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Jun 07 2013

Free Handpicked Articles from The Journal of Risk and Uncertainty

The Journal of Risk and Uncertainty contains original manuscripts, both theoretical and empirical, dealing with the analysis of risk-bearing behavior and decision making under uncertainty. The topics covered in the journal include, but are not limited to, decision theory and the economics of uncertainty, psychological models of choice under uncertainty, risk and public policy, experimental investigations of behavior under uncertainty, and empirical studies of real world risk-taking behavior.

2011 Impact Factor: 1.529

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HKUL can also access this journal via http://library.hku.hk/record=b2069757


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Dec 12 2011

Free Selected Articles from Social Indicators Research

Founded in 1974, Social Indicators Research has become a leading journal for the publication of research results dealing with measurement of the quality of life. These studies – empirical, philosophical and methodological – encompass the whole spectrum of society, including the individual, public and private organizations, and municipal, country, regional, national and international systems. Topics covered include health, population, shelter, transportation, the natural environment, social customs and morality, mental health, law enforcement, politics, education, religion, the media and the arts, science and technology, economics, poverty, and welfare.

Impact Factor: 1.000

Read, download and save these articles online. They are available online for free until December 31, 2011:

You may click here to view the most downloaded articles which are downloaded live and in real-time from Social Indicators Research.

HKUL users can continue to access the journal via http://library.hku.hk/record=b2335882


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