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Oct 13 2011

Psychology Headlines Around the World from Socialpsychology.org

  1. Learning While You Sleep
  2. Adolescents Influenced By Drinking Habits Of Romantic Partner’s Friends
  3. Military chaplains allowed to perform same-sex weddings
  4. ‘Benevolent Sexism’ Is Not an Oxymoron and Has Insidious Consequences for Women, Experts Argue¬†
  5. Young Children Show Improved Verbal IQ After 20 Days of Exposure to Music-Based, Cognitive Training ‘Cartoons’
  6. Europe’s brain disorder bill hits 800 billion euros
  7. Behavioral therapies work for weight loss: review
  8. CNN study: Schoolyard bullies not just preying on the weak
  9. Infants As Young As 15 Months Display A Sense Of Fairness, Altruism
  10. Wash Away Your Troubles
  11. Illusory Memories Can Have Salutary Effects
  12. Growing Up In Bad Neighborhoods Has A Devastating Impact
  13. Your Mindset Determines How Your Brain Reacts To Mistakes
  14. Antisocial Personality Traits Predict Utilitarian Responses To Moral Dilemmas

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