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Feb 10 2010

Psychology Headlines from PSYCHNEWS

  1. Wakeful Resting Linked To Improved Memory
  2. A new study on maximizing work performance
  3. Study Investigates Who Is Most Likely To Take Precautions During A Pandemic
  4. Pretty women ‘anger more easily’
  5. The Psychology of Social Networking
  6. Parents’ Perceptions of Their Child’s Competence Linked to Physical Activity

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Jun 09 2009

Psychology Headlines Around the World From Socialpsychology.org

  1. Report: Smoking declines as alcohol, drug use hold steady
  2. Sedatives May Increase Suicide Risk In Older Patients
  3. Discoveries Shed New Light On How The Brain Processes What The Eye Sees
  4. Health Workers Could Flee Pandemic Unless Psychology, Safety Addressed
  5. Cell Phone Ringtones Can Pose Major Distraction, Impair Recall
  6. Joint Chiefs chairman: Troops’ mental health needs to be priority
  7. Chronic Insomnia Treated Effectively by Online Therapy
  8. Conflicts of Interest Bedevil Psychiatric Drug Research
  9. Depression, Anxiety Pass from Parents to Kids; Therapy Helps

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