‘Coming Out’ Makes People Happier, But Mainly In Supportive Settings
  7. Mental Health Disabling Young People
  8. Attention And Awareness Aren’t The Same
  9. Money Can’t Buy Happiness
  10. Pregnancy-Related Depression Linked to Eating Disorders and Abuse Histories
  11. Can Aptitude Tests Really Predict Your Performance?
  12. The Greek Mental-Health Crisis: As Economy Implodes, Depression and Suicide Rates Soar

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Jun 07 2011

Psychology Headlines Around the World from Socialpsychology.org

  1. Ways to Help Teens Overcome Fears and Stigmas of Mental Illness
  2. Study Links Empathy, Self-Esteem, with Sexual Enjoyment
  3. Depression: Getting Stuck on Negative Words and Thoughts
  4. Jack Kevorkian, Advocate of Assisted Suicide, Dies in Hospital at 83
  5. Frequent School Nurse Visits May Be Telltale Sign of Bullying
  6. Neural System Responsible for Face Recognition Discovered
  7. Brain Scan Shows Mark of Bomb Blasts, Study Finds
  8. “Sleep on It” Is Sound, Science-Based Advice

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Sep 20 2010

Psychology Headlines Around the World from Socialpsychology.org

  1. Bad acne linked to suicidal thinking in teens
  2. When Yawning Is Catching And When It Is Not
  3. False Memories of Self-Performance Result from Watching Others’ Actions
  4. Psychologists Unlock The Male Dance Moves That Catch A Woman’s Eye
  5. Learning More Effective When Brain Activity Consistent
  6. Gallup poll: Degree of one’s charity depends on happiness more than wealth
  7. Fathers get postnatal depression too
  8. Empowering Workers: Designing Your Own Workspace Improves Health, Happiness And Productivity
  9. ‘Good Samaritan’ survey shows charitable giving trends
  10. Psychological Violence During Pregnancy Linked To Postnatal Depression Risk
  11. A psychologist inside the mind of suicide bombers

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Jul 29 2010

Psychology Headlines Around the World from Socialpsychology.org

  1. Squabbling siblings learn a valuable lesson
  2. New Analysis May Help Clarify the Role of Craving in Addiction
  3. Can artwork influence suicidal thoughts?
  4. Making the Invisible Visible: Verbal Cues Enhance Visual Detection
  5. U.S. Army: Dogs Help Battle PTSD

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Jul 05 2010

Psychology Headlines Around the World from Socialpsychology.org

  1. Do psychologists still listen to Freud?
  2. Feel More Alive – Spend Time In Nature
  3. Moving Repeatedly In Childhood Associated With Poorer Quality Of Life Years Later
  4. Cognitive Ability, Not Age, Predicts Risky Decisions
  5. E-mail Catches Some Cases of College Depression
  6. Teenage Physical Activity Reduces Risk of Cognitive Impairment in Later Life
  7. Speech Delay in Kids Linked to Later Emotional Problems
  8. Brief Psychological Therapy Is Effective In Primary Care
  9. Distorted body image means people don’t know the back of their own hands
  10. Is your marriage making you sick?
  11. Domestic Violence: Why Some Women Have Real Reason to Fear the World Cup
  12. New Treatment For Stage Fright

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May 24 2010

Psychology Headlines Around the World from Socialpsychology.org

  1. Cognitive Therapy for Depression
  2. Postpartum Depression for New Fathers
  3. Depressed Children Earn Less Money Later in Life
  4. How the sex bias prevails
  5. Mother’s phone call as comforting as a hug, says oxytocin study
  6. Physical Contact Increases Financial Risk Taking – But Only When It’s A Woman’s Touch
  7. The Art of Mindreading: Empathy or Rational Inference?
  8. Blinking Eyes Indicate Mind Wandering
  9. Little-Known Disorder: People Can’t Recognize Faces
  10. An Underlying Cause For Psychopathic Behaviour?
  11. How Not to Raise a Bully: The Early Roots of Empathy
  12. Why Humans Believe That Better Things Come to Those Who Wait
  13. Report: Doctors Give Psychedelics Second Look

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