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Jul 05 2010

The 2010 Failed States Index

The 2010 Failed States Index


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Jul 09 2009

Flash Points: The 2009 Failed States Index

The 2009 Failed States Index ranked most fragile countries with virulent economic crisis, countless natural disasters, and government collapse.

Click here for access and here for the photo essay of top 20 countries in the index.


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Jun 18 2009

Climate Change Headlines From UNFCCC

  1. Rich nations failing to meet climate targets, UN official says
  2. Japan, Russia urged to issue 2020 greenhouse goals
  3. How Much Should Poor Countries Be Paid to Fight Climate Change?
  4. Nigeria: Countries Signs MOU on Climate Change
  5. Indian farmers to insure themselves against climate change crop failure
  6. China, U.S. discuss climate change

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