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Nov 28 2011

Psychology Headlines from PSYCHNEWS

  1. What Is Your Original Personality?
  2. Anorexia Nervosa, Inner Conflicts Over The ‘Real’ Self Have Treatment Implications
  3. A Father’s Mere Presence Lowers Risky Behavior in Teen Boys
  4. Silent Suffering – Nondisclosure of Depression Symptoms
  5. Social Experiences that Make You Feel Older
  6. Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist, But It May Not Be Your Fault

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Nov 24 2011

Psychology Headlines Around the World from Socialpsychology.org

  1. Global campaign to decriminalise homosexuality to kick off in Belize court
  2. Psychological Responses To Racism Similar To Trauma Symptoms, Study Finds
  3. Training in ‘Concrete Thinking’ Can Be Self-Help Treatment for Depression, Study Suggests
  4. Transcendental Meditation Effective Antidote To Record Stress Levels In School Students
  5. Being Transgender Is Still Widely Misunderstood
  6. The Brain Acts Fast To Reappraise Angry Faces
  7. Association Between Illegal Drug Use And Abnormal Weight In Teens
  8. Symptoms Of Chronic Widespread Pain Improved By Talking Therapy Over The Phone
  9. New Study Shows Body Focus Affects How Both Men And Women See Others
  10. Facial Disfigurements Negatively Impact Job Applicants
  11. CNN study: Schoolyard bullies not just preying on the weak
  12. Illusory Memories Can Have Salutary Effects

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Aug 22 2011

Psychology Headlines Around the World from Socialpsychology.org

  1. Social Class As Culture
  2. Stanford prison experiment continues to shock
  3. Coke Addicts Prefer Money In Hand To Snowy Future
  4. Narcissists Look Like Good Leaders, but They Aren’t
  5. Social Acceptance and Rejection: The Sweet and the Bitter
  6. Jailhouse Phone Calls Reveal Why Domestic Violence Victims Recant
  7. Consumer Self-Esteem: Should Good-Looking Clerks Wear Store Brands?
  8. Narcissism May Benefit The Young, Researchers Report; But Older Adults? Not So Much
  9. Study Reveals That Risk-Taking Behavior Of Women And Men, Adolescents And Adults, Departs From Assumptions Related To Gender And Age
  10. Male Acts of Bravery Increase Accidental Death: Effects of Male Aggression in Response to Insult Most Felt in States With ‘Culture of Honor’, Study Suggests

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Jun 07 2011

Psychology Headlines Around the World from Socialpsychology.org

  1. Ways to Help Teens Overcome Fears and Stigmas of Mental Illness
  2. Study Links Empathy, Self-Esteem, with Sexual Enjoyment
  3. Depression: Getting Stuck on Negative Words and Thoughts
  4. Jack Kevorkian, Advocate of Assisted Suicide, Dies in Hospital at 83
  5. Frequent School Nurse Visits May Be Telltale Sign of Bullying
  6. Neural System Responsible for Face Recognition Discovered
  7. Brain Scan Shows Mark of Bomb Blasts, Study Finds
  8. “Sleep on It” Is Sound, Science-Based Advice

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Jul 13 2010

Free Read: Psychology of Education

Sensitive to the diversity and complementary character of the work in different countries, especially across Europe, the European Journal of Psychology of Education (EJPE) serves as a tool for integration of diversities in the main fields of research and offers an opportunity for exchange and discussion.

Read, download and save these articles online until August 15, 2010. The journal is also available via HKU Libraries at http://library.hku.hk/record=b3655043

The following are the frequently used keywords in this journal:

Learning | Development | Children | Metacognition | Academic achievement | Adolescence | Gender | Motivation | Conceptual change | Self-regulation | Assessment | Cognitive development | Evaluation | Self-esteem | Collaborative learning


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May 03 2010

Psychology Headlines Around the World from Socialpsychology.org

  1. What Does a Terrorist Look Like?
  2. Empathy and Violence Have Similar Circuits in the Brain, Research Suggests
  3. Psychologists Search For Secret Of Happiness At Work
  4. Self-Esteem Drops After Retirement
  5. Shoppers choose green products to improve social status, says study
  6. Bullies’ Behavior Driven By Pursuit Of Status And Affection
  7. Online Ostracism Damages Children’s Self Esteem
  8. The women who want to be obese
  9. Research Suggests That If You Are True To Yourself, Better Romantic Relationships Will Follow
  10. Memory And Learning: Recent Research

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Mar 30 2010

Psychology Headlines from PSYCHNEWS

  1. Money Only Makes You Happy If It Makes You Richer Than Your Neighbors
  2. Online Ostracism Damages Children’s Self Esteem
  3. Sex Appeal Influences Young Men To Take Risks
  4. Sensual Emotions May Be Culturally Specific
  5. Evolution of Cooperative Behavior
  6. The sight of their own blood is important to some people who self-harm
  7. Study Finds Failed College Dreams Don’t Spell Depression
  8. Disarming the Jealousy Complex

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Sep 01 2009

Psychology Headlines Around the World from Socialpsychology.org

  1. Bilinguals Are Unable To ‘Turn Off’ A Language Completely, Study Shows
  2. Parental Method Of Contol Linked To Child’s Aggressive Behaviour
  3. Rx: Xbox? Researchers Explore Mental Health Benefits of Video Games
  4. For Short Kids, No Lack of Self-Esteem
  5. How To Enhance And Preserve Brain Power As We Age

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