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Apr 18 2013

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Top Five Reasons Why Africa Should Be a Priority for the United States

Released in March 2013, this report from the Brookings Institution’s African Growth Initiative provides compelling information on why the African continent should be a public policy priority for the United States. The report is divided into five short sections, including “China in Africa: Implications for U.S. Competition and Diplomacy,” “Transforming the U.S.-African Commercial Relationship,” and “Advancing Peace and Security in Africa.” It’s a timely work that sets out a cogent argument and will be of particular interest to public policy scholars, journalists, and others interested in global politics.

[Source: Scout Report, Volume 19, Number 15, April 12, 2013]


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Oct 26 2011

Latest articles published in Foreign Policy

  1. The Qaddafi Family Scrapbook
  2. Mogadishu on the Mediterranean?
  3. Gripping and Grinning with the Colonel
  4. The Qaddafi Files
  5. Der Pizza-Präsident
  6. The Most Notorious Names in the Shalit Prison Swap

 [Source: Foreign Policy, 19th – 20th Octorber 2011]


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Sep 19 2011

Latest articles published in Foreign Policy

  1. A Dictator’s Handbook for the President
  2. Think Again: The Two-State Solution
  3. Rebel Rupture
  4. The Land of Gas and Honey
  5. Victory Lap
  6. How do you post bail to the Iranian government?
  7. Asia’s New Silk Road


[Source: Foreign Policy, 13th-15th September 2011]


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Feb 28 2011

Picasso: Peace and Freedom

John Lennon said he’d prefer to be remembered as a peacenik than a Beatle. If you feel the same way, a visit to this exhibition from the Tate Liverpool, showcasing Picasso’s pacifist side, will be inspirational. Picasso’s “Dove of Peace” is featured throughout the website, and several versions of the bird are on display in room 3 of the show, including Hands Entwined III; Dove with Olive Branch, 1961; Dove of Peace (Dove of l’Humanite), 1950; and White Dove on Black Background, 1947. There is also a set of downloadable mp3 audio files discussing the works in the room. The audio files “Dove” details how Picasso’s dove came to represent the peace movement, there is even a quote from Picasso himself, in which he says that he doesn’t understand how the dove became a peace symbol, since it is an exceedingly cruel bird. Picasso created many versions of the dove, beginning in 1945, and up until his death in 1973.

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Jun 02 2009

Tourism and culture website

Established by the Leeds Metropolitan University, the Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change (CTCC) is an international centre for critical research relating to the relationships between tourism, tourists and culture. With a wide range of academic and professional knowledge, expertise and experience, CTCC is engaged in pure and applied research, postgraduate education and professional development, consultancy, publications and conference organization relating to tourism, culture and related fields.

It aims to provide greater understanding of the complex and changing relationships between international tourism and cultures, maximize the potential of tourism to promote and support cultural diversity, stimulate intercultural dialogue and contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals i.e. toward peace, poverty alleviation, environmental sustainability, diversity and inter-cultural dialogue.

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