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Oct 13 2011

Latest articles published in Foreign Policy

  1. 10 Years of War – An FP Roundtable
  2. Will the Real Benjamin Netanyahu Please Stand Up?
  3. The Price of Failure
  4. From Tahrir Square to Wall Street
  5. The IgNobels
  6. Are You So Mad at Pakistan You Can’t Feel Sorry for Them?
  7. South Africa’s Dictator Dance
  8. Ten Years in Afghanistan
  9. The America Issue
  10. America’s Pacific Century
  11. The Myth of American Exceptionalism
  12. America Really Was That Great
  13. Written on the Wall
  14. America at Dusk
  15. Think Again: Nuclear Power


[Source: Foreign Policy, 5th – 12th October 2011]


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Apr 20 2009

The Seven Ways to Stop Piracy

What can the Obama Administration do to stop piracy in the Somali coast especially after the rescue of Captain Phillips? 7 ways have been proposed:

  1. Live with piracy as an unavoidable nuisance.
  2. Prevent or deter piracy with naval patrols and convoys.
  3. Arm the cargo ships.
  4. Take the war to the pirate lairs on shore.
  5. Attack the “commanding heights” of piracy by going after the financiers, not the pirates.
  6. Stop paying ransom.
  7. Back a government in Somalia that will eliminate piracy as a matter of on-shore law enforcement.

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Dec 08 2008

The Maritime Dimension of International Security: Terrorism, Piracy, and Challenges for the United States

Piracy is becoming an increasingly serious problem in many of the world’s oceans and seas. Recent high-profile attacks on cargo ships and tankers have drawn the attention of large governmental organizations and those in private industry. This 53-page report published by the RAND Corporation in June 2008 takes a close look at the maritime dimensions of international security, with a special emphasis on the challenges it presents for the United States. Authored by RAND researcher Peter Chalk, the report looks at the current state of affairs in maritime security, and also makes a broad set of recommendations designed to improve maritime security across the globe. Not surprisingly, the report also takes a close look at the potential links between terrorism and piracy. The report is rounded out by a set of policy recommendations and an appendix which lists high-profile maritime terrorist incidents from 1961 to 2004.  

[Source: The Scout Report, Volume 14, Number 47, November 26, 2008]


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