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Jan 03 2011

Latest Articles published in Foreign Policy

  1. The Fake Taliban and Other Great Diplo-Scams [An FP List]
  2. The United States got bamboozled by a con artist purporting to be a high-ranking Taliban official. Here are five other unbelievable and embarrassing historical diplomatic frauds.

  3. Tanks, But No Tanks – By Maj. Michael Waltz
  4. Why heavy armor won’t save Afghanistan.

  5. Why al Qaeda Loves the TSA – By Daveed Gartenstein-Ross
  6. Want to Know What North Koreans Think About Kim Jong Un? – By Angela Hawken and Matt Leighty
  7. Just ask.

  8. Russia’s Not-So-Odd Couple – By Christian Caryl
  9. Politicians and pundits won’t stop telling us that Medvedev and Putin are at odds. Keep dreaming.

  10. Sarkozy’s Iron Lady – By Eric Pape [An FP Profile]
  11. Meet Michele Alliot-Marie, France’s right-wing, rugby-loving new foreign minister.


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Oct 15 2010

Latest Articles published in Foreign Policy

  1. Bad Exes
  2. Meet the world’s worst retired leaders.

  3. The Japan Syndrome
  4. China’s teetering on the verge of its own lost decade, and a meltdown in Beijing would make Japan’s economic malaise look like child’s play. – By Ethan Devine

  5. Plus: It’s the Chinese, Stupid [An FP Photo Essay]
  6. Are Democrats so afraid of getting crushed in the midterm elections that they’ve turned to demonizing China?

  7. From Rabble-Rousing to Rubble [An FP Photo Essay]
  8. In Jaffna, Sri Lanka, the Tamil community is slowly rising again.

  9. The Son Also Rises
  10. Now that Kim Jong Un has made his bid to be North Korea’s next ruler, FP looks at the world’s autocrats-in-training who are waiting to take over their fathers’ regimes. 

  11. Europe’s Wanderers [An FP Slide Show]
  12. Kicked out of France and unwanted in the countries to which they are forced to return, the Roma are a part of a new Europe that everyone would rather ignore.

  13. Could Alan Greenspan go to jail for the financial meltdown? [An FP Explainer By Joshua E. Keating]
  14. Our Man in Sanaa
  15. Why the big problem in Yemen isn’t al Qaeda. It’s Yemen’s president. – By Ellen Knickmeyer

  16. Addicted to Drones
  17. Is the allure of war by remote control destroying American power? – By Micah Zenko


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Jul 20 2009

Verifying North Korea’s Nuclear Programme: Technical Options and Policy Choices

This paper, presented at the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management 50th Annual Meeting, considers the challenges and policy choices associated with verifying a DPRK declaration about its past nuclear activities. It also includes a discussion of the process for verifying the absence of existence of a clandestine uranium enrichment program by formulating it as a Bayesian inference problem.

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Jul 09 2009

Flash Points: The 2009 Failed States Index

The 2009 Failed States Index ranked most fragile countries with virulent economic crisis, countless natural disasters, and government collapse.

Click here for access and here for the photo essay of top 20 countries in the index.


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Jun 02 2009

Archived articles From Political Affairs Magazine

  1. Iraq and Afghanistan War Vets Back Climate Change Bill
  2. China Opposes N. Korean Nuke Test
  3. Victory in India to Impact on South Asia
  4. Climate Bill Moves Closer to Passage in the House
  5. Labor Activists Denounce Aung San Suu Kyi’s Detention
  6. Brazil’s President in China for Talks Cementing Partnership
  7. US Defense Budget: Change And Continuity Under Obama

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May 27 2009

North Korea Poses No Real Threat to the World

Following North Korea’s underground test of a nuclear device on Monday, questions were raised by RIA Novosti on the implications of the test:

  • What has allowed North Korea to act in the way it does?
  • What is the solution to the problem: the six-party talks, or something else?
  • Would it be right to say that as long as Kim is in power nothing will change?
  • Do you think North Korea poses a real threat or is it just a political game that they are playing?

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May 26 2009

Net zero

Two former U.S. secretaries of state under Reagan administration, Henry Kissinger and George Shultz, met with President Barack Obama in the White House on nuclear zero issue. The former director of the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, Ken Adelman, had something to say about the meeting.

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Apr 08 2009

Publications at Foreign Policy


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Apr 06 2009

North Korea: Time for Strategy

What are the intentions of North Korea for the rocket launch recently? The vice president for studies at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Douglas H. Paal, analyzed the issue in an article.

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Feb 27 2009

Latest articles from Foreign Policy Magazine

  1. The Axis of Upheaval – By Niall Ferguson
    Forget Iran, Iraq, and North Korea — Bush’s “Axis of Evil.” Today’s most dangerous countries are the places where economic calamity meets political and social turmoil.
  2. The Most Dangerous Place in the World – By Jeffrey Gettleman
    Somalia is a state governed only by anarchy. A graveyard of foreign-policy failures, it has known just six months of peace in the past two decades. Now, as the country’s endless chaos threatens to engulf an entire region, the world again simply watches it burn.
  3. Reversal of Fortune – By Arkady Ostrovsky
    Vladimir Putin’s social contract has been premised on an authoritarian state delivering rising incomes and resurgent power. But the economic crisis is unraveling all that. And what comes next in Russia might be even worse.
  4. State of War – By Sam Quinones
    Mexico’s hillbilly drug smugglers have morphed into a raging insurgency. Violence claimed more lives there last year alone than all the Americans killed in Iraq. And there’s no end in sight.
  5. The Well Runs Dry – By Gregory D. Johnsen and Christopher Boucek
    Yemen has long been a basket case. But with oil revenues and water resources fast evaporating and al Qaeda on the loose, Arabia’s southern outpost could be headed for total collapse.
  6. Gays in Latin America: Is the Closet Half Empty? – By Javier Corrales
    After years of lagging behind, gay rights movements in Latin America are coming out into the mainstream.
  7. Memo to Iraq, from Colombia – By Elizabeth Dickinson
    How the Middle East can go from being a conflict-ridden deathtrap to a sunny tourist haven?
  8. Be ready to strike and destroy North Korea’s missile test – By Philip Zelikow
    Why Obama should strike North Korea now?
  9. High Seas Ditherers – By Cmdr. James Kraska
    How U.S. conservatives are helping China and Iran rewrite international law?
  10. Tuesday Map: Osama bin Laden’s current location – By Joshua Keating
    Did a UCLA geography professor just find Osama Bin Laden?

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