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Jan 16 2015

Discover Politics and International Relations Open Access Articles

Please click here to access all articles that have been recently published on an open access basis in Routledge Politics and International Relations journals.


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Feb 18 2013

NYU Launches History of Undercover Reporting Database

New York University has launched a database chronicling undercover journalism dating back to the 1800s. The archive, “Undercover Reporting,” includes an array of stories, ranging from the slave trade in 1850s to efforts to boycott Jewish-owned businesses in the U.S. in the late 1930s to treatment of soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in the 21st century.

The database, www.undercoverreporting.org, is designed for scholars, student researchers, and journalists, who can search by writer, publication, story topic, or method (e.g., prison infiltrations, shadowing migrants, impersonation, etc.).

[Source: NYU News, 6 Aug 2012]


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Feb 18 2013

DART-Europe gives access to 300,000 European theses

The DART-Europe E-theses Portal is a metadata aggregation that aims to provide one-stop access to Europe’s open access research-level theses. Over 300,000 full text research theses from 424 universities in 23 European countries indexed in the Portal should be openly and freely available to read from anywhere in the world at the URLs provided by DART-Europe.

[Source: ACCESS, Sep 2012 Number 82]


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Feb 18 2013

Nutritional composition of foods : The 2012 CIQUAL table is online

At ANSES, the French Observatory of Food Quality (CIQUAL-QQALI) populates and manages a reference data base on the nutritonal composition of foods. The data contained in the base is published on the Internet on the CIQUAL website. The site provides the calorie count and the fat, carbohydrate, protein, vitamin and mineral content of thousands of foods which are representative of those consumed in France. The CIQUAL table is available free of charge to everyone. Use the database here : www.anses.fr/TableCIQUAL/.

[Source: ACCESS, Sep 2012 Number 82]


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Feb 18 2013

The European Library : access 200 million sources from libraries in 46 European countries

Providing a single point of access to over 200 million sources from national and university libraries in 46 European countries, plus search and retrieval tools, The European Library enables researchers to find, use and share a vast range of materials. From rare books and manuscripts to images and video, The European Library offers access to over 10 million digital items. There are also 24 million pages of full text content in every subject in addition to bibliographic records.

[Source: ACCESS, September 2012 Number 82]


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Feb 07 2013

Wolters Kluwer Health announced the release of OvidOpenAccess

Wolters Kluwer Health announced the release of OvidOpenAccess, a new search feature that integrates thousands of Open Access (OA) resources within the OvidSP platform. OvidSP users can conduct a singer search query across subscribed and OA content.

[Source: ACCESS, Sep 2012 Number 82]


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Jan 05 2012

Open Access to HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory

HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory is an international peer-reviewed, open-access online journal which aims to situate ethnography as the prime heuristic of anthropology, and return it to the forefront of conceptual developments in the discipline. Click here to access its first issue.


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Nov 15 2010

Open Public Health and Social Care journals in November

Taylor & Francis Group is having OPEN ACCESS to all current and past content of Public Health and Social Care journals throughout November 2010.


The content includes over 100 titles covering subjects such as Public Health, Social Work, Health Promotion and Communication, HIV/AIDS Research, Social Welfare, Substance Use and much more!


NO registration is required, just visit http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/OPENpublicHealth/ for the full list of titles and start reading now!


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Jan 26 2010

Open Access for Hong Kong

The HK Open Access Committee has now created a web page to further its goals. Research & intellectual output funded by the Hong Kong people should be freely shared with the Hong Kong people. The HKOAC seeks to promote the concept, the reasons for, and the practice of OA in all Hong Kong academic, governmental and philanthropic institutions.

For more details or to access the various HK Institutional repositories, please vist its site.


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Nov 27 2008

PolicyArchive – A collection and dissemination centre for Policy Research

Have you ever encountered problems of locating, archiving or distributing policy research at the internet? The search result for research does not always appear at the top using search engines and you have to screen out those irrelevant materials. Sponsored by the Center for Governmental Studies and the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis Library, PolicyArchive is a comprehensive digital library of public policy research containing over 16,000 documents. It collects and disseminates summaries and full texts, videos, reports, briefs, and multimedia material of think tank, university, government, and foundation-funded policy research. In the future, it will include policy content from international and corporate organizations. Researchers are also able to upload to their own research outputs into the database to make them available to the public worldwide. Click here for access.


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